10 Canceled Anime Movies That Almost Got Made

Animated films have told incredible stories on the big screen. But sometimes the most remarkable stories are the ones that never even made it to the finish line. Whether the concept was scrapped entirely or evolved into another form, canceled projects are some of the most documented and beloved, especially in animation.

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These ideas usually fail to materialize due to production difficulties, story issues, or poor corporate management. Sometimes the stories could have changed the face of the genre, but for others, the fact that they remain unmade remains the most exciting part. Either way, they remain fascinating looks at what could have been.

‘American dog’

American dogs

This film was a project directed by the director Chris Sander. After achieving great success with Lilo & StitchSanders came up with an equally offbeat idea for his next project: a road trip about a canine actor traveling across America with his companions, a fat rabbit, and a cat with an eye patch.

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But Sanders ran into disagreements with the studio and was eventually replaced on the project, while Ben Fritz of Variety reported. Whereas american dog would evolve into the 2008 hit LockSanders would go on to co-direct the first How to train your dragon movie for DreamWorks.



When it comes to canceled DreamWorks projects, none are more infamous than Seriously. The story is set in Australia, with a shy little bilby named Perry crawling out of his rock for the first time. He traveled with a group across the country, encountering much of the land’s exotic and dangerous wildlife along the way.

With songs from the famous Australian artist and Broadway composer Tim Minchin, it would have been a one-of-a-kind musical. Unfortunately, as Deadline reported, the film was canceled after DreamWorks merged with Universal, although the character designs were used in the short. Billy.

‘Dumbo 2’

Dumbo 2

A sequel to the story of a flying elephant was, like Deformation factor discusses, the latest of Disney’s announced direct-to-DVD sequels, even going so far as to do a behind-the-scenes trailer revealing character designs and the central storyline.

Dumbo is joined in this film by several animals, each with their own personality, as they have to regroup after parting ways with the circus. Unfortunately, during production, the film was canceled after former Disney Animation director John Lasseter assumed the original work and ordered an immediate cancellation of all direct-to-DVD sequels.



Some animation projects get canceled because the story doesn’t pan out. Others are canceled because the story has just ended. For instance, Triton was a Pixar project about two blue-footed newts meeting to prevent the extinction of their species.

There are two main reasons why it was canceled, one because the team realized it looked too much like the movie Blue Sky Rio, which also involves two members of an endangered blue species trying to mate. The other reason was that the planned director Pete Docter preferred to work on another idea he had planned. This idea became Upside down.

“Kingdom of the Sun”

Kingdom of the Sun

Kingdom of the Sun would have been aThe Prince and the Pauper“style story set in South America. It was about a selfish emperor named Manco switching places with an identical llama herder named Pasha. But trouble brews in the kingdom when the wicked witch Yzma plots to extinguish the light and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

It would have been run by Lion King director Roger Go and featured rock star songs Sting. But because the movie wasn’t coming together the way the executives wanted it to, it was rewritten, re-directed, and ultimately recast until it no longer exists in the same way. So instead it evolved into The Emperor’s New Routine.



Disney prides itself on having a family-friendly brand, built on fairy tales and content suitable for families and children. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been times when the company was willing to experiment. For example, a project called Wildlife would have been Disney’s first PG-13 animated film, with references to drugs, alcohol, and adult relationships.

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It was reportedly inspired by 70s pop culture, taking place in a nightclub where an elephant grows from shy newbie to superstar. But the film was canceled after the former executive Roy E. Disney objected to the content of the film, such as Anthony Spencer of Things reports.

“Popeye” by Gendy Tartakovsky


Perhaps one of the most sadly recent unfinished animation projects. In 2012 it was announced that Gendy Tartakovskycreator of samurai jack and the Hotel Transylvania movies, would make a popeye movie for Sony. The film went as far in production as having a full animation and test sequence highlighting what the finished product would look like.

Despite the positive reception, Tartakovsky announced in March 2015 that he was no longer directing, and no further word has come from Sony since. While Tartakovsky in July 2022 with Decider.com claimed “basically it’s dead,” the animatic leaked days later, so who knows what awaits the one-eyed sailor.



The film slated to be the 59th Walt Disney Feature Animation film would have been a tale of Jack and the Beanstalk located in Spain at the time of the explorers. The main plot would have involved Jack traveling to the Land of Giants, where he befriended an 11-year-old 60-foot girl named Inma.

After getting off to a rocky start (where Inma treats Jack like a doll), the two have an adventure encountering 120-foot storm giants. Unfortunately, according to the studio, the story just didn’t seem to pan out, and on October 10, 2017, Gigantic has been postponed indefinitely.

“The Wind in the Willows” by Guillermo Del Toro

Wind in the willows

Guillermo del Toro has many ideas that have tragically failed to materialize. Among his most intriguing ideas was an adaptation of The wind in the willows for Disney.

According to Del Toro, he wanted to respect the natural and atmospheric elements of the book. Unfortunately, studio executives at the time wanted more comedy and merchandise appeal, especially Mr. Toad on a skateboard and acting more like a ninja turtle than a 1908 character. quickly realized that he and this team would not perform well. together, so he cut his losses and left.

‘BOO: Office of Otherworldly Operations’


This canceled supernatural comedy was supposed to involve a secret government agency protecting humanity from ghosts. While that premise certainly sounds familiar, this anti-ghost agency has a twist: the agents are ghosts themselves, targeting evil supernatural forces.

And the two new agents were to be voiced by Seth Rogen and Melissa McCarthy, pursuing the afterlife’s most wanted and saving the world from an undead menace. Although no official cancellation has been announced, the film has not seen any notable developments or announcements since its scheduled release date in 2015.

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