Carlos Leyes, the “all terrain” of the Formoseña theater scene: “Local theater is experiencing a time of great development and recognition”

In 2021, a work entirely made in Formosa was premiered before the local public: “El Fortín de los Caranchos”, which gained intense notoriety in the public from the very actions of its promotion.

NEA TODAY spoke with Carlos Leyes, the man behind the adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic to find out in depth how this successful theatrical event was experienced, as well as the recently won call from Editorial INteatro.

Carlos Laws, the “all terrain” of the Formoseña theater scene

Carlos Leyes is from Formosa and for more than 30 years his work has been dedicated to theatrical work from his roles as manager, producer, director, playwright and actor.

Laws is an “all terrain” person due to the functions he performs in various areas that a theatrical staging requires.

In particular with the work “The Fort of the Caranchos”, Leyes took part not only in writing the dramaturgy of the adapted text, but also took charge of it as executive producer and in acting, embodying the character of Major Marcos.

“This is the first time I’ve starred in a blockbuster of these characteristics.”

The workwhose release date was July 10, 2021, marked a historical precedent on Formosa soil by being the first to be performed via streaming within the framework of the restrictions that the theater sector had due to COVID-19 but also, it was impressive that During its in-person premiere, it managed to keep the interest of the Formoseño public alive, which turned fully to the theater to enjoy it, thus becoming a box office success.

El Fortín de los Caranchos became the work most accompanied by the public.

In light of these impressive achievements, Leyes stressed that he feels admiration for the “Enormous respect shown by the Formoseño public”, reason why investment or scope of production is never skimped on since, “It always returns with a vengeance in the affection of the spectators.”

El Fortín de los Caranchos filled entire rooms in the performances it carried out in the provincial territory, which is why it became the work with the greatest call for local audiences.

“We live it with great joy, because their response is what gives meaning to our work. We never think about prizes or contests, but always, and primarily, about people. As the author of the work, it is wonderfully dizzying to confirm that the public responds so well to your textual dalliances. The return of affection is monumental ”, pointed out.

Regarding the work of adapting Macbeth, a Shakespeare classic to a fortinera version, for this “all terrain” man responds to the admiration he feels for the work of William Shakespeare.

More than 2,500 people from Formosa enjoyed the work in person and 1,500 virtually.

“Its validity does not end despite the passage of time, and the issues addressed by his pen bounce permanently in our human nature: passion, love, greed, jealousy, hate, the ambition for power, among so many emotions that they go through us, they go through his complete work”he pointed.

In this way, He confessed that Macbeth was always one of the works that most attracted him to this playwright. “There is something about her that seduced me from the first moment I came into contact with her: her darkness, the vulnerability of the characters, subjected to their unspeakable passions… and the supernatural sticking its tail through the witches.”

The witches aroused great interest in the work due to the promotional strategies in the city in which they participated.

All that passion for this particular work led Leyes to review countless versions of Macbeth, from the textual, the represented, and even the cinematographic ones, according to his own words, which led him to a single conclusion: he wanted to tell a story. formoseña in the same key.

That is how The Fort of the Caranchos portrays the territorial Formosa of 1912 and its line of forts, something that for Leyes “It was the perfect setting, to transport that regal verticalism of Shakespearean Scotland, to the rigid structure of the Army of the conquest of the green desert, as they called it”.

The national and international tour of the work

Hand in hand with El Fortín and thanks to its virtual staging, the cast was invited to participate in the international theater festivals of San Juan de Pasto in Colombia, and Círculo Escénico of Venezuela, spaces in which the digital version of it was lived with great success and also, according to the man from Formosa, are waiting to achieve “the necessary supports to close in-person visits” in this countries.

As for the national scene, this play began its face-to-face tour last year, applying to the Argentina Florece Teatral national program of the National Theater Institute.

It is within this framework in which it was able to be presented at numerous functions in the capital of Formosa and then, start a tour of the interior, touring the town of Tres Lagunas.

“Since we won the second prize at the 2021 Provincial Theater Festival, it was up to us to integrate the regional Corridors of last year’s National Theater Festival, held in Resistencia. Within this framework, we act in the cities of Roque Sáenz Peña and Las Breñas, in the Province of Chaco”confirmed Laws to this medium.

