From Sarah Kerrigan to Elizabeth II, the most famous queens of video games

Tgcom24 and Mastergame have selected the most famous queens of video games, including those who, willy-nilly, have managed to influence the industry by moving from the real to the virtual world.



– One of the most famous characters created by Blizzard for its sci-fi strategy series


there certainly is

Sarah Louise Kerrigan

a soldier belonging to the Phantom group who, following abandonment by his own allies,

she is apparently killed by a horde of Zerg troops

. In great secrecy, however, this group of aliens chooses to reprogram its genetic code, transforming it into a sort of

hybrid between the two breeds


After leading as second-in-command of the Zerg forces under the control of the Overmind,

Sarah thus becomes the Queen of Blades

an unstoppable force that, after creating its own Zerg lineage, feeds its hatred for its old ally

Arcturus Mengsk

with an extremely aggressive, at times even sadistic conduct, which alternates with cooler and calculating strategies that almost seem to recall his old military tactics. Her character changes continuously throughout the saga, right up to

her ascension which makes her an individual made of pure light


The Queens of Video Games - Cleopatra - Assassin's Creed Origins



– The Queen of Egypt is one of the most representative characters that the history of mankind remembers, and in a video game that tried to re-propose the Egyptian civilization as

Assassin’s Creed Origins

(first chapter of the trilogy continued with Odyssey and, more recently, Valhalla, which characterized the “role-playing moment” for the Ubisoft franchise), the figure of Cleopatra certainly could not miss.

In the video game,

the Queen plays an important role in the protagonist’s mission

the murderer

Bayek of Siwa

and his wife


. After being ousted by her brother, who became Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII, Cleopatra turns to Medjay to regain her power and convinces the protagonist to help her dismantle a

secret sect called the Order of the Ancients

, so as to allow Cleopatra to get rid of the pharaoh and ascend the throne of Egypt again. In doing so, the protagonist is faced with the most dangerous members of the fearsome sect, setting off on a journey that will lead him to

kill the leaders called Hyena, Scarab, Crocodile and Lizard


The Queens of Video Games - Morrigan - Darkstalkers



– Among the most famous characters of


the fighting game series created by


whose debut on the market dates back to 1994, there is undoubtedly the sovereign of the Succubi,

Morrigan Aensland

which in the history conceived by the Japanese company represents the

adopted daughter of the king of a demonic world called Makai

. Characterized by curvy shapes, a pale green hair and showy bat wings on the back and sides of the skull, Morrigan will become her queen of the people after regaining control of her full powers following the

merger with Lilith

a being born as a fragment of Morrigan herself.

Born with out-of-the-ordinary potential,

Succubus was limited from an early age by her adoptive father Belial Aensland

, who contained its power by taking a third and keeping it (until his death) within himself, and removing another third to give life to an entity named Lilith. The chance discovery of this “force” will allow Morrigan to

regain his full power and, after a series of events, ascend the throne of a now destroyed kingdom

and made up of a few hundred subjects. The figure of him, despite being in effect a demon, is not evil and can therefore be seen as that of an anti-heroine.

The Queens of Videogames - Rennala - Elden Ring



– One of the most interesting characters of

Elden Ring

the soulslike of

From Software

that has shattered all records, it certainly is


the final boss of the intense legacy dungeon

Raya Lucaria Academy

. Although not part of the group of lethal demigods that the Lightless, the protagonist of the adventure, must defeat in combat to become the new leader of the Interregnum, Rennala

represents one of the most powerful entities

in the world created by the Japanese development team in collaboration with the writer

George RR Martin


Powerful witch and sovereign of the Carian nobility who reigned over the Liurna region, her character is

protagonist of one of the most inspired fights of Elden Ring

, a multi-stage battle in which the fearsome Full Moon Queen shows off her supernatural abilities by unleashing the power of her Greater Rune on the player. After her defeat,

he will become a key character in the Rebirth process

with which players can reassign all the experience points accumulated up to that moment to try new “builds” by investing on different statistics.

The Queens of Videogames - Elizabeth II - Flunky



– That’s right, even the mourning

Queen Elizabeth II

, who passed away on 8 September, has made some appearances in the world of video games. The first time a videogame product mentioned the British Queen more or less explicitly was in 1984, when the platformer

Henry’s House

realized by

Chris Murray

for Atari and Commodore 64 took us to the home of a character inspired in all respects by little prince Henry.

Since then, Elizabeth II has been featured in video games such as


(1987), adventure created by

Don Priestley

for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum in which the player took control of a lackey of the royal family with the aim of getting to serve the Queen herself; the same year the sovereign appeared in

Yes, Prime Minister

, an adventure based on the television series of the same name in which they played the role of fictional Prime Minister Jim Hacker; finally, we find it in a fighting game like

Spitting Images

video game based also in this case on a television product in which the Queen appeared among the characters alongside personalities of the caliber of

Margaret Thatcher


Ronald Reagan


Mikhail Gorbachev


Pope John Paul II


More recently, Elizabeth II-inspired figures have appeared in

Her Majesty’s Spiffing



, Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic shooter that, in one of the campaign missions, takes us to the depths of Buckingham Palace in search of resources to survive the undead epidemic. It is a small tribute to a figure who, in his life, has always shown a certain passion for video games: the case of the gold-plated Nintendo Wii console, a gift created by


to celebrate the launch of

BIG Family Games

is a demonstration of how much the Queen loved the casual gaming experiences for the record console of the Kyoto house.

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From Sarah Kerrigan to Elizabeth II, the most famous queens of video games