Sophie Davant: her huge salary to host the Telethon revealed!

Since 1997, Sophie Davant has presented the big Telethon evening on France 2. But then, how much does she earn? This Saturday, December 3, 2022, Sophie Davant was once againon air on France 2 to animate the 36ᵉ edition of the Telethon. Discover his salary for animate this charity event. Sophie Davant upset Emotion, there … Read more

Rick and Morty have already found the most hated episode of season 6 | Pretty Reel

While Rick and Morty season 6, episode 9 wasn’t the show’s most reviled episode, the release was deeply divisive, and its plot has already been pieced together a week after its release. The internet has made it easier and faster than ever for critics and viewers to share their feelings about their favorite TV shows. … Read more

Dario Argento – “Phenomena” | Culturofist

Film of the break between Dario Argento and some of his admirers, phenomenon has often been perceived as the beginning of a decadence, although it has ended up being fairly rehabilitated over the past twenty years. Beyond the critical judgment, it is necessary to note obvious changes of approaches at the scenario writer. After the … Read more

All the Stephen King adaptations you can expect to see in 2023.

Stephen King’s work is a pop culture phenomenon. He is one of the writers who publishes the greatest number of literary works per year, and he can boast of an ever-growing number of adaptations for film and television. But in 2023, the two achievements break a new record. With seven new Stephen King film adaptations, … Read more

Fallen remains one of Denzel Washington’s most underrated films | Pretty Reel

What if fallen angels were real and they spent their time fucking people waiting for Armageddon to happen? That’s probably the worst way to describe 1998’s Fallen, a suspenseful supernatural thriller that couldn’t quite take off in theaters, but became something of an underground cult classic – over time. In Philadelphia, notorious serial killer Edgar … Read more

The 5 Big Mistakes Marvel Needs To Fix In Its Cinematic Universe

The fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not only disappointed with the quality of its productions. It was also a challenge to the studio’s ability to sustain an accelerated pace of shoots and releases. By tripling the movies and content of the extended saga, Marvel ended up falling into some continuity and storytelling … Read more

From M3GAN to Chucky: the history of horror dolls in cinema

M3GAN is the most recent release in horror cinema. The sinister android is also the contemporary take on one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or downright dangerous, have been some of the scariest cinematic stories. But, in particular, they carry great weight in the way seemingly naive objects are analyzed from … Read more

Four out of ten people in the world believe in witchcraft

A set of newly compiled data allows us to realize the place that beliefs around witchcraft take all over the world and to investigate the key factors associated with them. We thus realize that these beliefs vary according to the country and according to socio-economic status. Details of the study are published in the journal … Read more

Hallucinatory series or pompous ego trip: what is the Copenhagen Cowboy series worth on Netflix?

Nicolas Winding Refn. The mere mention of this name is enough to put stars in the eyes of some moviegoers. In fact, the director of Drive, with Ryan Gosling, has always been able to distinguish himself by his works with an ultra-slick aesthetic… even if it means boring or losing the spectators along the way. … Read more