Everything we know about Control 2

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(Pocket-lint) – Remedy took us by surprise at the end of 2022 when it announced that it was working on a sequel to Control, its hit paranormal shooter from a few years prior.

To be clear, the surprise wasn’t knowing that something was in the works, just that Remedy was making its announcement in such a low-key fashion. We’re looking forward to Control 2 – find everything we’ve unearthed about the game right here.

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Announcement of Control 2

Remedy announced on November 11, 2022 that it was working on Control 2, in the form of an announcement regarding the game’s publishing and development structure.


It’s about the most technical reason we’ve ever seen to announce a game, but it doesn’t take away from the exciting fact that the game is now confirmed and official.

Control 2 release date

The Control 2 development announcement doesn’t contain any concrete details on when it will be released, but the brief statement from Remedy on this subject contains a clue.

Mikael Kasurinen, game director of the Control franchise, mentions that the game will “take time” to make and that the project is still in its early stages, while explaining how exciting the game looks at this point. early stage.

It’s a good time to assume that Control 2 will take years to arrive – we’d imagine it won’t be released until late 2025 at this point, but a later date is entirely possible. This game might take a while to arrive, folks.

Control 2 Platforms

The Control 2 development announcement was actually quite adamant about the game’s platforms – it confirms that Control 2 is in the works for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

That means, unsurprisingly, it’s a current-gen game only, with no development for the Xbox One or PS4.

This makes perfect sense considering the first game was visually impressive on older hardware – expect Control 2 to push the visual boundaries.

Control 2 trailer

There hasn’t been a trailer for Control 2 yet, or even an in-game screenshot, which clearly shows how early the game is in its development process.

As soon as that changes and a trailer drops, we’ll update this article to include an embedded video.


The history of Control 2

Here’s a warning: from now on, there are spoilers for the first game!

The first Control told a twisty and chilling story about Jesse Faden, the player character. She arrives at the center of the Federal Bureau of Control, an American agency that investigates paranormal events.

Jesse discovers that the FBC is in a strange state of suspension, overcome by something she calls the Hiss, a force that can possess people and knock them out of their minds.

It’s a crazy story that unfolds throughout the game, with increasingly supernatural happenings, and Jesse gaining crazier and crazier powers.

Control ends with Jesse taking his place as director of the FBC, while the Hiss is still relevant. However, the game’s post-launch DLC, AWE, changed everything.

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It reintroduces Alan Wake, from Remedy’s other action-horror franchise, and ties the two universes together. With Alan Wake 2 also being developed and set to release sooner, we wonder if Remedy isn’t building a common narrative for the two sequels he has planned.

We don’t have any details or hints as to what the story of Control 2 will be yet, but a closer tie-in with Alan Wake seems entirely possible.

Control 2 gameplay

Once again, all we can do to gauge Control 2’s gameplay is look at the first game: it starts out as a simple third-person shooter, but quickly gets wilder.

You start to accumulate powers, from the ability to move objects with your mind and throw them at your enemies to the ability to literally fly through levels.

It’s a brilliant mix of shooting and physics-based powers, and it plays out really well. Presumably Control 2 will build on this premise to provide an even more action-packed array of gameplay options.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

Everything we know about Control 2