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What to see from January 4 to 10 on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and Paramount +

Lillo Petrolo plays himself in “Sono Lillo”

January 4, 2023 at 12:47

New movies and TV series to see during the week from 4 to 10 January on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+.


The lying life of adults – from January 4th

The series, directed by Edoardo De Angelis is about lies. The title already anticipates it, which is the same as the novel by Elena Ferrante (the writer whose true identity is unknown, famous throughout the world and already author of the saga “My brilliant friend”) from which it is drawn, explaining that first of all the “grown-ups” lie. And that the lie can be considered a sort of watershed between childhood and adult life.

Copenhagen cowboys – from January 5th

The protagonist of this hallucinatory and violent thriller is Miu, a young woman whom an enigmatic organization sells as a “human lucky charm” because of her mysterious supernatural powers. When she goes on the trail of her sworn enemy to seek revenge, Miu will have to navigate the dark threats that populate the criminal underworld of the Danish capital. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but visually stunning.

Ginny & Georgia – from January 5th

Second season for the series that tells the story of the relationship between the young Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia. The story picks up after the dramatic reveal of the season finale.

Totenfrau – Lady of the Dead – from January 5th

In this Austro-German series, Anna Maria Mühe is a funeral director from Innsbruck who would do anything to avenge the death of her husband, killed by a hit-and-run.

The most watched series on Netflix this week

  1. Wednesday – Insightful, sarcastic, and… a little creepy, Wednesday Addams investigates a string of murders while meeting new friends and rivals at Nevermore Academy.
  2. Kaleidoscope – A master thief and his gang attempt an epic and complex heist worth $7 billion, but treachery, greed and other threats put the plan in jeopardy.
  3. The Good Doctor – A talented surgeon on the autism and savant syndrome spectrum is hired by a prestigious hospital, where he faces skepticism from colleagues and patients.
  4. Emily in Paris – When she gets her dream job in Paris, marketing director Emily Cooper leaves Chicago and dives into a new adventure between work, friendships and romances.
  5. Alice in Borderlands – A video game enthusiast and his two friends find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where in order to survive they are forced to participate in a series of sadistic games.

Prime Videos

I’m Lillo – since January 5th

Fame or private life? Reality or appearance? Lillo Petrolo, faced with these choices, seems to have only one solution: “Kill Posaman!”, That is, the character that he launched through the program “LOL-Who laughs is out” and which then became very popular. Maybe too much? Here is the premise of “Sono Lillo”, a new series that sees him as the protagonist in the self-deprecating role, arriving on Prime Video from January 5 with eight episodes that make you laugh, but also reflect. Flanked by the most popular comedians of the contemporary scene (from Caterina and Corrado Guzzanti, to Valerio Lundini and Michela Giraud and many others), Lillo will try to find himself behind the mask he has built.

The rig – from January 6th

Prime Video’s first series filmed entirely in Scotland is the supernatural thriller “The Rig,” where staff on an oil rig find themselves stranded in the North Sea after a mysterious fog cuts off communications. It’s six episodes.

The Befana comes from Pintus – from January 3rd

Those who love Angelo Pintus’ brilliant and original comedy will receive a nice gift on January 3, when his new special entitled “La befana vien di Pintus” will be available on Prime Video. To keep the well-known comedian from Trieste company there will be several guests, including Maurizio Casagrande, Malika Ayane, Francesco Cicchella and Leonardo Fiaschi.


The bad batch 2 – from January 4th

Start of the year with flakes for fans of the “Star Wars” saga: on January 4th on Disney+ the second season of “The bad batch” kicks off with the first two episodes. For those unfamiliar with it, it is an animated series that tells the adventures of a special team of “bad” clone soldiers, former members of the Republic’s army.

The menu – from January 4th

One of the revelation films of the film season already lands on Disney+. Anya Taylor-Joy eats at a superstar chef, but the dinner takes a horrifying turn.

