Athia and the magical combats of Forspoken in the new videos

Athia and Forspoken’s magical battles in the new videos. A young New Yorker with magical gifts stars in the story

Forspoken tells the story of Frey, a young New Yorker who ends up in the beautiful and cruel world of Athia. While she figures out how to get back home, she will have to use her new magical abilities to traverse vast landscapes and face monstrous beings.

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Recently Square Enix Ltd. Y Luminous Productions have published two new videos that will show in depth the game mechanics of Forspoken, its highly anticipated action RPG. The first of these focuses on the Athia region and the second bases the magical combats of the game.

Athia is a huge magical world full of adventures and things to discover.

On your mission to save this intriguing place from the thantas, Frey you will stumble upon interesting detours, tremendous challenges and also pleasant encounters. Some diversions arise from Athia’s inhabitants needing Frey’s help, while others are marked as points of interest within this vast territory.

All over Athia are monuments, sacred stones in which the thantas sealed some of their power. If you remove from these monuments of the corruption of the tearFrey will become stronger.

Certain monuments present challenges called flashbacks with which Frey will obtain mana and other rewards if he overcomes them. It is possible to try it directly from the map and try your luck as many times as possible until you get the most out of it. Another type of holy place is the fountains of bliss, where Frey can awaken his latent magic and learn new abilities.

Frey can also enhance her magic through spell challenges, found in ancient books scattered throughout Athia. Ancient coins are highly coveted in Athia.

Frey can collect them during her adventure and exchange them for valuable items at the exchange points. Under Athia there are a large number of sealed labyrinths. Exploring these mysterious underground places is very dangerous, but it is worth it since in its depths there are very powerful pieces of equipment.

Saving Athia is a daunting task, and sometimes Frey needs to take a breather. he can play with parthas a kind of dice made with animal bones. It is said that he brings good luck to cast them, and with them Frey can gain a temporary combat buff. Frey can also take photos at the photo points and show them to the children of Cipal. The more photos you take, the more features you unlock in Photo mode. Frey will also meet some furry friends: magical animals. This species of cats usually haunt certain monuments erected in their honor, but it is not easy to make friends with them. On the other hand, Frey will run into beasts that have undergone mutations. These huge, ferocious creatures are impressive and fearsome, giving Frey the chance to put his own combat skills to the test.

With all that there is to discover and experience in Athia, Frey soon realizes that this land and its people are worth fighting for.

magical combats

This is Athia: home to treacherous landscapes, corrupted beasts, and dangerous threats. To survive in this evil environment, Frey he must learn to master an arsenal of magical abilities.

There are several types of spells that Frey can learn to summon, and each type of magic has its own range of attack, support, and parkour abilities.

Frey will access the base spells of each magic type, with powerful upgrades available by collecting mana. At the beginning of his journey, Frey discovers the PURPLE MAGIC, based on Earth. The fast attack spell of this type of magic is known as «PROJECTILE» and by charging PROJECTILE, Frey can deploy more powerful attacks.

The EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILE shoots clusters of explosive rock. THE PROTECTIVE PROJECTILE creates a defensive barrier while charged and explodes into smaller particles when released. THE PROJECTILE BURST fires a steady stream of rocks, then unleashes a long-range, high-impact projectile.

Frey’s purple magic also gives her support spells that have different uses. For example, FULLNESS set booby traps, SHIELD generates a force field and TENDRIL Heals based on the amount of damage dealt.

For more defensive players, Frey has a variety of abilities that will help her survive in battle. Learning to dodge magical parkour attacks is key to defeating Athia’s corrupted threats.

But when taking damage, Frey’s trusty sidekick STOP will take the hit to reduce the damage dealt and create an opportunity for a counterattack. Traps can also be useful

before any encounter with an enemy occurs. With Trap’s help, Frey can scan the area to find nearby points of interest and possible threats. Additionally, Traps can scan enemies to provide valuable information on their strengths and weaknesses.

