Where Wednesday Addams was filmed, the locations of Tim Burton’s new series


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The latest production by Tim Burton is out on November 23 on Netflix, a TV series all about the famous little girl of the Addams family: Wednesday. That’s where it was filmed.

The November 23 on Netflixthe latest production of Tim Burtona TV series all about the famous little girl of the Addams family: Wednesday.

The series is already highly anticipated by fans, who have high expectations of the product of one of the most acclaimed contemporary directors on the scene. Moreover, the project is the first in the live-action television environment.

The actress chosen to play the lead is Jenna Ortegaand the series is characterized by the usual dark vibes, characteristics of the director, which refer a lot to the gothic trend.

But what is the plot of the new series in question?

The story tells of Wednesday’s adolescence, in particular of his schooling at Nevermore Academy. Already from the name you can understand how it is a particular school. In fact, the students are all children excluded for various reasons.

The cast is made up of actors of a certain thickness, such as Catherine Zeta-Joneswho will play the woman of the family, Morticia, and Luis Guzman, who takes on the role of Gomez. On October 31, the prize of the episodes has already been shown in Europe, on the occasion of the Halloween party.

The Addams family will be the protagonist of a plot full of unsolved murders, paranormal events and intrigues to unravel. The idea of ​​shooting a series that takes up the events of this historic family has caused quite a stir, as the characters are now iconic in the modern film scene.

To fully understand the director’s style, and the atmosphere of the series, we went to find the locations where it was shot. Filming started in September 2021, and then closed at the end of March 2022.

The locations chosen for Wednesday

Director Burton’s new pearl is set in various woods of the Romanian territory. The setting has clearly been designed to brush, to fully reflect the characteristic style of the Addams family, and leave nothing to chance. Mostly, the studies Buftea have been selected to prepare exclusive sets for production.

As we have seen above, Wednesday attends a school that is nothing short of unusualwhich is nothing more than a very old building surrounded by the forest of New England, located near the city of Jerico. The girl’s academy is not just any school, in fact among the students there will be some good ones, as they are all boys with supernatural characteristics. Wednesday is for the director a symbol of cunning, revenge against bullies, and fantasy.

In fact, Jenna is enthusiastic about the role, revealing in interviews that she has learned a lot, and above all that she has collaborated with an absolutely irreplaceable director, who is 100% involved in his productions, working day and night for the success of every idea. It wasn’t easy becoming Wednesday, having had to learn things like playing the cello, speaking German, archery …

The series promises to be a fantastic gimmick, a gift for all the fans who for years have been reviewing the events of this unforgettable family, which even in a tragicomic way finds itself in the midst of bizarre events.

After all, the fame of the Addams is right in the love that somehow binds the characters to each other, making them immortal.

Where Wednesday Addams was filmed, the locations of Tim Burton’s new series