Contamination between dance theater and circus tomorrow at Todi Festival with Gelsomina Dreams

Contamination between dance theater and circus tomorrow at Todi Festival with Gelsomina Dreams

On stage dance theater And circus artstomorrow at Todi Festivalwith the debut, at 21.00 at the Teatro Comunale, of Gelsomina dreams for the direction and choreography of Caterina Mochi Sismondi. On stage Elisa Mutto, Alexandre Duarte, Federico Ceragioli, Vladimir Ježić, Michelangelo Merlanti, Ivan Ieri, Bea Zanin, Nicolò Bottasso, Paolo Stratta And Nina Carola Stratta. The work draws inspiration from the more human and emotional aspects of Fellini’s world, such as his relationship with his wife Giulietta Masina or his fascination for the supernatural world, including amulets and fortune tellers. The viewer is thus led by the hand into a profound, unconscious, suspended, at times unsettling dimension.

In the textual parts, poems by Louis Borges have been used, carrying themes close to the Fellini universe: fiction, the double, the dream. The dramaturgy is based on the dream of Gelsomina, an ethereal and visionary young woman / child, the bearer of a constantly evolving feeling. Her dream journey gives life to characters poised between glamor in the dolce vita style and the world of the street, mixing circus visions and elements of theatricality with choreography.

The show was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, from among the 20 unpublished artistic productions of contemporary dance, theater and circus to be financed as part of the initiative “Italian living on the stage“. Gelsomina Dreams will therefore be disseminated through the network of 85 Italian Cultural Institutes in the world with the aim of promoting Italian cultural heritage abroad.

To close the review Todi Offtomorrow at 18 hours at Eagle’s Nestthe show Old-fashioned Pulcinella by and with Valerio Apex. Pulcinella all’antica is a monologue written for the mask, or rather the masks, that Valerio Apice wears on stage. Four different characters tell the eternal story of Pulcinella: irreverent servant, disobedient son, transgressor victim of power, but a vital force able to rise and be reborn, against the backdrop of a Naples that reveals its cruelty and its beauty.

The popular rhythms, the poetry in music, the mockery, the grotesque of the gesture and the word enclose the twenty-year work of Valerio Apice and his original interpretation of the Commedia dell’Arte. With the help of the video on stage, the improvisation technique, the singing acting, Pulcinella all’antica wants to be a tribute to those companies of wandering theatricals and professionals of the scene, which Sergio Tofano remembers in his book The old-fashioned Italian theater.

The Meetings with the Author. Protagonist, tomorrow at 18.30 at Cloister of San Fortunato, Giovanni Grassojournalist, writer as well as Advisor for the press and communication and Director of the Press Office of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, for the presentation of his new book Icarus, the flight over Rome published by Rizzoli.

Grasso will talk to Antonio Macaluso, columnist and former deputy editor of Corriere della Sera. Moreover, thanks to the renewed partnership with the prestigious Andersen Prize, Todi Festival Kids presents the meeting at 6 pm in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Todi Children’s questions are on firewith Sabrina Giarratana, Best Writer 2022which together with Alessandra ComparozziPresident Birba, will meet young and old in the name of engaging readings.

Todi Festival continues until Sunday 4th September!

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Contamination between dance theater and circus tomorrow at Todi Festival with Gelsomina Dreams