Who is “Jack Russell” the character of Gael García Bernal in “Werewolf by Night”

“Werewolf By Night”: Marvel’s Halloween special with Gael García (Photo: Marvel Studios)

During this October, the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernla will be officially integrated into the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (UCM) when of life to Jack Russell in Werewolf By Nightthe first special of Halloween throughout the franchise’s history.

This fact has captured the eyes of fans of the MCU, especially those of Marvel in Mexico who will see how one of the most prolific actors in Mexican cinema will join the ranks of the company led by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

the special of halloween Marvel’s Studios produced by the brilliant composer Michael Giacchino will arrive exclusively at Disney+ next october 7. Together with Bernal, the talent of Laura Donnelly What elsa bloodstone Harriet Sansom Harris, Eugene Bondurant, and Kirk R. Thatcher.

In turn, to establish a more terrifying style, the production will take many references from classic cinema and horror films from the British production company. Hammer in the 60s.

Werewolf By Night – Trailer – Disney Plus

It was during the D23, last September 10, when Marvel published the first official preview of Werewolf By Night where he delves us into this facet of the character who faces a double life. Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog, the special is set in 1972 and centers on an ordinary man who carries a family curse on his back.

The character of the Mexican actor, Jack Russell he has the ability to transform into a wolf, though he has managed to keep his wild nature at bay and becomes a hero when he begins to use his powers to combat demons and other evil supernatural forces.

In the comics, Jack Russell of Werewolf by Night He is the original werewolf from Marvel Comics. Legendary writer/editor Roy Thomas and his wife Jeannie came up with the idea of ​​creating a werewolf in the Marvel Universe in the early 1970s, after the Comics Code Authority’s rules on portrayal of characters were relaxed. with shades of darkness like vampires and zombies.


Later, Stan Lee came up with the name Werewolf By Nightsolidifying the character of Jack Russell. He became a werewolf thanks to the actions of Jack Russell’s ancestor, Grigori Russoff, who was attacked by lycanthropy after fighting Dracula.

in the comics of MarvelJack has had contact with the Darkhold, the same cursed tome that is seen corrupting Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He has also teamed up with Hombre de Hierro Y The Avengers as a part-time superhero.

After managing to stabilize both their lives, Jack uses them to fight crime, sometimes with the help of other members of the gangs. midnight sons What Moon Knight, Morbius, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider or the most recently introduced to the UCM, Blade.

“Werewolf By Night”: Marvel’s Halloween special with Gael García (Photo: Marvel Studio)

It should be noted that within the first preview of Werewolf by Night the first appearance of man-thingwhich in the comics is the Guardian of the MultiverseSo, although we don’t know how Gael Garcia Bernal’s recent production will fit into Marvel’s chronological order.

However, the arrival of monsters in Marvel is increasingly latent, this after the arrival of Jack Russell and Blade to the UCM, as well as the recent statements by Kevin Feige, who announced that supernatural entities would be an important part of the future of the franchise.

“We’re introducing a world that will ultimately be very important to the future of the MCU. We wanted to explore completely new characters and completely new sides of the MCU with this unusual, fun and terrifying twist on the supernatural,” he stated in an interview with IGN.


Who is “Jack Russell” the character of Gael García Bernal in “Werewolf by Night”