Constantine 2: the sequel to the 2005 film with Keanu Reeves

Warner Bros has officially started production for Constantine 2sequel to the first chapter of the 2005 saga. Confirmed as director Francis Lawrence and above all the New Zealand actor Keanu Reeves as the DC Comics exorcist who investigates supernatural events.

Warner Bros has just officially confirmed that production of “Constantine 2”, a sequel to the 2005 film, is in development, without however disclosing a possible release date for the project.

The film will see the return of Keanu Reeves in the role of the protagonist John Constantine, DC Comics character investigating supernatural events.

The production has also decided to confirm the US director as the director Francis Lawrence who had just edited the first chapter of this saga. Francis Lawrence in recent years directed 2007’s “I am Legend” and took over from his colleague Gary Ross directing the second and third films (the latter later distributed in two parts) of the successful Hunger Games saga.

Akiva Goldsman will write the script and produce the project through his Weed Road Pictures, alongside JJ Abrams And Hannah Minghella by Bad Robot. Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Erwin Stoff they will be the executive producers of the project.

In December 2021, during an interview on the occasion of the promotion of his latest film “Matrix Resurrections”, Keanu Reeves he had declared that he wanted to return to interpreting the character of Constantine, but at the same time he had proved skeptical by revealing the difficulties in bringing the new project to the screen. At the time, in fact, Warner Bros did not seem to be particularly interested in the idea and Keanu Reeves himself seemed almost resigned.

Today, just under a year later, the surprise announcement with the green light for the production of “Constantine 2”.

Constantine 2: the first film grossed $ 200 million

Though it received mixed reviews at the time, Constantine’s original film became a cult hit, with some sharing their appreciation for Reeves’ approach to the role, even though it didn’t have the same visual look or British accent as the comic book character. .

Upon its release 17 years ago, Reeves’ film starring the intricate DC Comics character grossed over $ 200 million at the worldwide box office. Constantine has potentially opened up many narrative lines related to the occult and the supernatural.

This theme, also linked to the gloomy and dark setting, is highly appreciated by the public. Just think of the recent Netflix TV series “The Sandman”, also based on a DC Comics comic saga. In the same TV series set in the DC Comics universe, the character of Constantine is present, although a gender swap has been made by making the character an expert in the occult, Johanna.

And it is perhaps precisely the success of the public that has found “The Sandman” that prompted Warner Bros to develop the second chapter of the Constantine film.

The character of Keanu Reeves

John Constantine is one of the DC Comics characters most loved by the public. Unlike many characters that populate the DC Universe, John Constantine does not possess any superpowers, but he can always count on his sharp wits and his powerful white magic and knowledge of the occult.

In the comics the character deals with demons, exorcisms and arcane beings of various kinds, but above all with himself and his feelings of guilt, since often his friends involved in his fights against demonic beings, pay the price for it. the ability to manipulate people for their own ends. His past is haunted as he was still young involved in magic almost for fun by unleashing several demons on Earth with whom he has to settle accounts.

Within the cartoon saga, which arrived in Italy in 1994, the character was characterized by Alan Moore before and since Jamie Delano then as a cynical and nonconformist magician and issues of social denunciation and political commitment are developed with criticisms of the conservative world.

In the 2005 film Constantine, the character played by Keanu Reeves has been significantly modified. John appears as an exorcist capable of seeing demons and not a magician like in the comics. But above all in the paper counterpart, the protagonist is an ambiguous figure who fights against the forces of both Heaven and Hell, while his inner conflict does not shine through in the cinema and seems to side exclusively with Heaven.

It will therefore be interesting to see if the plot of Constantine 2 will try to get closer to the comics or keep the look of the first film, taking up some ideas left open, such as the post-credit scene of the transformation into an angel of Chas played. Shia LaBeouf.

Constantine 2: the sequel to the 2005 film with Keanu Reeves