The second season of the hit HBO series, “The White Lotus“, ended a few days ago. Mike White, screenwriter, creator and director of the show, as we know, carried out the second chapter of his rigorously anthological audiovisual product in Italy, specifically in the wonderful Sicily, trying to capture its folklore and beauty through his personal magnifying glass. Between Taormina, Cefalù, Palermo, Noto and Catania, the public from all over the world has fallen in love with the wonder of the trinacria, to the delight of local tourism. But where exactly are the scenes of the series set? Here they are location of “The White Lotus 2”.

In Taormina the base, but space also in Cefalù

The heart of the show, as the franchise wants, takes place inside a hotel. For the series it was decided to mainly set the story in the Sicilian destination most loved by all international tourists, i.e. Taormina, opting for the Hotel San Domenico Palace, an accommodation facility (directed in the series by a fantastic Sabrina Impacciatore) belonging to the prestigious hotel chain Four Seasons. It is a former Dominican convent, located in a strategic panoramic point where, together with the extraordinary view of the Ionian Sea, you can also admire the majesty of the Etna volcano.

Location The White Lotus 2 Life&People MagazineBut beware; because as we know cinema is fiction and, for various reasons, not all filming can be done in one place. For this reason, the more observant will have noticed a very important aspect: most of the scenes shot on the beach (not all of them obviously) are in fact shot in another location Sicilian beloved by tourists, or in the seaside village of Cefalù, a town in the province of Palermo more than 200 km away from the jewel of Eastern Sicily. How to understand this? From a very specific detail! In fact, in many shots you can see in the background the unmistakable facade of the Cathedral which, imperious, stands looking down on the beach.

The splendor of the Baroque villas between Noto and Palermo

Obviously out of respect for everyone, especially given the recent release of the series, we certainly cannot afford to make any kind of spoiler. However, we can limit ourselves to saying that the Baroque villa will be one of the key places in the entire series. Within the story, two will be seen in particular, one located in Noto, a city in south-eastern Sicily, and the other in Palermo (although in the story the locations will be reversed).

Location The White Lotus 2 Life&People Magazine In the capital, many shots were taken in the splendid Villa Tasca, a wonderful historic residence located in a park of over eight hectares which houses frescoes and majolica depicting rock scenes. A cult place in the city, loved in the past by Jacqueline Kennedy, King Ferdinand of Bourbon or by musical geniuses such as Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner. Recently the Villa was also visited by the influencer Chiara Ferragni who chose Palermo to celebrate her birthday.

Location The White Lotus 2 Life&People MagazineOn the eastern side, the natural set (very important for the purposes of the plot) was the interior of Villa Elena, a wonderful place built on the remains of a 17th-century monastery and restored by the decorator and architect Jacques Garcia. A simply enchanting place renamed by Garcia himself as “a supernatural monument”.

The locations of The White Lotus 2: The sleight of hand of the Theater of Palermo (which is actually from Catania)

Halfway through the show (we remain deliberately vague so as not to reveal any surprises) some of the protagonists involved will spend two days in Palermo, basically dividing themselves into two mini groups. On the occasion of the first evening, two characters will spend the night in the streets of the city centre, or in via Maqueda and in the neighboring alleys, while others will attend a performance of “Madama Butterfly” at the Theatre. In reality, however, not everyone can know that the Theater taken up is not the Massimo in Palermo, but the Bellini in Catania, recognizable both from the foyer and from the structure and ornamentation of the boxes.

Location The White Lotus 2 Life&People MagazineAmong the other evocative places, the Taormina Amphitheater stands out, one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world, the evocative beach of Beautiful island (another crucial place) as well as the Castle of the slaves, location already used in the past to shoot some scenes of “The Godfather”. So what will happen in the future? Sicilian tourism will feel the effect “The White Lotus“? Reading the comments of US viewers and users, fascinated by the majesty of the places in the series, it would seem so.

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