American Horror Story: 5 connections that tie the seasons together

Horror and horror fans have been in heaven over the past month as one of the genre’s most popular series has resumed, namely American Horror Storywith its eleventh season, titled NYC. Created by ryan murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story stood out to the public, especially when the la horror anthology series managed to create connections unexpected, giving it a new dimension. Because if since its debut in 2011, the series offers us an independent story in each season, fans have noticed that as the seasons follow one another, each of them is actually part of an interconnected universe. A connection which was revealed in particular in season 4, with, among other things, the return of Sister Mary Eunice McKee. On this occasion, Murphy had then declared to Entertainment Weekly : “[Les saisons] are all linked. We are just beginning to tell you how they are related. They are all very distinct, but each season contains clues that allow us to understand how the different worlds are intertwined”. Over the years, viewers have therefore been able to observe that certain premises and characters began to interact in one way or another, thus creating a kind of main plot.

1) Connections between Freak Show and Asylum

American Horror Story is particularly known for bringing back most of the actors of the series in each new season, such as for example Evan Peters, a recurring collaborator of Ryan Murphy who was seen in the recent Netflix series centered on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. But if the actors can be brought to embody new characters, they are also brought to resume old roles, thus making it possible to establish direct connections between the seasons. This is how fans were able to see Sister Mary Eunice McKee, played by Lily Rabe and discovered in season 2 of the series, return in season 4titled freak show and which takes place ten years before the events ofasylum. Season 4 also allowed the return of Pepper’s character. But fans had also discovered that Dr. Arthur Arden, also known as Dr. Hans Grüperthe source of many atrocities committed in asylumwas also the one who mutilated Elsa Mars, the one who runs the cabinet of curiosities in freak show.

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2) A great crossover with Apocalypse

Season 8 of American Horror Storytitled Apocalypseprobably remains the example that best illustrates the links that exist between the different seasons of the series. Indeed, this season is a kind of crossover between seasons 1 (Murder House), 3 (Coven) and 5 (Hotel) and as such, it brings back many characters from the series. We will then obviously think of the witches discovered in Covenor even to certain characters from season 5, with Evan Peters who will briefly return as James March, without forgetting Gabourey Sidibe’s Queenie, seen in Coven and Hotel. But there is also the introduction of Michael Langdon, who will then become the antichrist of season 8, and who is none other than the child from the relationship between Vivien Harmon and Tate Langdon featured in Murder House.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Could Be the Show

3) The importance of the Montgomery family

Among the names that are regularly found in the series, fans will necessarily think of the Montgomery family. The first member to be talked about was Matt Ross’ Dr. Charles Montgomeryin Murder House. Indeed, fans learned that the doctor was the first owner of the house, and that he had performed dark experiments on young women in the 1920s, including illegal abortions in the basement of the house. And in Hotela flashback will also reveal that Countess Elizabeth Johnson had also visited the Murder House. Afterwards, fans will get to know Madison Montgomeryintroduced in Coven, and who will be one of the witches of the season. While it’s unclear whether Charles is actually a relative of Madison or not, the two characters do share some unsettling similarities and ties, most notably to the Hotel Cortez, among others.

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4) Aliens in Asylum and Double Feature

American Horror Story is particularly renowned for its supernatural manifestations, and one thing is certain, there is something for everyone: vampires, zombies, ghosts, demons and other entities, each more mystical than the next. And among these entities, we also find the aliens. The latter are particularly present in season 2 and season 10, where we can see individuals being kidnapped and being victims of a whole host of experiments, with in particular women impregnated by extraterrestrials. And although to date we have had no concrete evidence that the appearance of aliens in asylum and the one in Dual-Feature is indeed related, given these single appearances and the show’s tendency to make connections like this, many fans feel there is potentially something fishy going on.

5) Roanoke Connections

Although divided into three distinct parts, season 6 of the series has as its main theme the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke Colony, and features many connections to previous seasons. First of all, we can see an obvious reference to the first season, in particular with the word “Croatoan”, the only trace of the famous colony lost and found engraved on a tree. A word that had already been uttered by Billie Dean Howard towards the end of Murder House. Then, if the Montgomerys return regularly over the seasons, the same goes for the Motts. ‘Cause fans will learn that it was Edward Mott who built the house in RoanokeEdward being the ancestor of Gloria and Dandy Mott, present in freak show. There are also links with “The Original Supreme” mentioned in Coven and Lady Gaga’s character, Scáthach.

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American Horror Story: 5 connections that tie the seasons together