Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96, after more than 70 years of reign. She navigated the
transformations of half a century and twenty-two years of the third millennium becoming a universal icon.
During the Cold War, it took on an important role in geopolitical relations. Saw the
change of Great Britain – and of a world – overcoming the difficulties of the second
post-war up to the uneasiness of Brexit, the Covid pandemic and political difficulties ed
current economic. It was the longest serving of ruler in history. February 6, 2022
Elizabeth II achieved 70 years of the United Kingdom, becoming the first English Queen to reach the
Platinum Jubilee, celebrated with four days of celebration.
The queen passed away in the summer residence of Balmoral.
Francesco Guadagnuolo dedicates an oil portrait on canvas to the great Sovereign, a
mythicize His life and death in the same artistic work. In the portrait reveals the Queen marked, yes
from time but noble in its solemnity. In the work Guadagnuolo has inserted a stamp that the
depicts when, 26 years old, on February 6, 1952, he went up to the Kingdom. So Guadagnuolo wants to do
observe past and present come together and mark the UK’s 70th anniversary as if everything
this kept the true state of mind of the Sovereign. In the work, time and space are not
disjoint dimensions, but flowing into each other, artistically interpret and capture the characters
somatics of the Queen in the progress of time. A time, be it human, but also sometimes
supernatural and consequential, with the intensity with which the visual space is relived and shared.
Guadagnuolo’s portrait also expresses concern and firmness, as well as emotionality.
He reveals in the portrait to the Queen, a superior demeanor such as to react to the upheaval of one
absurd war born on February 24, 2022 in the heart of Europe, of which we do not know how it ends.
In short, a portrait that suggests the dramatic situation that the world is going through.
For this way of working by Guadagnuolo he received critical recognition in 1995
by the art historian Antonio Gasbarrini for his new way of dealing with reality by naming
His works are “transreal”. By showing what is not visible from the outside according to the principle
“Art beyond Reality, Life beyond Reality”.
The artist analyzes reality by going in depth as he did with this modern portrait,
managing to grasp the soul of the Sovereign which is the least visible and most reserved aspect, combining
in the image the artistic principles of harmony and truth. In this difficult art he knows how to use the
pictorial material with rapid and dense strokes, managing to highlight, beyond the similarity
physics, the deepest peculiarities of the soul and character of the represented character.
In the 1900s, portraiture was influenced by abstract art which gave little to a work of art
meaning to the physiognomy. While Guadagnuolo manages to put together representation
objective, physiognomy and elements of abstractions of a transfigured reality, giving an idea for this
portrait both of the Monarchy and of the Queen’s vitality succeeding in regards to the portrait a
capturing psychology within its “Transrealism”.
Guadagnuolo makes a portrait of it, the one dedicated to Elizabeth II, still with a beating heart,
full of tenderness, still capable of living, speaking and advising his still faithful people, for
still be an orientation for the future of the world, once again to be saved, in a moment of
political, ideological and cultural crisis.