Blade: A possible film nemesis teased in She

A character mentioned in She-Hulk might have something to do with the upcoming Blade movie. Spoilers.

Series she hulk love the references and other easter eggs to other Marvel properties. Sometimes these references don’t necessarily have more meaning, but sometimes they can indicate what may well happen in the future of the MCU.

Episode 6 of She-Hulk: Lawyer was full of small nods to other comics, but one in particular caught the attention of fans. Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi) was caught faking his own death to commit fraud, but he briefly mentions that he has money left over from an ex-wife named Baroness Cromwell, a related Marvel character. to Dracula.

Who is Baroness Cromwell?

In the Marvel comics, Baroness Cromwell is Lily Cromwell, also known as Baroness Blood. She and her sister, Charlotte, were the daughters of village doctor Jacob Cromwell, who was a servant of Count Dracula. Dracula ordered Jacob to resurrect the vampiric John Falsworth (Brother Blood) when his body was transferred to the Tower of London. Previously, John Falsworth had been planted in the heart by Captain America (Sam Wilson).

However, after being awakened, Brother Blood killed Jacob and Charlotte, then turned Lily into a vampire. After Brother Blood was killed by Captain America and Union Jack, the Baroness started a cult dedicated to him. The Baroness is also a member of the Legion of the Unliving, a group of vampires united by Dracula. The Legion of the Unliving are frequent adversaries of the Avengers.

A teaser for Blade?

As some MCU fans already know, Marvel is currently in production for a remake of Blade, starring Mahershala Ali as the titular vampire hunter. While a few names are floating around, the film’s full cast hasn’t been announced yet and it’s unclear which characters will appear. However, there have already been rumors that Dracula is part of the film, making way for other vampiric characters such as the Baroness.

Furthermore, Marvel has an upcoming special known as Werewolf by Night which will kick off a series of supernatural character introductions to the MCU. References to Baroness Cromwell could also be present in this special, which would deal with another supernatural cult.

Obviously, one tends to extrapolate, it’s possible that this reference to Baroness Blood is a simple nod to the fact that she and Mr. Immortal are immortal, therefore perfectly suited for each other.

Oscar winner Mahershala Ali will star in Blade, the vampire slayer. He will be accompanied on the bill by Delroy Lindo (Da 5 Bloods) and Aaron Peter (Old, Krypton) who have both been confirmed in the cast.

Blade should follow the titular human-vampire hybrid who, since his tragic birth, has spent his long life seeking to rid the world of vampires like the one who killed his mother. Over the years, he’s mastered his own style of fighting against monsters of all kinds.

The character has already made his low-key MCU debut as a voice during a post-credits scene at the end of the Eternals.

Blade, which is part of phase 5 of the MCU, is slated for theaters on November 3, 2023. In the meantime, she hulkit’s Thursday on Disney+.

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Blade: A possible film nemesis teased in She-Hulk?