Club des petits cinéphiles: Japanese animated film Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, February 23, 2023, Paris.

From Thursday 23 February 2023 to Saturday 04 March 2023:
Thursday Friday Saturday
from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
. paying

Single price €3 per screening / Free for groups of more than 10 children (

The MCJP presents Japanese animated films around the theme of “animals”.

Thursday February 23 at 2 p.m. > Ponyo on the cliff

While playing on the beach, little Sousuke discovers a little goldfish girl named Ponyo, trapped in a jar of jam. Sousuke rescues her and decides to keep her with him. The little boy promises to protect and care for her, but Ponyo’s father, Fujimoto – a once-human wizard who lives deep in the sea – forces her to return with him to the depths. Determined to become human, Ponyo escapes to find Sousuke. But first, she spreads the magic elixir of Fujimoto in the ocean which will cause gigantic waves and engulf the village.

Friday 24 February at 2 p.m. > The Merry Pirates of Treasure Island

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day going on a treasure hunt? Dreamed of living an exciting adventure? Discover one of the first masterpieces of the animation giant, Hayao Miyazaki. We undeniably find his paw there through his characters, the themes, the graphics. A virtuoso nod to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ” Treasure Island “. A great moment of adventure, humor and fantasy!

After a pirate’s devastating visit to his inn, young Jim recovers the map leading to Captain Flint’s famous treasure. On a makeshift boat, he goes on an adventure with his friend the mouse. Captured on a pirate ship by Captain Silver and his men, they are employed on board chores before being sold as slaves on arrival in “the pirate island”.

In prison, Jim meets Cathy, Captain Flint’s granddaughter. Between them, they will go on a treasure hunt and try to “overtake” the pirates…

Saturday February 25 at 2 p.m. > The Penguin Mystery

When penguins appear everywhere in his small town, sowing a joyous mess along the way, the young Aoyama thinks that there is an investigation to be carried out there.
This studious fourth-grade student, accompanied by his best friend, also enlists his chess rival and an enigmatic dental assistant to unlock the secret of the penguins. But these little beasts are only the first sign of a series of extraordinary events. Thus begins for the young boy an adventure full of surprises… and penguins!

Thursday March 2 at 2 p.m. > The New Adventures of Rita and Machin

Rita is 5 years old, a flowery dress and a head full of ideas. She is determined, energetic and full of imagination. She loves to dress up and run. She also likes to sulk, play her major, cut her own hair, play big and walk her dog in a pram.

Machin, the dog who has no name, has a spot on his eye and a small tail. He is placid, lazy, fatalistic, greedy and only speaks with Rita. He loves sleeping in, playing chess (especially at night when he should be sleeping), philosophizing and thinking he’s a superhero.

Rita and Machin go through all the situations of everyday life with humor. Their relationship is by turns tender and conflictual. But everything always ends with a hug!

Friday March 3 at 2 p.m. > Puss in Boots

Inspired by Perrault’s famous tale, and animated by Hayao Miyazaki and Yôichi Kotabe

For having saved the life of a mouse, the cat Pero must flee his country because ninjas are on his heels. He takes refuge by chance with young Pierre, the youngest of three brothers. Victim of a plot aimed at robbing him of his inheritance, Pierre leaves the house, followed by the cat who has only one project in mind: to find his fortune. They learn on the way that the king will offer the hand of his marvelous daughter to the man who will prove his value: with the help of Pero, Pierre will pass himself off as the noble Carrabas. But the most tenacious suitor, Lucifer, a powerful wizard, will stop at nothing to delight the princess…

Saturday March 4 at 2 p.m. > Children of the Sea

Ruka, a young schoolgirl, lives with her mother with whom she does not always get along very well. She devotes herself to her passion for handball. Alas, she is unfairly excluded from her team on the first day of vacation. Furious and helpless, she wanders around the city and decides to visit her father at the aquarium where he works. There she meets a strange boy, Umi, who is playing with the fish in one of the pools. He seems to have a knack for communicating with aquatic animals. Ruka is fascinated and quickly befriends him. One evening, while they are both at the edge of the water, supernatural events occur. First a meteor shower, then the appearance of Sora, Umi’s brother. Both are orphans and say they were raised by Dugongs! Sora entrusts Ruka with a meteorite then suddenly, the boy is covered with luminous particles and disappears in the ocean! Ruka then decides to go looking for him. In this extraordinary quest she will meet fantastic animals: sharks, killer whales, and other whales. She will finally understand what Sora had told her: the chain of life begins and ends in the ocean, our mother to all…

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