Bizzi, when the shots become … “Amazing”

Thursday 15 September 2022 – 17:35

There are no obstacles before the will. There are no rules, there is only the stubborn perception of doing something dictated by an almost supernatural force. Almost mind-blowing. Here is the exhibition of the guru of world sports photography, an all-Bronian excellence, Augusto Bizzi

In Burkina Faso there is a saying that goes like this: “If the ants agree they can move an elephant”. I am not there before the will obstacles. There are no rules, there is only the stubborn perception of doing something dictated by an almost supernatural force. Almost mind-blowing. And when there are no obstacles it remains only to open our eyes wide for the emotion that hides naked in front, which reveals itself innocent and true, down to its purest essence. That’emotion ready to make us exclaim: wow… mind blowing!
And this is precisely the title of the photographic exhibition of guru of world sports photography, an excellence all labronica, which responds to the name of Augusto Bizzi.
“Amazing”like the name of the event that took place on Thursday 15 September with an inauguration that took place inside the Creative Hangars in the old Atl warehouses in via Meyer, a stone’s throw from the sea. And it is precisely here that, in the context of the former industrial warehouses where buses were repaired, August “Agu” Bizzi, exhibited 25 photographic masterpieces that have made the history of iconography and international sports storytelling. From the leap of joy of Aldo Montanowhich is worth a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, at the iconographic finish line of the Tokyo Paralympics of Amber Sabatini which means all-blue podium together with fellow countrymen Martina Caironi and Monica Graziana Contrafatto passing from the irrepressible and all Olympic exultation of Bebe Vio. Where there is to tell, Augusto Bizzi’s gaze is there. Ready to grasp what otherwise would be destined for the gallows of oblivion. And here is the shot of eternity that gives immensity and epicity to historical sporting moments or simply unique, amazing …
“The challenge – says the author of the exhibition a – is to transform certain gestures into natural sportsmen of these Paralympic champions, and not only, who have little or nothing of normal. In my shots there is the desire to tell the strength of the naturalness of an amazing gesture made human and athletic with innate simplicity. Because where there is passion there are no barriers ”.
Each photo is installed on a black totem pole in order to bring out even more the nuances of the image. Under each sporting moment Augusto chose a phrase from a famous person or from popular proverbs, just like the one from Burkina Faso that you read at the beginning of the article, to give more strength to the visual expressions inserted in the photos of him that become true. and own paintings to admire. The set up is minimal and tells with a glance: of the wooden platforms, which recall those so dear to Bizzi of fencing mold, and some “Heads” of street lamps placed on the ground as if to request a light from the works on display in order to illuminate the exhibition path which, in reality, already shines with its own light thanks to the expressive force of the immortalized athletic gestures.
All this is seasoned with a series of other shots, about 130, projected on some black sheets and that portray other unrepeatable moments that, thanks to Bizzi, will forever be etched in the collective memory of sporting glory.
If the goal is to make the extraordinary natural, however, we can only raise a healthy objection in the face of all this: the most appropriate adjective in front of the works of Maestro Bizzi is only one: Amazing!

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