ATRESplayer PREMIUM will premiere ‘The Protected: DNA’ on December 18 and launches its official trailer

ATRESplayer PREMIUM will premiere next sunday december 18 ‘The Protected: DNA’, title that will carry the new chapters of fiction. To get to know more about what this season will be like, the series presents the official trailer with their new plots.

Antonio Garrido, Ana Fernández, Luis Fernández, Mario Marzo, Daniel Avilés, Gracia Olayo, Óscar Ladoire, Maggie García, Carlotta Cosials, Cosette Silguero and Javier Mendo They will continue in fiction.

Likewise, in these new deliveries, Marta Torné, Esmeralda Moya and Raúl Mérida they resume the characters they gave life to in the classic ‘The Protected’. complete the distribution of ‘The Protected: DNA’ Emilio Buale, Irina Bravo, Gabriela Andrada, Raquel Pérez, José Sospedra, Ángel Martínez, Xavi Caudevilla and Anna Nacher as main additions.

‘The Protected: ADN’ is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and Boomerang TV. It can also be seen outside of Spain through the international version of ATRESplayer PREMIUM and the international channel of Atreseries.

Montse Garcia, Sonia Martinez, Jorge Redondo and Carlos Garcia Miranda are the executive producers of the series, with a script by Carlos Garcia Miranda and Luis Gamboa and address of Pablo Guerrero and Daniel Romero. At the head of the production management are Teddy Villalba and Pepe Ripoll.

After ‘The Protected: The Return’ and as a link before the next premiere of ‘The Protected: DNA’the spectators and fans of the production have been able and can continue to enjoy ‘Stories of Protected’. Available in ATRESplayer PREMIUM, these five fictional short stories have expanded the universe around each character in the series.

Sandra and Culebra’s wedding, at the start of ‘The Protected: ADN’

‘The Protected: DNA’ starts with the wedding of Sandra and Culebraone of the most anticipated events by the faithful followers of the successful series and which will serve to reunite the family.

On this great day for the characters played by Ana Fernández and Luis Fernández, They will only miss one guest: Rosa Ruano (Thanks Olayo). After the celebration, the Castillos will decide to launch a risky plan to find her. Their search will lead them to a place they did not expect…

‘The Protected’, a before and after in science fiction series

Broadcast from 2010 to 2012 on Antena 3, the series achieved an average more than 3 million viewers and launched some young promises to stardom.

The story started with a group of people posing as a family, the Castillos, with the aim of fleeing from a strange organization that is looking for them called the Clan of the Elephant. The reason is none other than the supernatural powers of many of its members. Hidden like a true family, this team ended up loving each other as if their fantasy were true. However, time made each one take a different path.

In ‘The Protected: The Return’, an original series that ATRESplayer PREMIUM broadcast last year, the story of the Castillos put them back on the same path and their lives became intertwined again. After a tense encounter with Borja Ruano, Dora’s kidnapper, the brothers united their powers in a final confrontation with their enemy. The family, united and stronger than ever, lives one of its happiest moments.

Next Sunday, December 18, premiere of ‘The Protected: DNA’ in ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

ATRESplayer PREMIUM will premiere ‘The Protected: DNA’ on December 18 and launches its official trailer