Cinema: Paola Miguel talks about her participation in the Mexican film “Malvada”

Before the end of 2022, The Mexican film “Malvada” arrives on the national billboard this December 29. starring Michelle Renaud, Giuseppe Gamba, Giselle Kuri, Alex Fernández, Mercedes Hernández and Anabel Ferreira, among others as María Rojo and Paola Miguel, who have a special role.

“Wicked” begins where fairy tales end: “Laura” (Renaud) will marry her prince charming. But it turns out that “Laura” is a modern and beautiful witch who has put a spell on Daniel ”(Gamba) to have him by her side.

“Fernanda” (Kuri), the ex-girlfriend of “Daniel” with the help of her brothers “Pato” and “Tato”, He will fight by all possible means (including the occasional remedy in the Sonora Market) so that the witch does not end up sucking the love of his life.

About, THE INFORMER spoke with Paola Miguel, who plays the granddaughter of actress María Rojo, who in turn plays the role of a merchant in the Sonora Market in Mexico City, she knows a lot about witchcraft items.

“It is a great opportunity (the end of the year) to be able to see this film with family and friends because you can enjoy it a lot, you see it and it makes you laugh, it keeps you waiting because basically it’s very funny. I am very excited and grateful that the film is already released in theaters”, says Paola.

The Mexican actress Paola Miguel has participated in other Mexican comedies such as
Dad wanted (2020). PHOTO: Make It Press

Regarding her character, she notes: “I am the granddaughter of ‘doña Claudia’, the character played by María Rojo, who works in the Sonora Market, but also knows a lot about witchcraft. So, she will have something to contribute (to the protagonists) to be able to fight the witch. I’m kind of like a learner in a way, so I’ll also be there to support you.”.

The actress had a couple of calls in the market and she liked the experience, He also appreciated sharing the scene with María Rojo. “She is not only a great actress, she is a great person, she has many things that I can learn, I loved working with her and having that connection that we were able to generate for the scenes, this makes me feel honored.”

Paola highlights that with respect to believing in witchcraft, He doesn’t have a particular position, because he doesn’t know if it exists or not.

“I always stay neutral and treat these issues with great respect because the truth is that I don’t have proof that they do exist because I’ve never seen anything happen to me, but I don’t have proof that they don’t exist either, I have no way of checking it.”.

Paola is no stranger to supernatural themes, recently also premiered the movie “Evil Eye”, in fact, he talks about the challenges of making suspense films and now comedy. “If there is a great contrast and a great difference, the truth. In ‘Mal de ojo’ I had more scenes to record unlike ‘Malvada’, but in comedy you have to know how to control your laughter and in ‘Evil Eye’ I had to concentrate to cry or be angry.

But both genders are just as important to know as an actress, having the opportunity to do different styles, and this is very important to develop in all areas”.

Finally about the plans that come next year, Paola highlights the premiere of the series “Journey to the Center of the Earth” which will be seen by Disney, also recorded a chapter of the reversal of the series “La hora marcada” that will be seen by ViX.

here we leave you the trailer of Evildirected by José Manuel Cravioto, so you can take a look and go see this romantic comedy that will surely move you:



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Cinema: Paola Miguel talks about her participation in the Mexican film “Malvada”