Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

news culture Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

The end of the year 2022 looked like an emotional roller coaster on the Disney+ platform which proved that it could switch at any time from dream (magic of live Encanto) to nightmare (the horrific manga Gannibal adapted into a TV series) . But January’s program promises to be much more reasonable, although Star Wars fans will once again be in the spotlight.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Season 2)

Disney+ subscribers will be able to start the new year under the sign of the Star Wars franchise with the expected return of the animated series The Bad Batch. The elite squadron of renegade clones is indeed preparing to return to service in a second season whose first two episodes are scheduled for January 4. In line with the series Clone Warsthe spin-off Star Wars: The Bad Batch opts for a proven 3D animation technique and a story that gives pride of place to the action, based on an original idea by Dave Filoni (The Mandalorian). Set shortly after the end of the Clone Wars and the extermination of the Jedi Order, the series centers on a squad of genetically modified clones who each stand out for their distinct personalities and their propensity to free themselves from the established rules to try to wrest their own freedom. The story picks up directly at the end of the first season, several months after the events on Kamino, as the members of the Bad Batch prepare to meet new people who will put their mercenary skills to work. This second season will begin on January 4 and end on March 29.. It will have a total of 16 episodes. The trailer is to be found a little higher!

  • Available January 4 on Disney+

Free Guy

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

What if we were all just NPCs (“non-player characters”) in a simple video game? This is the cruel reality that actor Ryan Reynolds has to face in the film Free Guy, while he leads a quite banal existence as a bank employee. Pure action comedy, Free Guy is a crazy film that confronts its protagonist with a real crisis of conscience as he realizes that he is just one extra among many others in a video game. in the open world. His daily life? Dozens of attacks perpetrated by players convinced of being in a completely virtual lawless zone and taking malicious pleasure in mistreating the poor NPCs whom they certainly do not imagine endowed with a conscience. Tired of his status as a video game whipping boy, our banker decides to take his destiny into his own hands to try to become the hero of his own story. He will then team up with unusual allies and evolve in a now limitless world. The film Free Guy will be available from January 13 on the French Disney+ catalog.

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023
  • Available January 13 on Disney+

Little Demon

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

It is from a single block that the streaming platform has chosen to offer its subscribers its brand new original animated series: Little Demon. Aimed at a young audience, this program will be available from January 18 exclusively on Disney+. Horror comedy calibrated for the whole family, Little Demon imagines Satan’s unlikely descent through his “antichrist daughter” Chrissy having inherited demonic supernatural powers. While the teenager and her mother only dream of blending in with ordinary mortals to lead a normal existence, Satan and his infernal legions will never stop ruining their plans for the future in an attempt to recover the soul of the girl. All 10 episodes of the series Little Demon will be available from January 18 on the Disney + catalog.

  • Available January 18 on Disney+

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

Extraordinary is an original British series to discover in its entirety from January 25 in the Disney + catalog. Produced by the team behind the TV series Killing Eve and written by Emma Moran, Extraordinary is billed as “a hilarious sitcom blending superpowers and British humour”. The story is set in a reality where any individual reaching majority discovers extraordinary superpowers that will guide their lives. Only then, Jen is already 25 years old and she is desperate to be forced to lead an insipid life in a world where everyone is capable of incredible things: flying, communicating with the dead or even traveling in time. But in contact with her roommates, Jen will realize that an ordinary life may not be so terrible… An original Disney+ series to discover on January 25 with, in the main role, the young actress Máiréad Tyers .

  • Available January 25 on Disney+

Behind the walls of Abbey Road Studios

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023

The month of January will also offer Disney+ subscribers the opportunity to perfect their musical culture through a documentary entitled Behind the walls of Abbey Road Studios (“ If these walls could sing » in VO). Expected from January 6 in the platform’s catalog, this program takes the form of a feature film “Disney Original Documentary” directed by Mary McCartney, Paul McCartney’s daughter. The history of the Beatles is not the only one to be directly linked to that of the famous London studios Abbey Road and this documentary precisely proposes to return to its importance with regard to the entire music industry. The intimate documentary Behind the walls of Abbey Road Studios explains how this place became a real place of pilgrimage for any up-and-coming artist who dreams of following in the footsteps of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr or Elton John. The director is well placed to show us the studios as she has always known them through nine decades of musical history rich in anecdotes and archive images.

  • Available January 6 on Disney+

Other programs to follow

  • The Lovers (season 2) – January 4 on Disney+
  • The escape – January 4 on Disney+
  • Welcome to Wrexham (Season 1 Part 2) – January 4 on Disney+
  • Taiwan Crime Stories (season 1) – January 4 on Disney+
  • Reservation Dogs (season 2) – January 4 on Disney+
  • Small & Mighty (season 1) – January 4 on Disney+
  • The a Word (seasons 1–3) – January 4 on Disney+
  • Baby – January 6 on Disney+
  • so close – January 6 on Disney+
  • Koala Man (season 1) – January 9 on Disney+
  • Welcome to Chippendales (season 1) – January 11 on Disney+
  • The culture of surfing – January 11 on Disney+
  • underwater – January 13 on Disney+
  • The Amazon rainforest: our land – January 13 on Disney+
  • Flagmakers: the makers of the nation – January 13 on Disney+
  • Mars: 24 hours on the red planet – January 13 on Disney+
  • Meeting with Pluto – January 13 on Disney+
  • Super Junior: 15 years on stage (season 1) – January 18 on Disney+
  • Idina Menzel: a life on stage – January 20 on Disney+
  • Snow Leopard Kingdom – January 20 on Disney+
  • Hirowareta Otoko (season 1) – January 25 on Disney+
  • Virus, the planetary threat – January 27 on Disney+

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in January 2023