Dark residences in Guatemala that contain paranormal phenomena

The team of Guatespantos has been dedicated for about 14 years to objectively investigating paranormal phenomena in places that in Guatemala, due to its extensive and rich history, abound. Its founder, Gilberto Soto, chose seven of the sites where they have registered the greatest paranormal activity with the help of technology and where they experienced the most terrifying sensations, to present them in this space.

One of them is the main house of the coffee farm Candelaria Xolhuitz, located in Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu, a two-story construction, overlooking the sea, dating from the end of the 19th century and converted into a hotel by the local farmers’ cooperative.

At the end of the 19th century, Guatemala produced a third of its coffee on German-owned farms and exported two-thirds of its aromatic production to the European country. About 200 farms in the country They belonged to Germans. Candelaria Xolohuitz was one of the 14 considered “big” in the “coast cuca”.

The first owners of the farm in question, in 1875, were Francisco Sánchez and sons, who registered it in 1877. In 1890, the land was transferred to Enrique Neutze, and two years later, to Adolfo Meyer, who continued to own it in 1911.

Soto says that according to local accounts, the small daughter of the owners, of German origin, tragically died in the place where the coffee was ground while playing with one of the machines.

It was in that place where the greatest activity of electromagnetic fields was registered and where guests and workers refuse to enter. Some say they have seen a short man with a hat.

Reviewing the recordings, the researchers indicate that their infrared cameras captured the passage of a shadow in front of them, In addition, they claim to have heard footsteps and the movement of a small wagon on the rails, on the second floor, when only the team of four people was on the lower level and in the entire sector.

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On his YouTube channel Guatespantos, with almost 80 thousand subscribers – you can see more than 200 videos of visits to places where people refer to supernatural phenomena that are known as ghosts or ghosts, and that can manifest at any time.

See the video of this investigation.

in zone 10

This is the well-known abandoned residence where the movie was filmed documented exorcism (2012), based on testimonies of a demonic possession. The production team has assured that they observed paranormal manifestations during the recording. Soto indicates that the origin of the house and the people who lived in it are unknown, but it is believed that it belonged to a wealthy family. In the 18th century, this area of ​​zone 10 was part of the La Culebra hacienda and was established on January 1, 1877 as the beginning of its activities.

(Photo Prensa Libre, courtesy of Guatespantos)

In the place residences of families with political and economic power were erected. The Guatespantos team claims to have experienced strange and uncomfortable sensations in the residence, among others, a dark energy, to the point that at the end of the investigation disagreements arose between them. In the stands they captured a figure with their devices. They add that the mark of a strange hand appeared on one of the steps, when they were alone, that they saw shadows and heard voices. The atmosphere felt heavy and cold, especially on the second floor. Soto slept alone outside the house, inside the car, since he no longer had the courage to sleep inside. He had nightmares all night and says his back window was touched three times.

link of the video of the investigation.

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In Kaminaljuyu

The name of the pre-Hispanic population center of Kaminaljuyú means “hill of the dead”, which extended throughout the Valley of the Hermitage and outside of it, on whose mounds the Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción was erected. In a house in the neighborhood of the same name, zone 7, which was occupied for offices, supernatural events were reported and the employees avoided staying in the place.

(Photo Prensa Libre, courtesy of Guatespantos)

When Guatespantos went to investigate the residence, there was no electricity. They looked for the logical explanation of a door that opened by itself, but they did not find it. They say they heard when the latch moved on its own. Soto says that a deep darkness reigns in the house, despite the fact that there was light on the street. They couldn’t even see their hands. They report that they perceived sudden changes in temperature and strong odors. One of the team members felt touched and Soto thought she was going to attack him. Watching the recording, they caught a shadow rushing towards him. They say the negative energies were very intense.

link of the video of the investigation.

in zone 2

In 1919, several high-priced chalets made of prefabricated materials were erected in the ejidos of Jocotenango, now zone 2. In 1926 the area was considered one of the most exclusive in the city for its gardens, groves and comfortable residences. One of them housed a school until recently, where supernatural events seem to have manifested. On the first level there was a space that people used as a warehouse and where the educational staff refused to enter.

