5 movies about the end of the world that will make you rethink your life

In the HBO and HBO Max series, The Last Of Us, the apocalypse occurs due to a sudden fungal infection. So deadly that it ends up causing civilization, as it had been until then, to completely collapse. The premise of the production is the new reinvention of an old obsession, the apocalypse, which cinema has fueled since its inception and ended up becoming a genre in its own right. For Hollywood, movies about the end of the world are a recurring narrative exercise.

However, imagining a universal cataclysm that devastates any trace of the human being is a complicated trope. Not only because of its endless variations, but because it usually places man as responsible for his destiny. Whether due to a natural incident, a war or an inexplicable circumstance.

Analyze the possibility of a catastrophe that endangers the existence appeals to a crucial element about the transience of life. But also to what anyone would do to preserve it. From major cities being besieged or destroyed in countless ways, to supernatural phenomena. Exploring the possibility of an apocalyptic disaster has become a way of analyzing time and the future. At the same time, the horrors that great cultural and social errors can cause.

We leave you five films that address the end of the world from different points of view. Monsters, natural accidents, dramatic goodbyes. A journey towards an ancient historical fear that cinema elaborates from an always new perspective.

Greenland: The Last Refuge

With a pessimistic air, this film reflects on the end of the world as an accidental phenomenon. Which implies that their characters will have to face the tragedy in the midst of chaos. When a comet is about to crash into Earth, John (Gerard Butler) will try to survive, despite knowing that he may not be able to.

5 movies about the end of the world that will make you rethink your life