Evil West has above average reviews

The Wild West has never felt so alive as in these times, it is true that there are names that have left their mark with the premise of being a cowboy in search of adventure, we can see it in titles such as the acclaimed, red dead redemption 2 or even with other smaller names such as Call of Juarez.

Now, a title has arrived that aims to offer us a good dose of adrenaline and an incessant adventure that will take us through the Wild West, traveling through a vast world surrounded by vampires, in which our character must use all his weapons to be able to end the threat, we talk about evil west.

Evil West gets a good reception in its reviews for its release

This cowboy game, which is available now, is receiving a lot of reviews, many of them with quite high scores and getting a good reception from the specialized media. Although there are also other critics who have not really left very good criteria regarding the title.

Now let’s review the media that have been able to offer us their opinions and do not miss our analysis of the game:

Xbox Generation (75/100)

“The Wild West brings a lot of fun feel but graphically outdated action. Evil West is the perfect definition of a linear game. For better and for worse. That being said, it delivers some absolutely brutal action.” If you want to know more about our analysis, you can take a look here.

COG Connected (8.5/10)

“Evil West is the third in an unrelated trilogy of games that weaves the old West with supernatural elements. Recently, the West has been tough, weird, and now, mean. For me, this is the best of the bunch. It is definitely the most fun. It combines the lack of fussy complexity of an old-school shooter with plenty of depth and fast-paced, fluid, engaging combat. Throw in a well-acted narrative and some iconic environments, and you’ll have a great time slaying vampires and taking names.”

Wccftech (8.2/10)

“With a combat flow that rivals that of the Doom Slayer, Evil West hits the mark when up against vampires, werewolves and everything in between, despite finding the rest of the experience a little lacking.”

The Sixth Axis (8/10)

“Evil West is an old-school hit, a reminder of the fast, sharp fun that action games can deliver. It has a few flaws here and there, but the essence of the game is fast-paced, endlessly entertaining combat. Pounding vampires against clouds of red mist with a giant lightning gauntlet is something every video game needs.”

Push Square (7/10)

“Evil West is one of those really nice 7/10s. It’s never going to win any awards and probably won’t stay in the memory long, but give it a few years and someone, somewhere, will swear to you that it’s actually an underrated classic. It’s a thick action game that knows how to have fun, both in and out of combat.”

IGN (7/10)

“Evil West is far from the most complex or innovative action game, but it nails the most important parts of its old-school monster-slaying campaign.”

PC Gamer (6.8/10)

“Those minor hiccups aside, though, for much of the game, Evil West’s combat remains a robust and gory delight, at times bordering on brilliant. It’s only in the final third that it starts to fade, as the vampires run out of new creatures to throw at you, and instead you repeat familiar ugly face combinations ad nauseam. As the final showdown approaches, you may wish you could move on even faster.”

Pure Xbox (6/10)

“Evil West is a completely dated shooter that manages to be entertaining in short bursts, but can’t get over how lackluster and unoriginal its level design and narrative feel. If you have a friend to play with who is in co-op you could probably put another star on the final score, otherwise we’d steer clear unless absolutely necessary to enjoy some state of the art cowboy vs. vampire action.”

VG24/7 (6/10)

“Regardless of how you feel about Evil West, the $50/$60 starting price is too high for what’s on offer – the nature of its level design, limited enemy variety, and forgettable story will all get in the way of your enjoyment, even if you’re alone it’s there for the fight. Attractive as it is, that action simply doesn’t make up for Evil West’s shortcomings elsewhere.”

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