(Photo Prensa Libre, courtesy of Guatespantos)

The Guatespantos team claims to have detected the voices of children and other types of paranormal activity throughout the school, especially in the old warehouse, where high intensity electromagnetic fields were recorded. In the booth that was used to sell food to students, the presence of a child had been reported. They add that the Guatespantos cameras captured the body of a child, whose figure was purple, which indicates that he had a low temperature. Living beings, they say, are captured in yellow. Soto comments that it is one of the rare occasions in which they have detected some presence with this team.

link of the video of the investigation.

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in Quetzaltenango

Located in zone 1 of the Altense city, andhis residence stands out for its particular stone tower, where José, one of its former inhabitants, who liked to drink and smoke, committed suicide, according to what they say, after falling in love with the spirit of a beautiful woman.

Unexplained supernatural activities are said to have been experienced by people who were in the house that was the home, in its beginnings, of a German railway engineer, who built it more than a hundred years ago. In the garden there are two graves, believed to be relatives of the owner.

(Photo Prensa Libre, courtesy of Guatespantos)

In recent years it became a cafe, where people who arrived had the feeling that someone was touching their hair. It is believed that it is José who wanders through the house. Guatespantos wanted to verify the presence of José, so in the turret, where he slept, they placed devices to capture some kind of demonstration. At that moment, near the bed, the device detected a figure. Would it be Jose?

link of the video of the investigation.

At Guatemalan Red Cross

On this site, located at 8a. avenue and 3a. zone 1 street, the convent of Santa Teresa was located, a plot that was awarded to the nuns of this order in 1779. Construction of the provisional church and convent began in 1816 and was completed a year later. In 1872, during the expropriation of Church property by the Liberal government, the Santa Teresa women’s prison operated on its premises. In the 1980s the place was used for the Detective Corps, and in 1981 it was ceded to the Guatemalan Red Cross.

The first time Guatespantos went to investigate the place, about seven years ago, Soto claims to have seen a white face in the old jails, similar to a mime, with black eye sockets. With an AM/FM radio, which they call a “spirit box”, used to capture voices from beyond, they say they heard a voice telling them to “get out”. Another person who accompanied them on that occasion also indicated having seen the face in one of the bathrooms, an experience that was disturbing to him and had to be reassured by Soto.

Another of his devices captured a human figure in the prison where he saw the white face, and the team heard the voices of children. The most active level of electromagnetic fields was recorded on the third level, where the operating rooms and the jails were located.

link of the video of the investigation.

Guirola Mansion

Although it is not located in Guatemala, but in Santa Tecla, El Salvador, this residence contains many secrets linked to the intense paranormal activity recorded in it by Guatespantos. The Guirola family was one of the most prominent and wealthy in that country in the 19th century and part of the 20th, dedicated to successful businesses such as coffee cultivation, for which they built several buildings. Hence the local belief that they had pacts with the devil to get more wealth, which has been flatly denied by one of their descendants, Violetta Dubois Guirola.

(Photo Prensa Libre, courtesy of Guatespantos)

One of the most representative properties of the family is Villa Santa Tecla, which, due to its neoclassical style, could have been built between 1920 and 1925. It currently belongs to another family, but has been uninhabited since 2004. The house is connected by underground tunnels with other properties of the Guirola family, so it is thought that the family was mobilized by them. During the investigation of Guatespantos, the guard told them that in the room where he sleeps he has felt his bed being moved. He also said he had heard that objects fall. The most impressive manifestation was when Soto and another researcher say they saw a sphere of light with a kind of tentacles that moved downwards until it disappeared. Another member of the team felt pushed. After this experience they were so affected that they could not continue with the investigation.

link of the video of the investigation.

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Dark residences in Guatemala that contain paranormal phenomena