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A terrifying variant of Doctor Strange appeared in a recent What If…? episode, transforming into perhaps the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme seen in the MCU so far. Many other versions beyond Doctor Strange exist in Marvel Comics, all impressive in power and with as much potential as Dark Strange himself.

Certain variants of Sorcerer Supreme exist in the extended Marvel multiverse established in What If..? comics, including fantasy versions that would be ideal for the MCU. Others come from Earth-616’s long history, dating back to before civilization and the very origins of magic in the Marvel Universe.

Updated November 15, 2022 by Darby Harn:

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced several powerful Sorcerer Supreme variants, including Stephen Strange and Baron Mordo. More versions will likely appear as the MCU continues in The Multiverse Saga and heads into Avengers: Secret Wars. These variants could take a page from Marvel Comics and debut powerful characters that combine different icons into a new one, as often happens. These mergers include Iron Man and Doctor Doom Sorcerers Supreme, among others. Lesser known but equally powerful characters could also take the place, especially Clea. She debuted in the new movie, and her comic book story currently includes the prestigious title.

Nina the Conjurer

Nina The Conjuror served as Sorcerer Supreme in the main Marvel Comics continuity in the 1950s. She trained for a time with the wizard Merlin, learning to master complex spells and manipulate energy on a massive scale. She also wielded some very unique weapons.

Nina used enchanted firearms that doubled as guns and swords. More than that, they fired magic bullets, which makes them very dangerous against supernatural opponents.


Urthona possessed substantial mystical power, including the ability to conjure weapons and defenses like shields. His knowledge extended to the cosmic scale, as he came from another planet, Gevaltu. Despite his considerable power, he did not earn the title of Sorcerer Supreme but claimed it for his own.

Urthona used her magic to tear Earth’s Sanctum Santorum from her planet. He then declared himself Sorcerer Supreme, leading to an impressive battle with Doctor Strange.

Iron Man

Earth-9810’s Tony Stark combined the magical powers of Doctor Strange and the inventive genius of Iron Man. This Sorcerer Supreme emerged in What If…? #113 when Stark, who felt responsible for Strange’s car accident, developed Sorcerer Armor. The armor allowed Stark to fight against Dormammu by coming with a hard drive of magic spells and enchanted weapons.

Although this variant essentially shares the same powers as the 616 Doctor Strange, the armor gave it additional defensive measures, including lasers and missiles.


Loki becomes the Sorcerer Supreme in a surprising twist to mainline Marvel continuity. With all the magical powers Loki enjoys in the comics, including casting illusions, masking his identity, and creating duplicates, the Eye of Agamotto along with the Cloak of Levitation makes Loki even more powerful.

The Levitation Cloak allows Loki to fly into battle with a sentient cloak, while the Eye gives him near-cosmic perception in other realms and dimensions.

Zhered Na

Zhered-Na reigned as Sorceress Supreme in the ancient past when she was the most powerful witch in Atlantis. She possessed the ability to astrally project herself across multiple realities and dimensions, as well as summon the spirits of ancient characters like Agamotto.

Zhered-Na also showed up in time to help Doctor Strange and other Sorcerer Supremes guide the Elder to the Well of Desire. Based on circumstantial evidence in the MCU, it seems that Zhered-Na or possibly another Atlantean witch could be Agatha Harkness’ mother.


The ancient being Necrom comes from another dimension where he served as Sorcerer Supreme. He creates and summons demons from other dimensions to fight on his behalf. For a brief time after his battle with Rachel Summers as host of the Phoenix Force, he wielded his full cosmic power.

Even without this extraordinary power, he created convincing illusions which he used to deceive others. Necrom has held an important place in the lore of powerful mystics in Marvel Comics since he instructed both Merlyn and Feron.

Kulan Gath

Kulan Gath has demonstrated vast supernatural abilities and knowledge. He manipulated reality and time, making himself increasingly powerful by consuming the hearts of other magicians. This shocking behavior was part of the violent Hyborian Age he came from, during the time of Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja.