Reservation dogs – from January 4th

Second season for this irresistible series created by Taika Waititi centered on a group of young Native Americans who get by in the province of Oklahoma.

If these walls could sing – from 6 January

The documentary directed by Mary McCartney (daughter of Paul) tells the story of the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, on the occasion of their 90th anniversary.

Koala Man – from January 9th

Cartoon in eight episodes starring Kevin, a middle-aged man who loves to hide behind the mask of a koala. Because? He can’t stand injustice!


I eat your heart – from January 6th

The story (true, inspired by the life of Rosa Di Fiore, the first repentant of the Gargano mafia) tells of the sudden love between Marilena (Elodie, in her debut as an actress) and Andrea (Francesco Patanè), she from the Camporeale family, he of the Malatestas, enemy families of the Apulian mafia.


Aftersun – from January 6th

Among the most acclaimed films by international critics in 2022 is “Aftersun”, which arrives in Italy on January 6 on Mubi, a streaming service loved by cinephiles. The drama, directed by Scottish director Charlotte Wells, takes us back to the end of the 90s to tell us about the difficult relationship between a little girl (Frankie Corio) and her young father (Paul Mescal) during a holiday in Turkey. “Aftersun” is a very delicate and seemingly simple film, but one that knows how to dig under your skin.

The playlist

A scary vacation

Before The White Lotus on Now, other vacations in luxury resorts have turned out to be nightmares…

  • Nine complete strangers – Nicole Kidman stars in this series where a mystery is hidden on a wellness retreat. It shows up Prime Videos.
  • The resort – A couple on their wedding anniversary trip are challenged by a bizarre mystery from Mexican folklore. The series is up Now.
  • Old – In Shyamalan’s haunting film, the guests of a large hotel find themselves imprisoned on a beach where they begin to age. Come on Now.
  • Together by force – It can also be a nightmare to find that guy you had a disastrous date with among the guests of your own resort… The movie is on Netflix and Now.
  • Major force – During a holiday in a hotel in the mountains, an avalanche puts a strain on the psychological balance of a family. The movie is on Prime Videos.

Recommended by Smiles

Every week we at Sorrisi recommend a series that is no longer new, but which is worth catching up and enjoying all in one breath, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

The video library

A selection of old and new movies just landed on the platforms.


  • Glass onion – Knives out – Second compelling thriller with Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc.
  • A quiet place II – Let’s go back to the gloomy future where aliens have occupied the Earth and you can’t talk.
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco – An original auteur film that deals with the theme of racism.
  • Matilda – The musical – From Roald Dahl’s children’s book, with great songs.
  • Christmas every day – A man is forced to live only at Christmas every year…

Prime Videos

  • Dive – The dive – Unreleased film about a diver who dreams of the last Olympics.
  • Backtrack – Psychologist Adrien Brody discovers his patients are not what they seem.
  • Endless – Two young people love each other, but he dies. And he remains trapped in a kind of “limbo” …
  • Mrs Wardh’s strange vice – This film with Edwige Fenech is adored by foreign critics who love Italian thrillers.
  • Ninja turtles to the rescue – 1990 film that marked a generation of teenagers.


  • Avatars – In anticipation of the sequel, which arrives in theaters before Christmas, let’s review the record-setting film.
  • Murder in the West End – Funny British thriller with Sam Rockwell, recently released in theaters. Not to be missed.
  • Elton John live – It’s the concert film that chronicles the last stop of Elton’s tour in a stadium in Los Angeles.
  • In & on itself – A magic show that becomes a reflection on what makes us human. Curious.


  • Run all night – Thrillers with Liam Neeson are guaranteed to be entertaining.
  • Ben is back – Julia Roberts shines in one of her most dramatic roles.
  • The dark daughter – From Elena Ferrante’s book, a profound film about motherhood with a super Olivia Colman.
  • Ambulance – The king of action cinema Michael Bay tells the story of the paramedics.

From “I’m Lillo” to “The lying life of adults”, the new movies and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs