Dorohedoro, Ajin: here are the 6 most underrated anime on Netflix according to fans

The anime becoming more and more popular over the years, netflix decided some time ago to invest in this sector, thus adding many titles to its catalog. The streaming platform continues to bolster its offering with classics of the genre, but also by regularly offering original productions, like Yasuke, Super Crooks or Cyberpunk: Edge Runners. This is why we can now access a myriad of anime of all kinds, although some may go unnoticed in the middle of all the releases. But thanks to the site Rankerthem fans voted for the anime they considered the most undersidesthus making it possible to highlight certain nuggets available on Netflix.

1) Dorohedoro

Released in 2020, Dorohedoro is produced by the famous studio MAPPA and adapted from the eponymous manga by Q Hayashida. We then discover a post-apocalyptic world composed of two distinct dimensions: the city-dump of humans, known as “Hole”, and the world of the mages. The latter have the ability to travel to the human world using magical portals. The story centers on Caiman, a man who lost his memory after being turned into a lizard by a mage, and by his side his friend Nikaido, a young woman who will accompany him in his quest to regain his original identity. The peculiarity of Dorohedoro lies in its “underground” dimension, with a universe as dark as it is absurd, where we find both extremely violent scenes, but also comic situations, even grotesque. It is also one of the few anime whose the use of CGI for animation doesn’t seem to put fans offbecause the fact is that this visual style fits surprisingly well with this universe.

Dorohedoro – At a Glance Anime

2) Great Pretender

Directed by Hiro Kaburagi (91 Days) and produced by Wit Studio, Great Pretender is an original series released in 2020, which will be entitled to a manga adaptation released in parallel with the anime. We then follow the adventures of Masato Edamura, supposed to be the biggest crook in Japan.. But while trying to scam a French tourist, Edamura actually ends up being the target of a scam himself. Because the French tourist in question is none other than Laurent Thierry, who operates at the international level. Edamura will then be forced to work for the Frenchman, thus leading him on incredible adventures all over the world. The anime stands out in particular for its high level of animation, as neat as it is colorful, but also and above all by the charisma of its characters, relatively well developed for a season of 23 episodes. Finally, the real advantage of Great Pretender lies in its plot, where twists and unexpected revelations will surprise you more than once.

Great Pretender - TV Series 2020

3) Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger is an original anime produced by PA Works and released in 2018. The story takes place in the 1930s, in the imperial capital of Japan where a group of vampires have taken refuge. These will then be followed by the Jaegers, a group of vampire hunters in which we find our protagonist, Yuliy, a werewolf whose home village was wiped out by vampires when he was still a child. The Jaegers will then engage in a deadly battle with the vampires, with the two groups in search of a mysterious sacred relic, titled “the Ark of Sirius”, whose power seems immeasurable. Like he usually does, PA Works provides quality work regarding the level of animationthus allowing to appreciate the mysterious and supernatural dimension of the anime.

Sirius the Jaeger (TV Series 2018) - IMDb

4) The Children of the Whale

Released in 2017, children of the whale (Kujira no kora wa sajō ni utau in VO) is produced by JC Staff and is adapted from the eponymous manga by Abi Umeda. The story revolves around the Glaise Whale, a kind of gigantic ship floating for years on a sea of ​​sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. There are two types of inhabitants : the Marked, who have the ability to manipulate the “saimia”, thus giving them supernatural powers in return for a drastic reduction in their life expectancy, and the UnMarked, simple humans who then take care of the whale management. The inhabitants of the ship live a peaceful life, but are cut off from the outside world. But everything will change when Chakuro, a young Mark working as a scribe, has an unexpected encounter on an abandoned island, namely a mysterious girl named Lykos. This anime then manages to seize the viewer, in particular thanks to its clever mix of softness and violence. The work presents a universe rich in history and intrigue, with a poignant outcome that will probably not leave you indifferent, while addressing themes with astonishing depth.


5) Ajin

Adapted from the manga of the same name by Gamon Sakurai, the anime Ajin is produced by Polygon Pictures and released in 2016. Spectators then discover that the world is home to immortal beings called Ajin, who are then hunted down by humans, sometimes calling them monsters, sometimes specimens, deemed useful for advancing humanity. It is in this context that Kei Nagai, a young student, will realize that he too is an Ajin after being run over by a truck.. And as Nagai struggles to come to terms with his situation, he finds himself embroiled in a large-scale conflict, trying to find the balance between his Ajin condition and his human heart when asked to choose sides. If the use of the CGI can once again put off some people, we can understand why Polygon Pictures made this choice, especially for the representation of these famous Ajin.

Ajin: Demi-Human - Rotten Tomatoes

6) High Score Girl

Here is an anime that will delight fans of romantic comedies, but also those of video games! Released in 2018, High Score Girl (Where Hi Score Girl) is adapted from the manga by Rensuke Oshikiri and produced by JC Staff. The story begins in 1991 and is set in Japan, where we find Haruo Yaguchi, a young boy passionate about video games and who therefore is a regular at arcades. Although having very little interest in the opposite sex, he will bond with the young Akira Ono, the latter proving to be a major rival, even in Yaguchi’s favorite games. For some, this anime can be a nice dose of nostalgia, highlighting some video game classicssuch as Street Fighter II, Ghosts ‘n Goblins or Splatterhouse.


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Dorohedoro, Ajin: here are the 6 most underrated anime on Netflix according to fans