An angel is kidnapping babies

A newborn is kidnapped at the Txagorritxu hospital. In its place, on the mother’s bed, there is a picture of the Virgin Mary. Unfortunately it is not an isolated event. Nine months earlier in New York, where the new novel by samuel vernal It starts, something similar happened. A woman named Maria gave birth to a child named Jesus early on Christmas Day. The baby was kidnapped by an angel. And then he was killed. From there, few more details can be told about the latest title that the writer from Vitoria proposes to the public. The dead virgin is already waiting to catch readers in a fast-paced thriller.

The present rules. It is often said that reality is always capable of surpassing fiction. And although, as is evident, there is nothing premeditated, the narration starts from a fact that will immediately remind many people of what happened not many days ago in the Basurto hospital.When the news of the kidnapping of the baby broke, I was stunned. It’s all a coincidencealthough I thought that these things could no longer happen today”, the author points out.

A first disappearance in New York is connected to another kidnapping in Txagorritxu, “quite a coincidence” with what happened in Basurto

Coincidences aside, Vernal proposes in his fourth book a plot with several layers, which has its central axis in the double investigation that, in parallel, They are going to take an officer from the Ertzaintza, Mikel Arbizu, and a private detective who is also a psychic, Gloria Dupont. Although the facts they analyze are the same, the roads, clues and suspects are different. At least sometimes. This without losing sight of the fact that both among them and among their respective assistants there are also related stories that make up the general body of the novel, as well as events from the personal past that return to the present in the case of one of the characters.

Samuel Vernal with a copy of his fourth book. BOAT PILLAR

It is not a scary or horror novel, but black, police”, describes the author, who points out that his intention to “entertain readers so that they believe, at a given moment, that the supernatural part that this book has, as it happens in the previous ones, could be real, that they enter into the game that is proposed to them”. In the end, “when I write I do it because it’s a pleasure for me and because I love playing with the public, surprising and entertaining them,” says Vernal, while acknowledging that “I’ve also surprised myself by doing this novel while I’ve been researching and building each protagonist”.

With all this, a publication has been put together that has taken shape in the last year and a half, although the idea was already on the table some time ago. A book in which that baby kidnapping is “just the tip of the iceberg”, in which different types of families are also presented or religiosity is discussed, as elements that serve to pull the narrative thread. But it is impossible to tell many more things without discovering fundamental aspects or details for the plot. Now is, therefore, the time for readers, for those who look at these pages, who take over from titles likeor The Brotherhood of the Goddess.

“As much as I already have three novels before, I have the same nerves” before the release of a crime novel, that “not horror or fear”

“It is the fourth novel and it is evident that there is a journey. Of course, you want to surprise with each new work, but it is also true that people know me for writing books in which there is crime, mystery and also supernatural touches. Of course, you must take into account not repeating yourself, but you know that there is a brand”, without ruling out that in the future it may take steps for other literary genres.

That already day what is to come later. The now is marked by the release of The Dead Virgin. “As much as I have written three novels before, I have the same nerves. I don’t think that’s bad either. But it is true that I myself see the evolution that I have had since the first title. I’m looking looser. I feel safer and more comfortable when it comes to building, for example, dialogues”, a learning process in which it is essential to “don’t stop reading”. Well, and writing. The idea of ​​the next novel is already around him. Everything will go.

An angel is kidnapping babies