Build your tour of the immersive exhibition Transverberations in CDMX

If you have not yet visited the immersive Transverberations exhibition, take advantage of the following weekend to get to know its facilities. If you haven’t visited the immersive exhibition yet transverberationstake advantage of the following end to know its facilities. Are you looking for a cultural plan for this weekend? You are still in time … Read more

Eva Green joins the long list of actors who criticize “method acting” | tomatoes

throughout his career eva green she has repeatedly expressed that she does not consider herself the traditional archetype of an actress. Although her ways of conducting herself in the industry have frequently strayed from the uses and customs of the environment, there is a topic on which she agrees with many of her colleagues, this … Read more

Analysis of The Winchesters. Season 1. Episode 6: The Art of Dying


Welcome, hunters and men of letters, to a new episode of The Winchesters. This time it focuses on the character of Latika “Lata” Desai (Nida khurshid), nerdy librarian and pacifist who is there for more than just being the wikipedia for the series. I leave you with the link to the previous analyzes and let’s … Read more

Economic Tarot: Recognize a good cheap and reliable tarot without a cabinet with Spanish psychics


The best economic tarot it is one that does not have major economic pretensions by going beyond the voracious consumerism in which we live today. One of the women who have this service is eva duartean incredible psychic from birth who inherited her gift from her mother and who learned to handle it over the … Read more

‘Wednesday’ (Netflix): cast guide and characters in the series


MATTHIAS CLAMER/NETFLIX In Wednesdayby Tim Burton, new cast take on the iconic characters of the Addams Family, with many familiar faces and newcomers playing the “outcasts” and “regulars” of Nevermore Academy. Wednesday follows teenager Wednesday Addams as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, a school for dropouts located in the city of Jericho. Nevermore’s supernatural outcasts … Read more

The dogma of the Immaculate Conception and that of ‘unties’


“Unleashing Knots is one of Pope Francis’ most beloved dedications, rediscovered by him during his stay in the beautiful German city of Augsburg” “There are many knots that bind, limit, frustrate and suppress freedom among humans. Almost everything is constrained today and even more so within the Church itself” Theology and popular devotion, in due … Read more

The mysterious origin of the Star of Bethlehem


The Star of Bethlehem is that mute character at Christmas that appears to illuminate the protagonists of the Birth of Jesus: the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men offering their presents and some shepherd boy perplexed by the unprecedented scene. But without that celestial phenomenon over the manger in the middle of the night, … Read more

Estrenos de cine de la semana: 9 de diciembre de 2022


Hoy, 9 de diciembre de 2022, llegan todos los estrenos de la semana, y entre ellos cabe destacar la esperada nueva película de Carlos Vermut (Quien te cantará, Magical Girl), Mantícora, protagonizada por Nacho Sánchez (Diecisiete) junto a Zoe Stein (Besos al aire), Catalina Sopelana (El vecino), Javier Lago (De la piel del Diablo), Patrick … Read more

‘American Horror Stories: Lake’ review: An unsatisfying end to an uneven season


During the first minutes of American Horror Stories: Lakand, the camera traverses the darkness with lazy slowness. The rooms, corridors, streets, but especially the vicinity of Prescott Lake, offer a gloomy aspect. So much so that the immediate sensation is that what the images show occurs in a dream layer. It is not something casual. … Read more

The 5 worst movies of 2022 that you should not waste time with


The website specialized in cinema moviegoers conducted a survey through Instagram in which more than 200,000 users participated about which were the worst movies of 2022, and this is what they said: The 5 worst movies of 2022 Hail The Argentine production was one of the most voted and itself, since before it was released, … Read more