Five great new characters left by 2022

2022 was very varied in terms of series: drama, horror, adventure and humor were some of the genres that left great moments, and in each of these stories characters emerged that earned a place in the hearts of the public.

Next, a review of those protagonists who, at least for a handful of episodes, became very close figures for viewers.

1.Eddie (Stranger Things)

It is assumed that a series that is in its fourth season has already shown its best cards. With a solid cast, full of strong figures (and others not so much), Stranger Things fans had long ago a list made up of their favorite protagonists. And while the creators of this title, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, always tried to add more faces in each new batch of episodes, nobody anticipated the earthquake of euphoria and excitement that Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) was going to cause.

Eddie makes his debut in the first episode of the fourth season. He is a freak who loves heavy metal and role-playing games, an outcast immersed in a context where popularity is measured in flashy hairstyles and football games.

And although this fiction takes place in the eighties, Eddie is a timeless character, a hero who, if he lived these days, would spend his hours reading comics and playing with Magic cards and wearing those hobbies that arouse prejudice and ridicule as medals that define his principles. His confidence and self-confidence are the shell of this character who became one of the greatest emblems of Stranger Things.

Eddie not only has one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series (“Master! Master!”), but he also made the marginality his charm. Through this hero, the Duffers wrote a love letter to the unpopular, to those kids who are labeled nerds in schools, but who have a nobility and courage that the popular can hardly dream of. For that and much more, long live Eddie.

2. Elisha (The Manager)

In one way or another, many of Guillermo Francella’s characters have what, somewhat imprecisely, many sum up by calling “Argentine DNA”. His gestures, catchphrases and intonations go viral to become part of the unwritten dictionary of the Argentine language. It is undeniable that the actor destroys the limits of the screen, and his charisma strikes a chord that the public recognizes as that of a friend.

In this way, Francella achieves something very atypical, which is to give his characters something of himself, without forbidding each of them a different essence. In this way, the actor unites Extermineitors, Pepe Argento and Pablo Sandoval through recognizable winks, even though they are all tremendously different from each other. And his Eliseo from The Manager is the latest addition to that Francellian universe.

In the series by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, the actor plays an advantageous and cynical manager, but also capable of discreet gestures of nobility. Owner of an unpredictable morality, Eliseo fights not to be a victim, even though he knows he is a victimizer. He is a character locked in a permanent contradiction, which generated remarkable empathy in Argentine viewers.

No one would have made a better Eliseo than Guillermo Francella, and his unique imprint gave that manager multiple colors (some bright, some darker). It is a fiction made to measure for Francella, and a vindication of humor as a tool of infinite scope.

We reject Elisha and applaud him equally, and we don’t like him until someone worse than him appears. And perhaps that is why this character is so exciting: because despite his misery, hidden there, he also has something that resembles a heart.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer (Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story)

It’s strange to include a character based on a real figure on a fictional list, but there’s no doubt that Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most talked about television icons of the year. Dahmer is estimated to have killed at least 17 people and carried out all manner of heinous acts, including cannibalism and necrophilia.

The miniseries produced by Ryan Murphy about who is considered one of the biggest serial killers in the United States, was a real success, whose shocking scenes took over social networks.

Once again, Murphy demonstrated his clinical eye when it comes to telling stories that strike a chord with public opinion. Of course, as expected, the popularity of this fiction raised several blisters, especially among the relatives of the victims, who accused the production of frivolizing the figure of the murderer and revictimizing those who died at their hands.

Actually, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story plays with humanizing the monster, although even more disturbing is the morbid fascination that Dahmer aroused in a sector of society. And that is where the real discomfort is hidden in this miniseries starring Evan Peters.

4. Merlina (Merlina)

Perhaps nobody expected great results, however, Merlina was among the most popular titles of the year. Produced by Tim Burton, this series revisits the daughter of the Addams family as a student at a high school rife with supernatural threats. Despite presenting a story with ups and downs, this story of influences that combines The Hidden World of Sabrina, something from Harry Potter and a touch of Scooby Doo, finds Jenna Ortega’s main hook.

In the skin of the apathetic protagonist, the actress gives an interpretation that overflows with charisma and, without too many gesticulations, Ortega gives life to a character who becomes the most unexpected heroine. Merlina was one of the great surprises of 2022, and to measure her popularity, it is enough to discover the thousand tributes on networks to that unforgettable dance scene to music by the enormous The Cramps.

5.Carmy (The Bear)

Barely eight episodes needed this series to enter practically all the lists that highlighted the best of the year. The bear exudes a rough adrenaline, of grease stuck in burners and euphoric chambers to the rhythm of that kitchen nightmare. And at the center of that world is Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), a prestigious chef who leaves the best kitchens to lead a small dinner, a symbol of the only thing his deceased brother achieved in life.

And under this premise, the protagonist carries out a thousand battles, in which he must educate cooks who are disenchanted with their trade, showing them his leadership skills, and in the process he seeks to reconcile with his brother’s tragic decision.

Carmy clings to a drifting ship that threatens to kill him (literally and symbolically). Everything that can go wrong does go wrong, but turning that business around makes him a romantic hero, in a context that overflows with cynicism. Carmy suffers from that love that he feels for cooking, that passion that permeates his skin, like those tattoos that suggest the chaos of a messy past.

The bear is a series that has more prestige than streaming views but, nevertheless, it is a title that gave us one of the most fascinating protagonists of those who debuted in 2022.

Source: The Nation

Five great new characters left by 2022