Batman Day 2022: five new volumes coming out for Panini Comics

On September 17, Batman Day 2022 is celebrated and, for the occasion, Panini Comics is giving fans five new volumes.

Saturday 17 September is celebrated all over the world Batman Day 2022. An opportunity that Panini Comics has jumped to propose five volumes to be released on Thursday 15 September.

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Opening the celebrations is the new miniseries Batman: Killing Time, set in the early years of the Dark Knight’s activity. In the story, written by award-winning Tom King (Mister Miracle) and designed by David Marquez (Batman, Superman), young Bruce Wayne must protect a precious object that the Riddler, Catwoman and the Penguin try to steal by joining forces.

For fans of supervillain Harleen Quinzel, Batman 55 is also available with a variant cover made by Olivier Coipel and dedicated to Harley Quinn, who this year accomplishes 30 years. In this issue the Arkham Tower has taken the place of Arkham Asylum and this will lead to quite a few upheavals. The Bat-Family will attempt to infiltrate the sinister facility … but danger lurks. In the appendix there are also two stories related to Shadows of the Bat.

Batman 55 - variant

Batman Day: Batman: The sect And Batman: The doom that befell Gotham

Written by Jim Starlin (Cosmic Odyssey) and designed by the legendary Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing) Batman: The sect it is a hallucinatory journey into the subconscious of the Dark Knight. Deacon Joseph Blackfire and his gang of sewerers have captured Batman and are holding him captive. The Dark Knight is brainwashed, while the self-styled priest presents himself to the citizens of Gotham City as their savior, the man capable of vanquishing once and for all the crime that is gripping the city. The actions of Blackfire however, they hide a second purpose, the domination of the city, but Batman is not yet defeated… A new edition in volume for a classic among the Batman stories.

Batman_ the sect

Mike Mignolaone of the most popular cartoonists in the world thanks to HellboyAnd Richard Pace (Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword) join the designer Troy Nixey (Harley Quinn) to re-imagine mythology Batmanian in a unique and unprecedented way in Batman: The doom that befell Gotham, a volume that is presented as a fond tribute to cosmic horror, with alternative versions of Demon, Two Faces, the Penguin and Ra’s al Ghul. In the 1920s, after accidentally awakening the Guardian of the Threshold, Batman must face supernatural forces that threaten to destroy Gotham. Will Batman be able to defeat this terrible threat, or will Gotham’s secrets crush him with no way out?

Batman_ the fate that befell Ghotam

The Batman: A Bad Day miniseries e The Great Batman Book: Enemies

In the miniseries Batman: A bad daythe readers they will make the acquaintance of ben eight among the most infamous villain of Gotham. We start with theRiddler, apparently playful figure who knows how to be cruel and disturbing. He suddenly decided not to follow his own rules anymore, starting to kill without any criteria. A miniseries by eight adventures, of which the first issue created by the famous creative team of Mister Miracle, Strange Adventures and Sheriff of Babylon, Tom King And Mitch Gerads.

Batman_ one bad day

The villains are also protagonists de The Great Batman Book: Enemies. This is an anthology of over 400 pages designed to celebrate the fascinating supervillains who helped cement the myth of the Bat Man. From Mr. Freeze to the Penguin, from Two-Face to Ra’s al Ghul, passing from the inevitable Joker, this book tells the story of each with character cards and insights, which will allow readers to become true experts of DC characters.

The great book of Batman_ Enemies

Batman Day 2022: five new volumes coming out for Panini Comics