Kulan Gath’s power over time brought him into the current Marvel Universe and required all of the skills of Doctor Strange and others to defeat him.

voodoo brother

Brother Voodoo has united his mind with that of his twin brother, turning him into a powerful conduit to the supernatural. He was proficient in voodoo magic, including the power to not only speak to the dead but also to resurrect them. Jericho Drumm also connects and manipulates souls, something few magic users can do in Marvel Comics.

When Doctor Strange lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme, Brother Voodoo gained the mantle. His extensive power, knowledge, and strong moral code made him the ideal candidate for the job.


Comic book fans know that Clea studied magic with Doctor Strange. She also inherited extraordinary magical abilities from her mother and her uncle, Dormammu. These include demonic binding, which renders powerful demonic entities powerless, as well as creating other living beings, as she did with Ardina.

Clea’s exceptional power and knowledge led her to recently assume the role of Sorcerer Supreme on Earth-616. Doctor Strange has passed away, leaving him the best choice to fill the role.

Dr Strangefate

Dr. Strangefate combines the magical power of Marvel’s Doctor Strange and DC Comics’ Dr. Fate. Additionally, in Amalgam Comics’ merged reality, he also wielded Charles Xavier’s powerful telepathy. Comic book fans know that Doctor Fate possesses truly staggering mystical power, which makes this variant truly supreme in the comics.

As the Darkness of the Divine Conduit, Dr. Strangefate can assume the power of another cosmic or mystical entity, adding its ability to his own and making him even more powerful.

the old

The Ancient One was the first Sorcerer Supreme on Earth-616, granted the title and Eye of Agamotto by Eternity, a powerful cosmic being in the Marvel Universe. He manipulated matter and energy on a scale that altered reality to his liking and placed him far beyond any human in the Marvel Universe.

He could teleport huge physical distances on Earth or across other dimensions or mystical planes, as shown since his death in the comics. He occasionally visits Doctor Strange from beyond the realm of the living on certain occasions.


Merlyn, the Marvel Comics version of the classic wizard from Arthurian mythology, serves as the Sorcerer Supreme in Otherworld. This ancient being’s powers include creating perfect duplicates of himself that exist throughout the multiverse, each with the same profound power, making him perhaps Marvel’s most powerful wizard.

He also once possessed the Merlin Stones, which together made their user completely invincible. Merlyn’s power and wisdom once earned him the role of Omniversal Guardian, one charged with protecting the entire Marvel Multiverse.


Illyana Rasputin, also known as Magik, becomes the Sorceress Supreme in What If? Magik #1 from 2018. Already among Marvel Comics’ most powerful mutants, she mixes the powers of Doctor Strange and her mystical talents via the Soul Sword to jump back and forth between realities. This includes Limbo, a dimension she rules.

In this reality, the Soul Sword became the Soul Staff, capable of countering and breaking magical spells, injuring or destroying other magical beings, as well as harnessing the power of stones. to jump that allow a person to travel through the Limbo dimension.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom stands with the most powerful Marvel magic users in his own right, but on Earth-14412 he has become the Sorcerer Supreme. This variant, which first appeared in 2018’s Thor #5, combined a frightening number of abilities, including those of Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and Starbrand.

With the Starbrand, he had virtually unlimited power, including the power to alter reality. He defeated both Phoenix and Thor during his acquisition of his powers, and in the end became a living planet.


Agamotto, a member of the Vishanti, was the Sorcerer Supreme in the year 1,000,000 BC. Omniscient and possibly also omnipotent, he wielded the power to defeat both Dormammu and Galactus in the ancient past. Galactus failed to defeat Agamotto because Agamotto was not just a person, but a living embodiment of his full dimension.

He also traverses time and reality across a number of dimensions, remaining an active force in the present bestowing both mystical items and wisdom on subjects like Doctor Strange.

15 Most Powerful Versions Of The Sorcerer Supreme In Marvel Comics | Pretty Reel