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Saint-Elme – Volume 3: The bearer of bad news – rating: 8/10

Third volume of a series planned in five, the story invites us to follow detective Franck Sangaré and his collaborator Mrs. Dombre in their investigation in the small spa town of Saint-Elme in search of Arno Cavalieri, son of a missing family. for many months. This one works for Hans, a drug trafficker and son of a powerful industrialist of the city and will kidnap and torture Franck to find out what he is doing here. Having lost track of her boss, Mrs. Dombre will alert her brother Philippe Sangaré who lands in Saint-Elme and who will quickly understand that the spa town has nothing to do with a quiet provincial town.

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Serge Lehman and Frederik Peeters (already authors together of L’homme scribbled) do not weaken with this third volume with a story still as well structured, in an atmosphere of dark thriller made psychedelic by the choice of colors. The plots are multiple, even sometimes supernatural, intersect and come together in misunderstandings that are sometimes surprising for the protagonists. Violence is present there, but without being aggressive for the reader thanks to a strange atmosphere turning to the supernatural with disturbing but sure of them characters. There is a kind of extremism that borders on fascination and makes us wait impatiently for the next volumes.

The 5 lands – Volume 9 – Your inner laughter – note: 8/10

The Lewelyn collective (David Chauvel, Andoryss and Patrick Wong) continues to expose us to the world of Lys, a matriarchal society, the opposite of ours. Imagine only that it is the female sex that predominates in everything. There are of course inequalities, but this is not what will interest the reader here.

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If you read volume 9, it is at least that you started the series from volume 6, the first volume of cycle II (cycle I being devoted to the world of Angleon, led by felines). So you want to know the reaction of the Sistrum clan and its leader Alissa, faced with the increasingly provocative attacks of the Coucal clan. And the least we can say is that we will not be disappointed. But this cycle is not just a clash between two rival clans. It is indeed the presentation of a society and many of its components: Princess Keona who returns from Angleon and who now wants to participate in decision-making, Thori’s fight to treat her son, the investigation of Commissioner Shin Taku, the students Otsue and Teruo lost in the jungle and who will find unexpected help with Kauri, a native who dreams of a life other than the one imposed on her.

Always so well drawn by Jérôme Lereculey who is in tune with the scenario with multiple intrigues, we are only halfway but we already feel that many changes are underway. In short, we can’t wait to read the rest with the last three volumes scheduled for 2023.

Mobius – Volume 3: The Return of Dead Souls – rating: 7/10

Continuation and end of the adventures of Berg and Lee pursued by the demons of Deng through the multiverses. In this third volume, Berg and Lee decide to reverse roles and no longer seek to flee: , “fed up playing the rabbit” as Berg will say (page 7).

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it’s time for the confrontation, therefore, with the answers to the questions that Berge (and the readers) may ask themselves. We will finally understand what Berg’s true identity is (as a reminder, he has had amnesia since volume 1) and why he is being chased by the nine demons.

With a still original and punchy layout, a dark and thick line where the blacks clearly identify the “Kordey” style, this album will satisfy fans in form but perhaps not in substance with a finale that can appear fast and easy compared to the hardships endured by the characters.

The covers of the 3 albums – © Delcourt 2022.

Delcourt: Saint-Elme T3, The 5 Lands T9, Mobius T3