Who is the stranger in The Rings of Power? (SPOILERS)

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The first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power don’t reveal much about the Stranger (Daniel Weyman), but it’s already clear he’s a powerful force. Not only does it happen in Middle-earth via a meteor, but he performs several supernatural acts in the early episodes of The Rings of Power. These details, combined with his amnesia, make the Stranger an important player.

It’s likely the show won’t reveal the truth about the Stranger’s identity until its first season is over. Fans, however, seem convinced it will be one of Tolkien’s four characters. If you don’t have haven’t started this series yetthere are many things to know before starting it.


The Stranger’s magical abilities have led many fans to speculate that he might be an Istari, better known as a Sorcerer. And his positive relationship with the Harfoots is the main reason some viewers think the Stranger could be Olórin, whom you probably know as Gandalf. If so, his relationship to the Harfoots might explain why Gandalf believes so deeply in the Hobbits, who are descended from the Harfoots, in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


However, there is no canonical evidence that Gandalf appeared in Middle-earth during the Second Age, which is when The Rings of Power primarily takes place. In fact, it is explicitly stated in Tolkien’s texts that Olórin does not arrive in the Gray Havens as Gandalf until about a thousand years after the Third Age.

The fact that the foreigner either secretly Gandalf would therefore mark a major deviation compared to Tolkien’s canon.

The Blue Mage

There’s a way for the Stranger to be a wizard without series showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay upsetting Tolkien fans. He could be one of the Blue Magicians.

The Blue Wizards are the other two Istaris sent to Middle-earth alongside Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast. Unlike the latter three, who all arrive in Middle-earth during the Third Age, Tolkien wrote that the Blue Magicians arrived in Middle-earth in the Second Age. This detail allows the Stranger to be one of the two Blue Magicians. It’s worth noting that Tolkien didn’t have much to say about these wizards, which helps to expand their role without contradicting the canon.

Additionally, when asked by Vanity Fair if the Stranger was secretly Saruman, Radagast, or Gandalf, McKay replied, ” I would say that these are not the only beings, these names, in this category. If the Stranger really is a wizard, it seems likely that he is one of the blue wizards instead of Gandalf.


It is possible that the Stranger don’t be a wizard, but Sauron. Fans have speculated that Weyman’s mysterious meteor-man is secretly the second Dark Lord of Middle-earth since the first images of him were released.

Sauron series the rings of power

If it’s Sauron, that might explain why the Stranger has mysterious supernatural powers and why he crash-lands on Middle-earth when The Rings of Power premieres. Sauron claims to be an emissary sent by the divine beings of the world, and stage his “arrival” in the form of an exploding meteor would definitely help sell this story.

The way the fireflies he controls all fade at the end of episode 2 of the Rings of Power also suggests that he might have a corrupting influence on those around him rather than a positive influence.

Who is the stranger in The Rings of Power? (SPOILERS)