At “L’Istrione” in Catania, for “Aria Nuova”, on stage “The tragedy of Macbeth” by Shakespeare with the magic of the puppets by the Naples Brothers

The Naples Brothers Puppetry

It is always a qualifying and exciting moment to attend a show by the company of Brothers Naples, historic family of Pupari from Catania who with their extraordinary organizational machine solicit desires, evoke dreams and memories. The increasingly close-knit company of the Napoli Brothers, led by the director and “parraturi” Florence Napleswith the support, participation, of the actress (“speaker”) Tiziana Giletto and of the actor Vent concepti, proposed last weekend, al The Istrione Theater of Cataniadirected by the actor and director Valerio Santi, as the second round of the season “New Air”another great success belonging to the Shakespearean cycle, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” from William Shakespeare, reduction and adaptation for Catania puppets of Alessandro and Fiorenzo Naples. With their perfect organizational machine they were the protagonists of the three crowded evenings: Fiorenzo Napoli, Davide Napoli, Agnese Torrisi, Giuseppe Napoli, Alessandro Napoli, Dario Napoli, Marco Napoli, Giacomo Anastasi, Martina Sapienza, Roberta Laudani and with the extraordinary participation of Tiziana Giletto and Concetto Venti.

Needless to speak of the charm of the representation which, once again, goes beyond history and time, absolute testimony of an art like that of the Opera dei Pupi which is handed down from generation to generation, involving, exciting, the public of all ages, yesterday as today.

“The Tragedy of Macbeth”

“The tragedy of Macbeth” composed by the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon around 1606, represents one of the highest peaks of Shakespearean creation, both in poetic quality and in dramatic intensity. The story, as usual, supported by the magic, the charm, the elegance of the puppets, the unfailing sympathy of “Peppininu do’ Fortino”, the severe setting of “parraturi e parratrici” takes the audience into the world of Macbeth, faithful warrior of the good king Duncan, ensnared by fatal prophecies that reveal his secret ambition. And Macbeth hastens the fulfillment of his fate, instigated by the Luciferian courage of his bride. Therefore, a real tragedy of evil and ambition, fear and remorse is represented in his sinister grandeur. It is one of the greatest universal masterpieces centered on the theme of guilt and man’s relationship with the infernal powers.

“Representing the Shakespearean text according to the theatrical codes of the Catanese Opira seemed possible to us – they write in the hall programme Alessandro and Fiorenzo Naplesnot only because we believe in the great potential of our wooden actors, but also because Macbeth, with the final triumph of law over betrayal, fraud and murder, re-proposes that aspiration for a more just order of the world which is the essential figure of the Opera dei Pupi. Furthermore, many characters of the Shakespearean characters are found in the theatrical taste of the traditional Opira. Just to give an example, Macduff, the tyrant’s killer, appears to us as a noble champion of justice who makes good triumph over evil. And many scenes of the tragedy respond to that taste for elaborate stagecraft constructions which has always characterized the Opira of Catania, and above all the activity of our Puppetry (the scenes of the witches, the banquet and supernatural apparitions). The reduction and adaptation had to take into account the need to marry the poetic intensity of the Shakespearean word with the vocal and gestural codes of the Catania puppets. The very respectful reduction of the original text has therefore in some cases had to adapt to precautions and modifications imposed by a tradition that has its own complex of rigorous, articulated and precise rules”.

And in the end, repeated and warm applause for all the protagonists of the performance and the adults and children present in the hall gathered next year at “L’Istrione” for the third show of the Shakespearean cycle with the magic and professionalism of the Napoli Brothers company.

At “L’Istrione” in Catania, for “Aria Nuova”, on stage “The tragedy of Macbeth” by Shakespeare with the magic of the puppets by the Naples Brothers – Cronaca Oggi Quotidiano