Eight years after the death of Canserbero, the irreverent voice of Venezuelan rap

The Venezuelan musician, considered one of the greatest exponents of conscientious rap, had an ending like something out of one of his songs, and full of mysteries that still divide his followers. However, he also left a cultural legacy that is heard throughout Latin America. His name was Tirone José González Orama, but Latin America … Read more


One of the topics on which humanity has philosophized and debated for many years is the origin of life; The hypotheses that have been developed around this theme have been diverse, acquiring mystical, divine and/or extraterrestrial overtones to the synergy of various events that led to the first forms of life that eventually gave rise … Read more

Great trips: remote places and remote islands, nature in its purest form

Travel and travel and the further, the better. If in 2022 the trend was short getaways to nearby places, this year remote places, remote islands, where you can spend at least two or three weeks unhurried and in communion with nature. If you have time and money, you can do Around the World in 80 … Read more

The most terrifying and dark phrases of the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Here we compile some of the famous phrases from Edgar Allan Poe’s best stories to pay tribute to his literary legacy. A January 19, 1809 born Edgar Allan Poeconsidered one of the best exponents of horror story, Science fiction Y mystery. Reading Poe is entering a mind endowed with bright and beautiful images, but also … Read more

Andrea Escalona felt the presence of Magda Rodríguez during her delivery

Magda Rodríguez lost her life in her home on November 1, 2020 (Photos: @magdaproducer – @andy_escalona) It was in the early morning of December 22, 2022 when Andrea Escalona gave birth to her firstborn, little Elías Estrada Escalona, ​​the result of her relationship with Marco Estrada. The birth took place in a somewhat problematic way, … Read more

Elisenda Julibert: “El mito de la ‘mujer fatal’ es una invención literaria”

Hombres fatales (Acantilado) es el primer ensayo de la traductora y editora Elisenda Julibert, una indagación sobre la metamorfosis del deseo masculino a partir del mito de la femme fatale. A través de la pintura –el ensayo empieza con la Susana de Artemisia Gentileschi–, la literatura y el cine, Julibert observa de qué manera se … Read more

Viking runes: what types and what is their meaning?

Through documentaries and television series about the Vikings, it has been possible to learn about the rich history of Norse mythology. Approaching how the Germanic Scandinavian peoples lived can be one of the most exciting tasks. One of the facts that allows you to delve into the Nordic culture are the Viking runes. (Can read: … Read more

Actor Julian Sands, star of the film ‘A Room with a View’, disappears

Reuters The Angels Updated:01/19/2023 1:13 p.m. Keep british actor Julian Sandsamateur mountaineer and protagonist of films such as ‘A room with a view’ (1985) and ‘Warlock the witcher’ (1989), has disappeared in the mountains of southern California, according to several media outlets published this Wednesday, which in turn collected statements from local authorities. Film producer … Read more