The agnostic doctor converted from the Shroud: “Science brought me back to God” (VIDEO)

“A little science takes you away from God, but much leads you back to Him,” said Louis Pasteur. The story of this doctor is the living emblem. On 24 May 1998, after kneeling and praying in front of the Holy Shroud in Turin, Pope John Paul II had defined it as a “provocation to intelligence”. … Read more

Marvel Comics: Ghost Rider and Wolverine will unite to become weapons of revenge

At the end of this year, the iconic anti-heroes of the Marvel Comics Wolverine, Weapon X And Ghost Rider l, the Spirit of Vengeance – will unite to become the “Weapons of Vengeance”. The House of Ideas has officially announced Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeancewhich arises from the writer Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, Ghost Rider) and … Read more

Ride Your Wave

Ride Your Wave starts from an element – ​​the sea – which becomes essential for the economy of the story, the sea is an allegory of life itself, made up of continuous waves, some small, others decidedly bigger and more dangerous. It’s strange that I’m telling you about an anime but I happened to see … Read more

Movies and TV series to watch on Netflix: the definitive guide January 2023

Netflix is today one of the largest streaming services in the world, offering a wide range of television and film content of all genres to its subscribers. That of the platform is a constantly evolving programming, with an avalanche of new series and films that are added regularly to the catalog, often turning into real … Read more

Is a newborn baby who dies baptized already a saint? Can he be venerated?

Perhaps you have a family member in heaven and you can ask them about things. Do you know the options for celebrating his birthday? The risen Jesus, before ascending to heaven, said to his apostles: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son … Read more

Benedict, true lover of the beauty of the traditional rite of Mass

This pope was strong in faith, a true lover of the incorruptible beauty and firmness of the traditional rite of Holy Mass, he gave primacy to prayer, supernatural vision and eternity. This inheritance will win thanks to the intervention of Divine Providence, which never abandons his Church. With the passing of Pope Benedict XVI, many … Read more

Corrado Sforza Fogliani: the memory of Emanuele Galba, new director of Bancaflash

From left: Sforza Fogliani and Galba (photo by Alessandro Bersani) Corrado Sforza Fogliani seen up close. Forty days after his disappearance, here is the memory of Emanuel Galbathe journalist former director of The Chroniclewho took the baton from the president of the Bank of Piacenza driving by Bankflash. The known periodical of the credit institution … Read more

DarkVeins Horror Fest 2022: the Winners

We publish below the winners of the sixth edition of the Dark Veins Horror Festan international event dedicated to horror, dark, gothic and extreme cinematography organized by theDark Circle Cultural Association.A heartfelt thanks goes to all the participants who have sent us, from all over the world, their feature films, short films, trailers, posters and … Read more