“Maniac” par Junji Ito : le mangaka signe un retour sanglant sur Netflix

Âmes sensibles, s’abstenir. Corps décapités et mutilés, giclées de sang, esprits abandonnés à la folie, monstres terrifiants et humains perdus dans un univers cauchemardesque : l’œuvre de Junji Ito n’est pas à mettre devant tous les yeux. Et celles et ceux pensant être épargné·e·s par l’effroi sous prétexte que la série Maniac par Junji Ito … Read more

Koala Man on Disney+: the superhero of this quirky animated series is not made for your children

A new crazy animated series, Koala Man arrives today on Disney+. We tell you why the adventures of this Australian superhero are not made for a young audience. Recommended for over 16s. A new superhero is coming to Disney+ and it has nothing to do with the Marvel universe! His name: Koala Man. Behind the … Read more

The moments of loneliness of parents whose baby does not want to sleep

Desperate mamma Become a parent, is to experience great moments of happiness. And discovery. The one that fiction sometimes catches up with reality. This is apparently the case for Sarah, 30, mother of Tom and Emma: “Do you remember the character of Lynette, in Desperate Housewives, who took her baby in the car to put … Read more

Top 12 Series Characters Who Should Move, Dangerous Towns

There are some fictional cities where we would not want to live because it’s shit all the time and horrors happen there. Which leads us to tell ourselves that there are series towns whose characters should move right away, yet they inexplicably remain despite the huge signals of imminent danger sent to them by their … Read more

Finn Wolfhard and Gregory Mann of Pinocchio talk about their collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro | Pretty Reel

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio has finally arrived on Netflix after a long wait and heated discussion about how it would differ from the classic Disney film. The stop-motion animation is more directly adapted from Carlo Collodi’s 1883 novel than previous iterations, and acclaimed filmmaker del Toro takes advantage of this to infuse the tale of … Read more

With “Twilight”, Philippe Claudel unrolls the spectrum of human passions

An isolated town on the border of a country whose banner bears a golden crescent. The endless winter is here “a death repeated every day”. Death, precisely, comes to disturb the “rough and primary” daily life of the dismal community: its priest is found lying in the snow, his skull smashed with stones. For Inspector … Read more


Scooby-Doo : Le Jeu de Plateau est un jeu familial coopératif. Baladez-vous dans un patelin pour piéger un monstre. Scooby-Doo : Le Jeu de Plateau NB : cette chronique de Scooby-Doo : Le Jeu de Plateau a été écrite tout en écoutant cette playlist. Écoutez-la en la lisant 😉 Scooby-Doo est le principal protagoniste de … Read more