Froilán, a blue

You will have noticed that kilometric names like Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón they give -in addition to money, property, influence, etc.- supernatural powers by inheritance. In the case of the King’s eldest nephew, it is to be in all the messes and come out -surprise- unharmed. Froilán has become the definitive meme of a family peppered with scandals. The King’s eldest nephew, 24 years old, went from being the child of mischief a long time ago – remember the kick he gave his cousin Victoria López-Quesada at the wedding of Felipe VI and Letizia – to the terrible infant. Oh, and Froilán is also the boy who, walking down the street with his grandmother, Queen Sofía, made a comb for the press.

This week, The confidential reported his involvement in a fight at dawn in the vicinity of a central Madrid nightclub in which a friend of his was injured. The brawl, with knives involved, occurred on November 25, but he, through a statement, stated that he was just passing by. “I, if I am something, I am a victim. And not even that. I am a witness of what has happened,” said his letter. The night and the discos are swampy terrain for the grandson of the King emeritus. In another recent nocturnal episode provided by the aforementioned medium, the fourth in line of succession to the Spanish throne would have received a punch in a bar after he tried to skip the line to enter the bathroom. The young man who gave him the attitude hit him after Froilán told him that he did not know who he was talking to. He has defended himself by saying that some of the information about his adventures is “hoax”..

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Thus, the nephew of Felipe VI, who during the pandemic was caught violating anti-covid regulations, has become on his own merits one of the juiciest characters in the tabloids. So is his little sister, the influencer (blood, blue, of course) Victoria Federica. Both are children of the Infanta Elena and her ex-husband, Jaime de Marichalar, who have always discharged their innocent offspring of responsibility..

After this last episode of Froilán, the journalist Jaime Peñafiel, an expert in the corridors of Zarzuela, has not hesitated to describe him as a “first-rate gulf” and “the most rebellious”. Peñafiel said that the two brothers harm the monarchy, since they do not fulfill their only reason for being, that of being “an example.” The Royal House, asked about The newspaper Due to Froilán’s latest nocturnal episodes, he has declined to comment, objecting that he is not part of the royal family.

Froilán, a blue-blooded “first class gulf”