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The new superhero RPG Gotham Knights features Batman’s proteges facing off against a plethora of iconic Batman villains taken in new and familiar directions. With four playable characters in the form of Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood inheriting Batman’s job of protecting Gotham, Gotham Knights has quite a few villains to encounter or fight.

Some are going to be more powerful than others, like iconic villains like Mr. Freeze and the Court Of Owls. While some were heavily marketed in-game, many others were hidden away and their presence was quite a surprise as well as powerful to fight.

Updated November 11, 2022 by Melody MacReady:

Gotham Knights came out, and it turned out to hide more than expected because the marketing only showed a few of the villains featured. The current game has several more throughout its 15-20 hour campaign that has been kept hidden due to major story spoilers, allowing for plenty of surprises for new players.

It won’t feature any of the many gangs and factions featured in Gotham Knights. The Court Of Owls, League Of Shadows, Freaks, Regulators are all enemies that are fought throughout the game and do not count as actual villains.

The Penguin

Whereas in the Arkhamverse the Penguin was a filthy degenerate who enjoyed being a criminal, Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham Knights is much more polished and is as much an ally as a villain. He dislikes the Court Of Owls and pretends to be a reformed person. So he helps the Gotham Knights by pointing them in the right direction.

At one point, Oswald sells out the knights to save his own life, but he always helps afterward. He is the best example of a neutral group of all Gotham Knights villains. He has his own army of gangsters but other than that there’s no way to fight Oswald, which is good because he’s also a charming ally despite his self-doubt.

Basher & Blazer

These two elite Freak Bulldozers work for Harley Quinn and they’re basically two mini-bosses working together. One has a shield and the other has a flaming weapon, resulting in a lot of dodging between attacks while trying to keep the bombs from exploding.

Basher and Blazer are definitely tougher than typical bulldozers, but they’re more annoying than anything else. If the player knows how to properly dodge, break Basher’s guard, and use the Momentum abilities of characters like Batgirl, they’re far from the worst Gotham Knights villains to fight.

harley quinn

Without the Joker, Harley Quinn seems to have evolved into a villain in the Gotham Knights universe. Not only did she seem to take over Blackgate prison, but she developed an implant that could remove people’s inhibitions, turning them into anarchists. This Harley is a far more capable villain on her own, proving to be a real threat and mastermind.

Alone, Harley is still able to take on the Gotham Knights thanks to her acrobatics and technologically advanced bulk. However, with no influence on the Freaks gang and their altered Quinners, she is still weaker on the totem pole compared to the other Gotham Knights villains.


Some DC fans might be disappointed that Kirk Langstrom is killed early in the game, and he never transforms into the monster known as Man-Bat. However, thanks to Talia’s twisted plan to destroy Gotham City, the Knights still encounter Man-Bat; many of them.

Similar to the comics, Talia transforms several League Of Shadows members into a small army of Man-Bats. These villains featured in the final act of Gotham Knights are fast, powerful, and rather difficult to predict. While there are patterns to learn, they’re far from easy to do, and their venomous attacks drain health quickly.

Ra’s Al Ghul

The player can never actually fight Ra’s Al Ghul, but Gotham Knights begins with a whole prologue featuring the demon’s leader. Batman struggles to fight Ra’s and even though he wins in the end, Ra’s still inflicted enough damage to send Batman beyond the point of no return.

In this version, Ra’s Al Ghul displays more supernatural abilities due to his exposure to the Lazarus Pits. He can imbue his sword with magic that allows it to cut through the toughest alloys like a knife through hot butter. If Jason Todd’s mystical abilities are any indicator, Ra’s probably had more in store before Batman destroyed the Batcave, ending their lives.

The voice of the court

Of all the villains in Gotham Knights, the leader of the enigmatic Court Of Owls has a different type of power than physical abilities, but arguably a much worse power. Power over people through wealth and resources; So while the voice of the court may not have the strength or skill to take on the knights, he has Talon assassins to unleash and control.

Jacob Kane, the current voice of the Court, is also a powerful arms maker who gives him his own private military force. Combined with his influence as head of the Court, he was able to influence the police to be corrupt under his puppet strings.

resurrected bruce wayne

It’s best to keep in mind that Batman was far above the Knights in combat ability. So when the player is forced to face off against an essentially zombified Batman following the Lazarus Pit, it’s enough to make the heart skip a few beats.

Bruce is a puncher, so breaking his guard is essential, but he delivers fast, powerful attacks that can knock the player down quickly. It’s a good thing the player is able to reach the real Bruce Wayne inside of him, and he was without any of his gadgets or weapons because the fight would have been a lot worse for the Knights.

Talia Al Ghoul

Much to the surprise of players and Knights alike, Talia Al Ghul turns out to be the main villain of the story. With her own Lazarus abilities, including an enchanted archer’s bow, Talia is the final test for whoever the player chooses to evolve into Knighthood.

The player must use everything from timed strikes to proper evasion to executing abilities at the right time to defeat her, including some of the tips players need to know. Additionally, much like The Voice, Talia commands deadly League Of Shadows ninjas who are some of the toughest enemies featured in Gotham Knights.


Despite having a fan-favorite boss fight in the Batman: Arkham games, Gotham Knights shows just how powerful the blob-like monster really can be. He can transform and grow into any size and spawn an army of humanoid extensions of himself to be in multiple places in Gotham at once.

The Knights fight Clayface multiple times and each time he regained more of himself and grew stronger and stronger. If it weren’t for his volatile nature and need to make every event a performance, Clayface could have continued to improve until he was the size of a kaiju.

Mr. Freeze

In this world, Nora Fries was cured of her illness, but she rejected the man Victor Fries had become. While the first fight atop Elliot Center in his exo-suit is definitely a hassle, players dread fighting Mr. Freeze a second time.

His escape from Blackgate prison is due to a massive spider-like robot that now only has powerful freezing abilities but can easily take down the hero with its strength and armor. Unless equipped with an over-leveled loadout, Mr. Freeze’s two fights aren’t all that different from a boss fight seen in Soulsborne games.

Every Gotham Knights Villain, Ranked By Strength | Pretty Reel