‘Wolf Pack’: ‘Teen Wolf’ spin

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” and new series with spin-offs will arrive on the Paramount+ streaming platform later this year

Sarah Michelle Gellar Credit: © Getty

July 22, 2022 at 3:24 pm

There’s great news for fans of “Teen Wolf“, the teen drama by Jeff Davis which for six seasons (the last one aired in 2017) marked an important chapter in the history of TV series for teenagers. During San Diego Comic-Con the spin-off was announced: “Wolf Pack“. Sarah Michelle Gellarthe unforgettable protagonist of “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer”, plays the double role of actress and producer.

This new series, which will arrive in Autumn on Paramount+, while sharing the same mythology centered on werewolves (and other creatures), will build a story of its own. If the original was freely inspired by the film “Wanting to win” (1985), the new show is based on the series of novels of the same name (“Lupi savage” in the Italian translation of the Mondadori edition) by Edo Van Belkom.

What is it about

There are still no trailers nor precise details on the release date of “Wolf Pack”. Two teenagers, Everett and Blake, are caught in a fire and injured by a supernatural creature. Thus they discover that they are werewolves and it unites them deeply. They then meet two other boys, Luna and Harlan, adopted children of a ranger who had a similar experience during a fire 16 years earlier. As the full moon rises, the four boys will understand the secret that unites them: the bite and blood of a werewolf.

The cast

The protagonists Everett and Blake are respectively played by Armani Jackson (from the movie “The Last Witch Hunter”) e Beautiful Shepard (also seen in the series “The Wilds”), flanked by the other two main characters Luna and Harlan, to whom they lend their faces Chloe Rose Robertson And Tyler Lawrence Gray. TO Sarah Michelle Gellar goes another central role: in fact she plays the investigator Kristin Ramsey, described as “a highly respected expert in her field who has suffered personal losses. She is called by the authorities to apprehend the young arsonist responsible for the fire who may have awakened a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles.”

The trailer for the movie “Teen Wolf”

With the announcement of the new series “Wolf Pack”, the trailer for “Teen Wolf: The Movie“, the sequel project to the original series. Also written and produced by Jeff Davis, the film, which is set several years after the show, is expected to be released on Paramount+ later this year.

The trailer shows the unexpected return of Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), character who left the scene in the third season. Other main characters and performers return, such as the now fifty-year-old Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate).

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