Batora: Lost Haven, PS5 review

Batora: Lost Haven it is not only the most recent effort of our local software house known as Stormind Gamesbut also their debut in the genre of action rpg. The team independent Sicilian is in fact known mainly for having given birth to two scary experiences such as Remothered: Tormented Fathers And Remothered: Broken Porcelain. Evidently it was time to change the game genre.

As we anticipated, this time it is a classic action title, but with some new features that should not be underestimated. The quality of Italian productions is objectively growing more and more, and we can only be happy with this. The gamewhich we covered previously on our portal with various previews (here the most recent), looks like a rpg from the isometric view.

To which elements from twin-stick-shooter which enrich and modify the style of play. So let’s go find out Batora: Lost Haven in this version review PS5. Recall that the game, published by Team17 Digitalis also available on Pc, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S And Switch. Enjoy the reading.


The underlying story of Batora: Lost Haven it’s not exactly the most original. An unidentified catastrophe has struck the earth and two young girls are involved in its rebirth. In particular, one of the two will be our protagonist, that is Avril, who will discover that she is the chosen one by two divinities, the Sun and the Moon. They will give Avril supernatural powers through which she will have to try to heal not only the Earth, but also the entire cosmos.

Indeed our deeds will take place on four distinct alien planets, where we will be able to meet strange creatures and fearsome enemies. The ultimate goal of our explorations will be to heal the core of the various planets. These will give us the necessary strength that will allow us to challenge the chosen precedent. Which, on the other hand, has taken the path of evil and hatred, causing destruction and problems throughout the universe. But don’t worry, Avril won’t suffer the same fate.

Though Batora: Lost Haven calls itself an RPG, we will not really have the opportunity to upset the fate of our protagonist. It is no coincidence that her story will travel on binary balances, except however to be able to choose whether to make her become a skilled negotiator or a ferocious conqueror. These choices will therefore be significant, and with them we will influence various future events, like new alliances or fearsome clashes. But also the possible upgrades of Avril.

We will have to take some decisions that consequently will never be considered truly wrong. However, they will test how far we are willing to go to save the Earth. Some will in fact go to the detriment of alien creatures, while others will favor our journey as saviors. However, the present endings will not be influenced by these choices, and we will be able to undertake one at our leisure, whatever path we have chosen to follow up to that point.


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The young protagonist will be equipped with two different powers that will radically change the way of approaching battles. One given to her by the Sun deity, which will consist of a large sword for melee attacks. And the other will be the one conferred on it by the Moon, that is, the power to emit psychic energy to hurt opponents. By changing our form we will therefore change not only the attack but also the powers connected to it.

Enemies will have resistance or weakness to one of the two types of attack and therefore we will need to modify our form accordingly. Several times, however, we will come across numerous small enemies, each with their own specific resistance. Which will make it unclear how we should behave, and we will find ourselves attacking with our heads down without paying too much attention to which of the two to use.

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With the alternation of the two powers at our disposal we will also have to resolve some environmental puzzles which will prevent us from accessing various areas. Nothing too complicated or that will make us smoke our brains, but they represent a pleasant variation in quite linear sequence that we will usually have to face made of exploration, enemies and dialogues. However, the exchanges between the protagonist Avril and her friend Mila are nice and pleasant.

These dialogues will help us understand what happened on Earth and will make us better know our heroine. The characterization of the two characters is certainly successful and interesting to discover. Also the boss-fights are interesting, even if they present a level of challenge that is not particularly demanding. These opponents will be immune to one of our back and forth attacks, so we should always be careful to use the right one at the right time.


The story of Batora: Lost Haven it will reserve a few twists overall but it will be there anyway an interesting narrative plot. Which will allow you to follow the plot pleasantly. But where the Sicilian team of Stormind Games in our opinion, it is best expressed in what concerns the technical aspect of the game. In fact we have not encountered any problems or bugs, and even on a graphic level, the title proved to be extremely captivating.

The details present in the scenarios, even if they are not very high in number, are really well cared for. It is interesting to note that during the cutscenes and dialogues the graphics will change in cartoon style. And even in these situations the quality of the drawings and animations is at high levels. The audio sector is also very good, which defends itself with varied and always well-made tracks, as well as the in-game sound effects. In short, a pleasure both for the eyes and for the ears.

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Where perhaps something more could have been done is probably the combat system. Undoubtedly, being able to vary the type of damage we inflict is fun. However, there is a lack of options for making special attacks. Or rather, there are some but their number is really limited. Not to mention that in the balance of the clashes some will be useless. Rather unique it is also the choice to use the right analog stick for the attacks. In our opinion, an inconvenient and imprecise input. A simple dedicated key would have been better.

Instead, it is interesting the ability to customize Avril with the use of various Runes, able to modify its characteristics. But be careful because we won’t be able to equip every upgrade we can find. Indeed to use one of these runes we will have to spend points that we will get during the adventure, also thanks to our life choices. For example, the conqueror path will give access to runes capable of improving the attack. While the negotiator will grant us runes that will increase health or defense.

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Batora: Lost Haven constitutes an undoubted leap in quality for the capable team of Stormind Games, whose choice to focus for the first time on the genre of action rpg has proved to be very apt. At the base of this delightful project there are in fact a pleasant plot and a good combat system. Net of the presence of some elements that can be improved, groped to save the Earth in the role of Avril will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

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