Further down Frey’s path, he will learn fire-based RED MAGIC and these spells will open up new ways to play. The spells like EXECUTION, AEGIS and LEGION They are good defensive options.

But sometimes a good offense is the best defense. Red magic gives Frey the ability to lash out with devastating melee attacks. The red magic fast attack spell grants Frey a magical sword called the SLAW. A charged BLOCK unleashes magic attacks REAPER CUT, HURRICANE CUT, and UNLEASHED WRATH. Furthermore, red magic support spells provide various offensive capabilities such as CHARGE and BOMBER. In addition to purple and red magic, Frey will gain access to the GREEN MAGIC and BLUE MAGIC as you go on your journey.

These magic types also offer a variety of attack and support spells for Frey to master. Using attack and support spells gradually charges the MAGIC OVERLOAD of Frey, until finally being able to cast a super powerful spell. If used at the right time, it will be able to take out an entire enemy army in one attack. Frey can also choose to finish an enemy off with a KNOCKING BLOW, a devastating attack that he can perform when an enemy is stunned on the ground.

Experimenting with different types of magic and different magical abilities will allow Frey to adjust her combat style to suit any dangerous situation. With a wide range of magical abilities in his arsenal, Frey will have plenty of ways to resolve any confrontation. Only when he masters these skills will he be able to defend Athia against the corrupting force of the Tear… and perhaps find his way back home.

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Designed for PlayStation®5 (PS5™), Forspoken will take full advantage of the power of the console and allow Luminous Productions develop its philosophy and provide a never-before-seen gaming experience that combines creativity with the latest technology. Forspoken will be released simultaneously for PS5 and PC (via STEAM®, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store) on January 24, 2023, and you can book now. The story DLC Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, It will be available in summer 2023.

More information about Forspoken:


It is not known how, Frey Holland has traveled from New York City to the impressive world of Athia, from which he cannot leave. With a talking bracelet that inexplicably appears on his wrist, Frey discovers that he can cast powerful spells and use magic to navigate the vast landscapes of Athia. Frey nicknames his new metal friend “Traps” and sets out to find his way back home.

Frey soon discovers that this was once a prosperous world under the thantas, benevolent matriarchs, until a devastating plague corrupted everything within reach. The Rend transformed animals into beasts, humans into monsters, and verdant landscapes into four perilous realms. These decrepit domains are in the hands of the thantas, who are now evil sorceresses gone mad.

Immune to the Tear and eager to find answers, Frey reluctantly agrees to help Athia’s few remaining inhabitants, who see her as their only hope. During her journey through these strange and dangerous lands, Frey will delve into the heart of corruption, where she must confront monstrous beings, confront powerful thantas, and unravel secrets that will bring forth much more.

main features

  • The odyssey of a heroine by force: Guide Frey on an unforgettable journey to find her way back home from the fantastic and ancient world where she has inexplicably appeared. He unravels the mysteries of Athia while Frey journeys through the catastrophic Rend and learns to harness extraordinary power.
  • A beautiful and cruel open world: Explore the vast kingdoms of Athia, a world filled with incredible landscapes and otherworldly creatures brought to life by stunning graphics and cutting-edge technology. Delve into the corrupted territories, where something shadowy and mysterious ruins everything it touches.
  • Intuitive parkour with a magic blow: Climb walls, jump across ravines, plunge from dizzying heights, and speed across vast landscapes. With Frey’s unique abilities you will be able to traverse the open world without difficulty.
  • An arsenal of customizable spells: Take on wicked monsters in magical combat using a wide range of abilities depending on your play style, be it with breakneck speed or strategically and methodically.


Format: PlayStation®5 (PS5) and PC

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Gender: Action RPG

Idiom: manual and texts in Spanish

Launch: January 24, 2023

PEGI: +18 (tentative)

Official Web:

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Athia and the magical combats of Forspoken in the new videos