7.7 earthquake in Mexico: UNAM experts deny that the drills or the law of attraction caused it

After two years of the suspension of the National Drillthe 13 thousand 860 loudspeakers of the CDMX Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center (C5) resounded throughout the capital.

Provoking nerves to some, alerting others and curiosity to the rest is justified, since the exercises that are carried out are part of the strategy of the government of the Republic Mexican It is used to make the population aware of the protocols that must be followed in the face of these events.

How many buildings were damaged?

According to local authorities, at least twenty-one estate they turned out damaged for him movement telluric which was reported a few minutes after the evacuation of the buildings was carried out. In 17 buildings there were slight risks, while the rest must receive urgent attention.

Most of these constructions, 19, are located in the town hall Cuauhtemocone more is in Benedict Juarez and the other is in the mayor’s office Iztacalco.

Blame the drill

Through social networks, on television and radio programs, some people related the 7.7 Richter earthquake with various supernatural or energetic aspects.

According to these versions, the movement on the Earth It would have been due to a presumed “seismic memory” in the national territory or due to the intensity of the thoughts of the people who “called” the earthquake.

Do thoughts influence earthquakes?

Gerardo Suarezresearcher of Geophysics of the UNAMassured that the chances of an earthquake being repeated on the same day for the third time is an unprecedented event, but it is only a coincidence.

The expert stressed that this fact has been analyzed by various specialists and many have given their interpretation of how unlikely it is that this phenomenon will be repeated just on the anniversary day of the past.

“I am a scientist, I believe in science, there have been many drills since 1985”, is the phrase with which the scientist denied the rumors related to the “power of thought”.

He said you must believe in evidence scientific and that up to now there is no serious and verifiable effort to link the earthquake registered last September 19 with the exercises of evacuation that were carried out.

He indicated that the attention of the citizenry should be focused on to protect to people and not in looking for a cause for these phenomena naturalbecause it is impossible for these to be predicted.

He assured that in CDMX much progress has been made in protocols of securityso it is best that they be followed to the letter and thus avoid tragedies like those that occurred in 1985 and 2017.

collective psychosis

“This is a very marked coincidence that attracts numerous attention”, is the way in which Dr. José Luis Mateos Trigos, Research Coordinator of the UNAM Complexity Center began to deny the relationship between thought and earthquakes.

The expert assured that there is no cause and effect relationship between actions carried out by human beings and the development of telluric movements.

“It generates collective tension and respect and fear when we remember dates like September 19,” he said about the predisposition that citizens have for these phenomena to occur this month.

He assured that millions of people are in that tuning with this season of the year, so they expect tremblebut this is not reasonable.

The expert indicated that this dynamic collective it is not enough to influence what happens in the subsoil 30 or 40 kilometers deep, so the public can rest easy, since the only thing that has happened on September 19, 2017, 2022 and 1985 is just a coincidence .

However, he stressed that this type of movement could have impacted the activity that occurred in the Volcán de Fuego and Popocatépetl, due to a fluctuation between the tectonic plates.


You have to listen to the warning

Gerardo Suarezresearcher of Geophysics of the UNAMassured that the seismic alert is not the total solution to face the earthquakes that occur in the country.

However, he assured that this tool It allows people to take cover before the tremors start to avoid putting themselves in danger.

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7.7 earthquake in Mexico: UNAM experts deny that the drills or the law of attraction caused it