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With spin-off show The Winchesters currently in the middle of its first season, fans of the original Supernatural series have been somewhat pleased with the results despite the conspicuous absence of Sam and Dean. Luckily, since Supernatural ended its 15 seasons in 2020, several dedicated TikTokers have pledged to keep the show’s spirit alive with a slew of hilarious video creations.

For die-hard fans who can’t let Supernatural go, the top TikTok accounts are sure to make them laugh, cry, feel a nostalgic longing for past episodes, and more.


With the perfect handful to go along with endless Supernatural content to keep hardcore fans busy, Jensenbrokenankle has amassed over 47,000 subscribers and 2.8 million likes for his hysterical videos. Rather than just reposting his favorite clips from the show, Jensen overlaps the audio and adds his own hilarious dialogue through ideal subtitles and speech bubbles that completely alter the narrative and make it a ton of fun to watch.

The painstaking editorial effort showcased is impressive, fans of the longtime American TV show are sure to appreciate the expert’s in-depth knowledge of the mythology of the entire series. The playful racing commentary Jensen gives regarding Castiel’s facial expressions and emoticons is unrivaled and perfectly captures the comedic tone of the series.


Susanna, aka samslostsoul, has also curated a very fun collection of Supernatural TikTok videos that will appeal to the show’s biggest fans. Specializing in layering hilarious and tongue-in-cheek songs over the funniest and goofiest scenes in the show’s history, playful subversion is a heartfelt and creative way to show how much they love the show.

Whether it’s reliving the show’s best reunion scene, riffing on Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond by re-editing scenes and shedding light on serious situations, or lovingly capturing the chemistry between Dean and Dean. Charlie, few Supernatural TikTok accounts are so rewarding to browse.


With over 23,000 subscribers and 1 million likes to date, @spnedits2 is just tweaking and tweaking pre-existing supernatural images and footage for die-hard fans to enjoy. Whole new conversations between Sam, Dean, Cas and the others are created from whole cloth and accented with silly voice tones and ridiculous visual filters that couldn’t be funnier.

Also drawing parallels between Supernatural and Star Wars on occasion, what’s really cool about the account is how the TikToker also appears on camera to help recreate scenes playing Sam or Dean and lip-syncing with a straight face. For Supernatural fan-fiction fans in particular, few TikTok accounts are more creative and fun to follow.


With a handle named after Dean’s iconic car and a profile picture of Castiel, @i67Impala is a must-visit destination for fans of the all-time great CW series. More knowledgeable than most, the TikToker combs through countless scenes with a fine-toothed comb and points out a slew of weird edits, continuity errors, deleted and edited scenes, and plenty of other show details that will keep fans pasted to the page.

Using the Adobe After Effects editor, i67Impala’s ability to perform advanced split-screen editing, etc., is truly remarkable. But what Supernatural fans will enjoy most is how i67Impala explores how certain scenes entered the show in the first place and how they often don’t fit the overall narrative.

@Taylor’s version

Between their adoration of Michelle Gomez and Miranda Otto, @Taylor’s version has some of the longest and funniest supernatural TikTok videos to check out. Although they aren’t as dedicated as some other Supernatural TikTokers, the sheer number of views they’ve gotten proves just how entertaining his Supernatural videos continue to be.

Specializing in themed send-offs such as Dean being “amazing” for three minutes straight, Sam having bad luck for two minutes straight and Dean’s best supernatural quotes, the time and effort put into the videos, which are often accompanied by ridiculous music. that brings playful, flirty humor home.


With nearly 32,000 followers and 3 million likes, @kara.ed1ts easily has one of the most comprehensive supernatural TikTok accounts for die-hard fans to indulge in for hours. Kara is so attuned to each character’s story arcs that she can merge two conflicting scenes to lay out a hilarious and tongue-in-cheek storyline that many fans will have missed watching the series for the first time. Kara also identified several of Dean’s best quotes on Supernatural.

Kara even creates silly video memes, like using Dean’s shocking facial reaction in response to seeing Taylor Swift at the EMAs, which makes her a bit more unique than some supernatural TikTokers. However, it’s Kara’s brilliant “directing” edits of characters like Dean that really show off her editorial acumen and deep knowledge of the show.


With the typical upbeat dance music and editorial beats found in most non-supernatural TikTok videos, @dckrworlds is creating some extremely fun and lightning-fast snippets for fans to enjoy. The choice of music goes a long way in subverting the tone and tenor of the show to create a funny and heartfelt ode to what makes Supernatural so special.

From poking fun at Cowboy Dean, sharing Cas’s first and last smile on the show, trying out Glitchcore videos, and sharing thunderous cosplay videos, it’s easy to see why Dckrworlds has gained 12.5,000 subscribers and 1.1 million likes.


While their videos have yet to catch the attention of others, @oh_my_jack (Nick) has some of the funniest and most original supernatural content on TikTok. One of the new video series includes the 30-Day Idol Challenge, in which Nick ticks off a certain personality trait (young, driving, laughing, etc.) and applies it to a supernatural persona.

Besides the highly entertaining 30-Day Idol Challenge, Nick also dedicates numerous videos to Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins in candid behind-the-scenes moments and public encounters, which opens the curtain in a way that many TikTokers don’t. do not.


With an impressive 5.4 million Likes, @allison_risner20 is arguably the queen of supernatural TikTokers. While she also directs other videos, her supernatural content alone has been viewed by more than anyone for its broad appeal to casual and avid fans of the series.

Allson specializes in responding to other supernatural TikTokers with witty editorial takes like highlighting the moment Sam escaped the Gilmore Girls set tour, which is a sly joke regarding his character Dean Forster on the teen drama. Engaged and interactive as possible, fans should definitely keep @allison_risner20’s account bookmarked.


A big fan of Destiel, @thursdays_angel’s TikTok account devotes most of its content to the special bond between Dean and Castiel. One of its most popular video series includes “Ranking Supernatural Characters Without Knowing Whose Next,” which is a really fun and interactive way for fans to remember the series.

With quirky watercolor recreations of certain tropes and principles like Dean and Cas sharing milkshakes and enjoying rainy days together, it’s no wonder @thursday_angel has gained 50,000 followers and 4.5 million likes at this day. Funny, informative, and quirky, every Supernatural fan should visit the account.

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