Chainsaw Man Episode 5


And accoci arrived at the highly anticipated fifth episode of Chainsaw Man that we of NerdPool we previewed thanks to Crunchyroll and we tell you about it.

Again, episode 5 of Chainsaw ManThe Devil Gun“, Has hit the mark by mixing world construction, drama and comedy. While a good portion of the episode centered around the personal dreams of Denjiwe were also introduced to a storyline that is likely to lead to an epic showdown.

The episode started right where episode 4 left off, with Denji who finally makes his dream come true. The scene was deliberately a little embarrassing and perhaps drawn out longer than necessary. In the end Denji he leaves disappointed, believing that the realization of his dream (the dream of touching her breasts) was a great disappointment and that it was only the pursuit of the dream that amused him. Of course, this made him lose all motivation and Makima did not take long to notice it during one of their meetings.

After a very light start, the main villain of the series is finally introduced in this episode. Makima explains to Denji that weapons have become popular as a countermeasure to devils. But with the increase in crime, people have been increasingly afraid of gun violence. “Then there was a big armed terrorist attack in America,” he says, and that was the day the Gun Devil appeared for the first time.

The interesting thing about this story, however, is that we don’t know how the Devil Gun. We have never seen it, only its consequences. We don’t know what he looks like or what his powers are. We only know that when he appeared, he wiped out a hundred people in no time. Makima explains that the Devil Gun it was only “seen” that time, but the fear of devils increased exponentially thereafter, making them stronger. This “mysterious” introduction of the Devil Gun accompanied by a flashback of a child who loses his family (who later turns out to be a character we know) precisely because of the attack of the Devil Gunmakes the villain very ruthless and shrouded in mystery.

In the final scenes, Division 4 meets for the first time since the entry of Denji. Six agents join forces to hunt down a devil who has eaten a piece of the Gun Devil and now he’s hiding in a hotel. There were a lot of funny moments during these scenes that I really enjoyed. There is Denji talking about how he is “saving” himself to kiss the woman he cares about the most, because he has learned that the experience is only good if you really know the other person.

In a quick exchange between Himeno And Hayakawa, we get to know the other members. Beyond the girl with the eye patch (himeno) is the boy who looks older, Araiwho is not “super competent” but is motivated enough. Kobeni is the name of the shy girl, who “knows how to move” but most of the time is too scared. The episode ends with the killing of a little devil and with the group immediately realizing that they have ended up in a kind of supernatural trap.

Overall, this episode was really enjoyable. Maybe I won’t rank it as high as some of the above, but those have set a very high standard. Overall, it was still a lot of fun, with a compelling blend of comedy, drama and character knowledge. While we know the animation talk by now, a high-level animation like in the other episodes, this time I would talk about the music, which for me does not get enough attention in the show, despite being one of its best parts. Getting the tone of a show right is essential to any original score, including the series’ opening and closing themes. Both the opening and the different closing themes of each episode are spot on and add a lot of life to the series, which without them would not have been so good.

Now all that remains is to wait for episode 6 which will debut on Crunchyroll on November 15 to find out if the Devil Gun.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 5 – “The Devil Gun”