Copenhagen Cowboy, a neon paradise

Three years after bringing us Too old to die Young, that misunderstood Amazon Prime series, the incomparable Nicolas Winding Refn return to the small screen with Copenhagen Cowboy (Copenhagen Cowboy), an authentic work of art that arrives on Netflix this January 5.

Trailer and synopsis of Cowboy from Copenhagen

Copenhagen Cowboy Trailer

Copenhagen Cowboy follows the story of Miu (Angela Bundalovic), a young woman with mysterious supernatural powers who has been sold as a lucky charm for a lifetime. From the seedy underground brothels of an abandoned villa, through a labyrinthine Chinese restaurant, to a brand new mansion inhabited by a bloodthirsty family, Miu will experience different situations as she searches for truth and redemption.

Copenhagen Cowboywhich reached the world level out of competition at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, undoubtedly becomes one of the best bets this season. A product that breaks down all the boundaries between the universe of the series and that of the seventh art to offer us a story of revenge that navigates between the real and the dreamlike.

The series has 6 episodes that overflow with the particular subtlety and beauty that the Danish director has accustomed us to. Constant fixed, overhead and Dutch shots that are complemented by some travellings and with little use of the camera in hand or the steadicam. Everything measured to the millimeter to create a perfect symbiosis between the visual and the sound; with images worthy of framing, accompanied by the masterful composition of Cliff Martínez, Refn’s fetish composer to create his very particular microcosm.

Copenhagen Cowboy Review

Nicolas Winding Refn is one of those directors who is loved and hated almost equally. His particular way of making his own films has earned him the praise as well as the scorn of many viewers, moving away from the commercial with an infinite number of scenes that overflow with hypnotic beauty. And here comes the controversial part: The sensations evoked by these images are accompanied by a rhythm with a very leisurely tempo. A slow narrative that is often reduced to small movements created by seemingly helpless human beings. Characters that inhabit a universe where violence becomes something common and natural.

NWR’s Microcosm

Copenhagen Cowboy It is a series in which all of Refn’s traits soar. Her captivating visual commitment serves as a backdrop to impregnate every moment with a feeling of discomfort that is always present. It is not an easy consumer product. In fact, this Copenhagen Cowboy has arrived to break all the stereotypes to which the world of platforms had accustomed us.

We are talking about a demanding series for the viewer, committed and that will not be to the taste of all palates. A series in the purest style of Refn with scenes stretched to the limit of what is possible, full of glances and little dialogue. With an impeccable technical section and production design. An innovative bet that, as we said, breaks all the schemes of current television products, with obvious echoes of what David Lynch achieved in his day with Twin Peaks.

a unique style

The visual style of Refn’s films has become something unique. As if it were a brand. The most recognizable point is his extravagant use of colors through neons. Intense contrasts of primary colors, which have gone from being a means to overcome the director’s color blindness to becoming a narrative resource that comes to have its own voice within the story.

Other points that mark the style of Nicolas Winding Refn would be the visual symmetry, which he achieves with the arrangement of the elements that fill the stage, or as we have already mentioned, the use of music. Former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez invades the scenes to turn them into an overwhelming sensory experience.

A suggestive and unique bet that makes us think that there is still a glimpse of hope for the great authors of the industry in this particular world of immediate consumption.

Copenhagen Cowboy: Pure Nicolas Winding Refn

Copenhagen Cowboy he keeps the NWR seal intact, also making many references to all his filmography. There are fights that will lead us to tapes like bronsonAsian mafias that will remind us of Only God forgivesor the development of the entire plot in Copenhagen, in the bowels of a somewhat dystopian Denmark, which will take us to the first works of the director such as the trilogy of pusher Y out of it.

For this same reason, we find a cast made up almost entirely of Danish actors and actresses: Angela Bundalovic, a promising Andreas Lykke Jørgensen, Zlatko Buric or Maria Erwolter offer us some great performances in which silences, gestures and looks They fill out a script that for many may be excessively flat.


It should be noted that this first season of Copenhagen Cowboy (yes, we have said the first season) it is not one of those that supports a marathon, on the contrary. The new proposal by Nicolas Windign Refn is a production that requires time and optimal conditions to be able to enjoy it. For us, the new bet of the director of Drive undoubtedly becomes one of the best productions that arrive this January on Netflix.

The best: Everything. The production design, the photography, the music, its protagonist, its secondary characters (cameos included), even the violence…

The worst: That Netflix and the rest of the platforms have us so little used to series like this.

Copenhagen Cowboy, a neon paradise