Chainsaw Man: the ending of the anime explained

    Chainsaw Man goodbye for now. The sensation of the season has already aired its twelfth and final episode on Crunchyroll, fully confirming itself as one of the best series for which it is worth subscribing to this anime Netflix. This first installment has introduced Denji, a teenager lumpen who survived by killing demons and selling their corpses to the mafia until, after dying in an ambush, his partner — Pochita, the Chainsaw Demon — merges with him, resurrecting him and granting him supernatural powers. On his second chance, Denji decides to join the Public Security Corps, a sort of official demon hunters who offer him a place in the world in exchange for his impressive abilities. But you already know that, don’t you?

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    After a first installment made up of a dozen fast-paced episodes, Chainsaw Man has consolidated its commitment as the undisputed anime of the moment. The original manga, created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, was already a phenomenon before it was adapted for the small screen. The animation —which judiciously combines expressive and dramatic two-dimensional passages with frenetic 3D action sequences— has been commissioned by Mappa, the studio behind the acclaimed final season of Attack the titans, which you can also watch on Crunchyroll. Its first season has concluded by shelving the main criminal plot that had the Public Security team of which Denji is a part in check, but it has also put many other issues on the table and even planted some seeds for a hypothetical season 2 of Chainsaw Man.

    Chainsaw Man: The Final Episode Of The Anime, Explained

    The last episode of Chainsaw Man it begins right where the previous one left off: with Aki, the leader of the demon slayer group Denji is a part of, biting the dust in his duel against the Serpent Demon mobster. The young woman, who was revealed a few chapters ago as one of the most powerful enemies seen in the series so far, uses the Spirit Demon of Himeno, the Public Security member she murdered, to drown Aki, but the creature seems to remember to his human partner’s old friend and allows Aki to break through to the mob boss and capture her with Kobeni’s help. The appearance of the latter is important, as she confirms that, indeed, the hunter has not left the agency after the massacre in which her colleagues died (episodes 10-11). “The extra pay is coming soon”, she puts it as an excuse.

    The twelfth episode of Chainsaw Man He finally gives us the other great face to face that the fans of the series were looking forward to: the one that confronts Denji with the human who has agreed with the Demon Katana. The criminal, who was also implicated in Himeno’s murder, gave the protagonist a haircut the last time they had a fight. However, the result is very different this time. Denji’s training with Kishibe (we’ll find out a lot more about him in Season 2 for sure!) has paid off: the Chainsaw Demon’s abilities far surpass the Katana this time around. In addition, the battle leaves us with another point to consider for the future: it seems that Denji, perhaps at some point in his apprenticeship under Kishibe, has figured out how to get chainsaws out of other parts of the body. Throughout the season we had been given to understand that the protagonist’s powers consisted of summoning three chainsaws that were born, respectively, from Denji’s forehead and arms, but this discovery changes things for a second installment of the series. . And, above all, it raises an essential question for the new episodes of Chainsaw Man: what else can Chainsaw Demon do?

    Power and Denji from Chainsaw Man.


    The enemies of Public Safety should be wondering the same thing, because they all seem to be looking for the heart of the creature that made the pact with Denji. The Serpent Demon mobster commits suicide before the agents can get out of her why they were so interested in killing the protagonist and what they intended to do with the Chainsaw heart if they managed to take it, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until season 2 of Chainsaw Man for that question to be resolved. After all, Denji and Aki exact their revenge with the testicles of the villain who survives at the end of the episode, so it is likely that we will not know more about this strange fixation on the character’s heart until some other enemy is revealed. happen to try to hunt him down.

    With this settled, there are two main lines of progress for the next installment of Chainsaw Man. On the one hand, the Gun Demon. The creature, apparently the most powerful on Earth, capable of killing millions in a few seconds, had remained in the background throughout the season as an abstract enemy that our protagonists weren’t even able to find, let alone. to defeat. However, in the raid on the mobsters’ building, Public Safety finds enough Gun Demon meat to track him down. (Remember that, apparently, the creature is leaving pieces of its body scattered throughout the world and, when enough are gathered, the flesh exerts a force of attraction between them that, like a compass, points the way to the Demon. ) We can bet without fear that this hypothetical season 2 of Chainsaw Man will reveal where the villain is hiding.

    Chainsaw Man: theories for a possible season 2 of the anime

    On the other hand, we have Denji’s dream. At the end of the episode, and like a post-credits scene, in a way, we also see how the main character, who sleeps soundly in the middle of the living room of his flat shared with Aki and Power with the tranquility that comes from the feeling of a job well done, has a strange dream. In it, Denji sees himself in one of the alleys he wandered through before Public Safety offered him a home and resources. At the end of one of those alleys there is a door and behind it, apparently, is Pochita. The protagonist knows this because he can hear the voice of the demon he made the pact with on the other side; However, the Chainsaw Demon gives him a warning that chills our blood: “Never open this door.” Those who have read the manga will know that this door is very important for the development of Denji as a devil hunter, but also that there is still a lot of history to get to that point. Right after, we hear whispers asking the character: “Country mouse or city mouse? What do you want to be?”. Readers of the comic will have been able to recognize the origin of that voice in the character of Reze, who will be key in what is to come for Denji and the rest of the Public Safety demon hunters. We won’t surprise anyone, but if you can’t wait, you can continue the story by reading the manga from about volume 5. Otherwise, you have to wait.

Chainsaw Man: the ending of the anime explained