With “Maestros del Fantástico”, RBA divulges classical literature


The “Maestros del Fantástico” collection recovers, as far as possible, the luxurious designs of the time, the motifs represented, inspired by modernism, the art deco or the movement Arts & Craftstogether with the gold stamping give each book a unique character and a great value.

The bridge between the uncertain and the unknown is undoubtedly the “Masters of Fantastic” collection that RBA Collectibles It was put into circulation from last August 15, 2022 and will be until January 2024 in magazine stands throughout the country.

From the brilliant scientific speculations, the horror essay, the gothic novel, science fiction, the police story, the creation of the robot concept, the world of vampires and even the supernatural laws are presented in this wonderfully named new collection proposal: “ Masters of the Fantastic.

More than 30 are the authors that today we call the “Masters of the Fantastic” where are all those creators who for more than 200 years have described characters, situations, contexts and realities beyond what is immediate, beyond what is normal, what is already known. More than 30 great writers who, in the tumultuous 19th century, opened the doors to fictional universes never before explored. They took us into the strange, the creepy, the wonderful and stretched the imagination of the reader then and now.

“Maestros del Fantástico” is the collection of works that continues to resist the passage of time, with centuries behind it and in the 21st century, these authors continue to show us new paths. No matter the contributions that science, technology and all scientific branches have brought to humanity, those geniuses of the imagination opened our minds and the ability to imagine new worlds, new forms, new looks. That is the great achievement that we are proud to present today in this collection.


In “Masters of the Fantastic” you will find stories that do not die. Although it is a perfectible collection, because without a doubt, someone is missing, it is a good starting point for those who want to know about the genre or those who want to keep in a collection all those works that remind them of how far they were able to take their vision of the future through literature.

Rereading this collection for many is rereading history itself and looking at the society that surrounds us and wanting to continue wanting to look at it from another perspective, with more, much more imagination. An imagination that goes beyond the immediate, the material, the real, the visible. What a desire to be able to look 200 years later and realize that this reality can really be thought of differently, because everything is possible, if we think that not everything is written and that we can be different from what we have been dictated to be.


“Masters of Fantastic” is a challenge to ourselves. This collection rescues the authentic Golden Age of editorial design and binding since when fantastic literature was born it coincided with an explosion of interest in books that was aimed at developing a true editorial work, a creative work, beyond mercantilism.

With “Maestros del Fantástico”, RBA divulges classical literature – Revista Zócalo