Audaci: review of the Netflix miniseries

Ntsiki receives supernatural powers, and decides to use them to avenge her sister’s death. But what’s behind it?

Bold is a 6-episode miniseries distributed by Netflix, created by Akin Omotoso (director, together with Rolie Nikiwe) and produced by Ocher Moving Pictures.
A woman appears to be the reincarnation of a goddess, and uses her supernatural powers to avenge her dead sister and avenge her family.
Bold it starts very well, imbued from the beginning with shapes and colors quite unknown to the most popular mainstream audiovisual in Italy.

But the beauty of the streaming giant from the red N is just that: as it showed with Squid Game (East) or with The Paper Housebut also The Innocent (Iberian countries), The Chestnut Man And Ragnarok (Northern Europe), beyond its shortcomings Netflix puts at the center of its productions a constant 360 ° research on narrative and on the suggestions of images declined through distant and little practiced latitudes.

In this way, the cultural contribution becomes not indifferent: because this practice highlights the many looks of the audiovisual sector depending on the geographical position, which probably would not have had the same response in their own country as it did on the international market.
On the other hand, it is not that easy to play with the glocal (global on local), because it is not enough to export the tradition of a distant country to make it appreciated. Because Bold then starts with an acronym that makes the epicity resound d Game of Thrones, and then weaves his plots but above all the dynamics of the characters keeping in mind the genre of cinecomics. In short, perhaps too much meat on the fire

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Bold: a different series than usual?

audacious review

What is certain is that Omatoso knows how to tell his land without falling into easy clichés: the episodes have a highly fascinating visual structure, which delves into the labyrinthine social, cultural and human intertwining of the African continent, overcoming the predictable traps and ingenuity of a story. torn between the black of high finance and the colors of village life.

This is why the merger between the genre young adult and the origin story made in Marvel is the winning card of the show: the cosmogony of African native religions (such as that of the Serer people) are a ground on which the dramatic part takes root but also perfect for the action one.

Yet, at the end of the six episodes, the viewer is dumbfounded: why so many basic questions remain unanswered (one above all, why was Ntsiki touched by the powers of the goddess?), And why the many interesting components of the series do not know how to fit together to perfection in a dramaturgical structure that does not know how to be all-encompassing.

audacious review

It is hoped then that the restriction of production to only six episodes was the cause that affected the overall success of the operation, and that The Brave Ones you come back with a second season that knows how to build on what has already been planted and return a full-blown urban fantasy.

For now, Netflix hasn’t said anything about the eventual confirmation of the show: but it hasn’t even been canceled yet.

Direction – 3

Screenplay – 3

Photography – 3

Acting – 2

Sound – 2

Emotion – 3

Audaci: review of the Netflix miniseries –