Funko Pop: the flagship figurines not to be missed!

The great thing about Funko Pop figures is that they appeal to kids ages 3-77. Funko Pop are adorable figurines with a big head, available for many worlds of pop culture. Cinema, animation, TV series, video games or manga: everyone wants their Funko! Here is a small selection of figurines, to have fun…

Squid Game, the Korean survival series

We start this selection with the long-awaited characters since the release of the series Squid Game in September 2021. All the characters are crumbling under ever-increasing debts. To hope to repay them, they will participate in a game where only one person can survive.

After its worldwide success, the figurines of the most emblematic characters of the saga are surfacing in the world of Funko. Meet the main character Gi-hunGrand father Il Namthe brave Sae Byeok, Alithe character with the big heart, Sang Woo the solitaire as well as the supervisors of the game, the managers and the soldiers.


Harry Potter, a bewitching universe

The wizarding world will have no more secrets for you. Harry Potter is a saga that began in paper format, continuing to become known and to develop its popularity with the various films published over many years. Harry is a wizard who grew up with his uncle and aunt in the muggle world. He will begin his schooling in the school of wizards Hogwarts and will meet his two best friends, Hermione and Ron. Several supernatural adventures will happen to our shock trio where only the young wizard can find the solution to put an end to the actions of his sworn enemy: Flight of death. To accompany these characters, find the director of the school, Dumbledorethe teacher Severus Snape and the house-elf, Dobby.


A turn in the manga for otakus

The Funko are also known to appeal to otakus collecting the whole universe of their favorite hero. Let’s do a little overview. Have you ever heard of the young ninja from Konoha who vows to become the greatest Hokage of all time? Here is Naruto Uzumaki of the saga naruto ! Cursed by the spirit of the 9-tailed fox, he was isolated throughout his childhood. Growing up, he will do everything to prove to the villagers that he is not just a demon host.

A hunt for demons, do you like it? Demon Slayer features heroes protecting humans from dangerous demons who swear by devouring them. Find a cult scene from this manga with Tanjiro fighting Rui with his extraordinary powers.

It’s time to go on an adventure to catch them all! Find the essential manga pokemon who created his figurines as adorable as the characters in the saga. To represent them, there is no better than Pikachu, the lightning type pokemon. An incredible door opens for you to enter the wonderful world of manga!


Disney for the little ones

The Funko are adorable in nature. Like introducing them not to mention the incredibly cute world of disney ? Find your favorite stories with the Captain Hook of Peter Pan, this antagonist preventing young children from dreaming in the fairy world of Neverand. It’s time to soar into new epics!

Let’s move on to a more romantic universe for the princesses full of imaginations with The beauty and the Beast represented here by the character Light who knew how to enlighten Belle on her feelings and her choices.

Disney is also known for showcasing animals with touching, romantic stories with a touch of adventure. Discover or rediscover Babythis young deer having lost his mother who will have to discover the world accompanied by his friends.


Collectible video games

The video game industry takes an important place for collectors Funko. One that is not the least: Five Nights At Freddy’s, a horror game where the character, embodied by the player, must survive in a room and monitor every passage through which the animatronics could enter. find Chicathe chicken robot that appears in the first versions of the game.

Here is the must-have game of the moment, an RPG experiencing a global boom in the field of video games: Genshin Impact ! The goal of the game is to travel the four corners of the world to discover places and surroundings by fighting enemies. Find the character incarnate Aether to start the collection!

How to Talk About Game Characters Without Enunciating sonic, that super-fast hedgehog striding around the hills and rescuing his friends? Discover the other figurines and its derivatives for more madness!


The heroes in your favorite series

To finish this selection, it is also necessary to present the derivatives of the series that have become essential for all, in particular Stranger Thing, this supernatural and fantastic saga set in the 80s with teenagers putting their lives and those of their friends in danger. To start, here eleventhe protagonist of the series who will use her powers to save the world from danger.

Who says protect others says superheroes. How to talk about it without introducing the Gotham City Bat, Batman ? This masked man who swears only to avenge his family murdered by the Joker, this smiling thug. He will protect the inhabitants with his extraordinary gadgets and his incredible strength.


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