13 new faces of cinema and series that we will not lose sight of in 2023

2022 was the year in which the sweeping force of new talents such as luna pamies, Carla Quilez either Laura Galan (in front of Water, the maternal Y little pig respectively) stood out among the most praised works and earned, in their own right, a place in our Spanish cinema. Also the year in which female directors with a certain track record behind them, such as Elena Lopez Riera Y Charlotte Pereda, finally came to be in the spotlight with their latest works. If we look outside, in 2022 we saw again and again the face of Jenna Ortega in successful movies and series, both as successor to Drew Barrymore and as the new scream queen of the saga scream as heiress to Christina Ricci now in front of Wednesday Addams in the Tim Burton series for Netflix.

When we remember all of them, it is inevitable for us to try to find out who will be the ones that will burst into our lives in the coming months. And it is that who does not like to become a beacon among her closest circle as a discoverer of new talents shouting “I saw her first”. It will take time for this list to confirm whether we are as forward-thinking about success as
we believe, but excuse us for the reckless act. The fun of imagining is worth it.

halle bailey

We have started with an easy bet, with the person in charge of giving the mermaid princess flesh and blood in the live action movie The little Mermaid from Disney. Perhaps his most notable work has been to participate in the video clip lemonade of Beyonce. Together with his sister, he leads a group with which they have even opened for Queen B. It is precisely his talent for singing, as well as his strength and freshness on stage, according to its director Rob Marshall, which immediately made him do with the paper. In addition to the ringing rebootby 2023 will premiere the musical adaptation of the novel by Alice Walker the color purple.

Sophie Kauer

Perhaps an unexpected profile is that of the cellist (and now actress) who accompanies cate blanchett in TÁR as a new member of the orchestra directed by Lydia Tár (Blanchett). The young Anglo-German has been immersed in the world of music since she was little without ever thinking of trying acting. However, she decided to join the auditions for the film and apply to the casting process with a video of herself performing. Given her talents as a musician, to get the role she had half the road figured out. To be able to enjoy her debut (and also her music because she participates in the soundtrack with the London Symphony) we will have to wait until January 27th.

Edurne Azkarate

Irati, one of the revelations of the fantastic Spanish of the season with the Audience Award in Sitges and 5 Goya nominations, will introduce us to one of the new faces of Spanish cinema this recently released year. The tape that directs Paul Urkijo Among its protagonists is Edurne Azkarate, who plays a young pagan woman full of enigmas. The first critics of the film praise the enormous charisma and magnetism of her in front of the screen. We will immerse ourselves with her in this story of Basque mythology on February 24 in cinemas.

13 new faces of cinema and series that we will not lose sight of in 2023