Having qualified to join the INT Shows Catalogwill allow this 100% Formoseña work to be offered to the entire country with financing from the Nation, therefore, for the local producer “augurs a 2023 full of trips to the rest of the country, and options for international festivals.”

“El Fortín de los Caranchos”: the winner of the call for Editorial Inteatro

Just a few days ago, this work from Formosa garnered new recognition, this time by The INT publishing house, which turned 20 and as a way of celebrating, opened a call with the intention of rewarding 30 texts from the country, with economic recognition, and their publication.

These awards to be given include ten essays, ten authors with two original works, and ten rewrites of classics.

It is in this last category that the work was selected, therefore, El Fortín, which had already received encouragement at the Provincial Festival for its dramaturgy, will be published throughout the country during 2013, according to what was shared by its writer.

The work of Laws was awarded in this call for INteatro.

“The evaluation was long and with a large number of proposals from all regions, in charge of prestigious juries of the Country” but it’s definitely about “A huge recognition for the work, which gave us a big boost for the coming year”.

“This publication, together with the integration of the Catalogue, puts us in excellent conditions to start the production of tours and more performances.”

In this sense, from the production of the work they assure that “For the province this represents a very important milestone, since it continues to place it on the dramaturgical map of Argentina, with recognized works.”

In this opportunity, also the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones qualified with works to this call, for which the NEA is present in the national theater sector.

New projects and new challenges

For this well-known local theater figure, everything he has experienced up to now through his theatrical career is summed up in images where he is surrounded by the affection of the public, an important engine of the work he carries out.

“I remain with the affection of the public who hugged us and accompanied us throughout the process”he expressed. ”The post-performance photos, the affection with our little witches, the fact that young people and children want to meet us… many emotions are experienced by the hand of the sovereign in the seat”.

“We managed to build a theatrical family that encourages us to continue producing together.”

The plans for this year 2023, find Leyes and the entire construction team “embarked on the Fortín tour stage” and with the intention of opening at least two new shows with the same work team.

invitation to the public

For Laws “the theater in Formosa has been present in the people since the last century” and it is about “a theatrical town that always accompanies our adventures, be it from the massive festivals that we carry out, to the local productions, which today are presented to a full room ”.

“Many works from Formosa have been awarded in recent times, for their textual and technical quality. Knowing them will surprise more than some unprepared”.

Not only does the large and diverse offer of local plays attract an audience eager to discover it, but also, it is the Formosa and regional media who “They permanently support, through dissemination, the multiple theatrical work that is carried out, so that being aware of them will make them aware of the proposals and get closer to them”, projection.

By last, Leyes’s invitation is to the people, so that they come to discover local talent through this type of work fully carried out and that are possible thanks to the fact that “Formoseño theater is experiencing a time of great development and recognition.”

What is El Fortin de los Caranchos about?

The story, located in the year 1912 during the construction of the Railway from Formosa to Salta, tells the story of assaults and raids by the 9th Line Cavalry Regiment that, in its wake, it set up Forts and Guards, providing security and founding settlements to the west of Formosa.

Major Marcos is the third in command in a fort near the town of Comandante Fontana. Together with Sergeant Barrios, they are the bravest cadres when it comes to combat.

Protected by the deceptive prophecies of three supernatural beings that came out of the mountain, and at the instigation of his wife, Marcos will make a terrible decision that will put him in charge of command and control of supplies, weapons, and money. Then nothing will be the same.

Technical sheet of “El Fortín de los Caranchos”

“The Fort of the caracaras” is a production of Stampa and Leyenda Contenidos Culturales. The dramaturgy belongs to Carlos Leyes and Pablo Bontá based on an adaptation of the work “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. The direction and staging correspond to Martín Iza.

Carlos Leyes himself, Laura Duré, Lucas Ramírez, Tomás Caballero, Ariel Azas, Horacio Balassi, Rubén Parra, Laura Borrini, Aranza Puyó, Mariana Ríos, Cecilia Ortiz act in “El Fortín de los Caranchos”.


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Carlos Leyes, the “all terrain” of the Formoseña theater scene: “Local theater is experiencing a time of great development and recognition” – NEA TODAY