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It’s been weeks since we’ve done nothing but celebrate the Netflix series “Wednesday” by Tim Burton. A series that has kept millions of viewers glued to the screen because you know, how Tim Burton manages to capture attention, only he can. But good old Burton hadn’t counted on who, since the days of Beverly Hills 90210, hasn’t missed a beat: Darren Star, the Midas of Hollywood or even the Golden Boy of TV series. Everything scripted by him becomes a global must. Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the city and finally, in chronological order, Emily in Paris. But how did the little and naive Emily reach the top together with the irreverent Wednesday Addams? Why were two types of girls, apparently so different, able to capture the attention of an entire generation?

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Emily in Paris vs Wednesday Addams: let’s analyze them

Darren Star, for thirty years, gets it all right and together with Tim Burton has reached the heights of Hollywood. But how do they create cinematic catchphrases every time? Well, simple. They know what people expect to see and they just put it in front of a camera. Since the world began, passing from generation to generation, what people like is not the elaboration but the simplicity. The ingredients for a successful cult series are few and simple:

  • A good dose of unlikely love stories with triangles of all types that trust Renato not even we would have ever considered;
  • Common places and clichés so obvious that defining them trivial would be an insult to true and authentic banality;
  • Cheap marketing but that works.

Mix it all up, throw in a generous dose of drama, bake at 200° in a static world and CIAK turns around. The cult masterpiece is served up on a million dollar platter. And don’t forget, when the masterpiece has cooled down… don’t forget to sprinkle a nice handful of frivolities on it!

Emily in Paris Wednesday Addams

Now let’s analyze together the two cult series of the moment. On the one hand we have the beautiful and naive Emily, on the other we have the gloomy and melancholy Wednesday. At first glance they might not seem so different but, those who have seen both series, know that there are so many similarities that they manage to attract the same audience in equal measure.

Emily In Paris, the American in Paris

Emily in Paris Wednesday Addams

Emily is the American who is sent to Paris (Lucky!) to revive a French luxury marketing company. Will he succeed? Of course she will. What questions! Dealing with social media strategy, of course, post everything on social networks being followed, in a very short time, by millions of followers. Her ingenuity, her being even a little dumb and awkward, her frantic way of working so much different from the Parisian calm, make her, in the eyes of viewers, “one of them”. Also because, if on a professional level she is someone who knows her stuff, on a sentimental level she is a landslide. Now tell me, how many of you have felt like an Emily in the last year? Yes, I admit it! Love triangles, betrayals, fake friendships, fake loves. There is really everything an average viewer expects and there is also room for doubts about one’s sexuality. Darren, you really know more than the devil, don’t you?

Wednesday Addams, the bizarre outsider with a heart of gold

Emily in Paris Wednesday Addams

We have always been used to considering Wednesday Addams as a girl diametrically opposed to the average girl her age. Tim Burton, with his series instead, makes us understand that it is not so different from the others. Love triangles, friendships forming, a school with groups bullying other groups, conflicts with parents. More than Wednesday Addams looks like SKAM! Obviously all surrounded by a good dose of gothic dark, monsters and supernatural murders. Well, it’s true that it’s a cliché series but Burton’s signature couldn’t be missing! So, even in this case, there are all the ingredients to ensure that this series reaches the podium and at most share it with Emily.

Emily and Wednesday are two girls so very different in appearance but so much the same in everyday life that sometimes it seems strange to think that they come from the pen of two distinct people. Emily so smiley and colorful; Wednesday so gloomy and always so…dark. But both grappling with heartaches, new friendships, a school, a job. Tim Burton and Darren Star know their stuff and are aware that to ride the wave of success, all you have to do is bring screen the everyday reality. Because whoever watches a film wants to find something of himself in every character. He wants to hear about him. “Emily is one of us!”; “Wednesday she is one of us!”. The success of these series is based precisely on the empathy that arises between the character and the viewer. And it is the empathy that is created with a character, which makes one feel less alone and feeling less alone, nowadays, is a significant achievement.

Emily in Paris and Wednesday Addams: the success behind the series | CUNEWS