Future Film Kids: the complete program

Bologna – The review at MAST has just started with great success, the organizers celebrate the twentieth edition of the Future Film Kids with a series of special screenings at Odeon cinema of Bologna (via Mascarella 3).

Bologna – There matinee formula provides for the reception of the public at 10.30 with a snack, and then continues in the hall with the film. The cost for each show is € 6.50 (snack + film).

Bologna – PARIMPAMPU HERE WE ARE: Future Film Kids THE NEW! announces Cinema Odeon, expressing satisfaction for the reopening of a space entirely dedicated to families on Sunday morning, in the center.

New for 2022-2023 is the collaboration with various local bookstores: Library Through, Library Read Leggère, SetteVolpi Library, Bookshop Bookstore Plots, Ubik Irnerio librarywhich will present the books from which the films are taken, and will have a small bookshop dedicated to children.

Let’s start Sunday 6 November at 10.30 with the film

ERNEST AND CELESTINE by Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar, Stefan Aubier (France, 2012), waiting for the sequel to arrive ten years later, by 2022.
Matinee formula: snack + film

In the world of bears, it is impossible to make friends with a mouse. Mistrust is at its highest: bears live above, and mice below. Moreover, in the underground world of mice the bear represents the worst of the dangers that can be encountered. Furthermore, the future of the little ones is already sealed. They will all have to access the most necessary profession: the dentist. The young Célestine, an orphan with the desire to become a painter, escapes the oppressive world of mice and meets the bear Ernest, clown and musician. The film, presented at the Quinzaine des Realisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival and winner of a Cèsar award, it is based on the book by Gabrielle Vincent and scripted by Daniel Pennac. There Sette Volpi bookcase will be present with his bookshop and will present the book from which the film is based.

These are the other dates and titles of the matinee at the Odeon Cinema:

Sunday 20 November 2022 | 10:30 am
MOMO IN SEARCH OF TIME by Enzo d’Alò, Germany, Italy, 2001, 75 ‘
Matinee formula: snack + film
The film, based on the novel by Michael Ende, tells the story of Momo, an orphaned girl who finds herself in a town where she makes friends with an elderly gentleman, Beppo, who loves her as if she were a sweet granddaughter, and with Gigi, a child who immediately falls in love with her. Momo also knows other playmates: Enzo, Bruno, Livia and little Chicco, who prepare a house for her in an ancient amphitheater, and the Cassiopeia tortoise she found on the street. Until one day the mysterious Gray Lords arrive in the city and convince people, such as the naive barber Osvaldo, that he doesn’t have much time left to live. The Gray Lords are actually supernatural beings, who steal the time dedicated to leisure and then store it in their special “Time Bank”, the only way they can survive.
There Read Leggère bookcase will be present with his bookshop and will present the book from which the film is based.

Sunday 04 December 2022 | 10:30 am
JAMES AND THE GIANT FISHING by Henry Selick, USA, 1996, 77 ‘
Matinee formula: snack + film
Orphaned at the age of nine, James is entrusted to two unscrupulous aunts who force him to do the heaviest work. One day James meets a mysterious gentleman who gives him a bag of green tongues. James spreads his tongues in front of a peach tree and shortly thereafter a peach of over six meters in diameter is born from one of the branches of the tree. While the aunts think about how to take advantage of the event, the little one bites the fruit, enters it and gets acquainted with a group of insects living there. Based on the beautiful tale of Roald Dahl, the fantasy film begins and ends with the protagonist in flesh and blood, inserted in a real world, even if strongly stylized. But soon the story turns into an animated puppet story, the result of an adventure halfway between dream and spell.
There Ubik library will be present with his bookshop and will present the book from which the film is based.

Sunday 18 December 2022 | 10:30 am
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO by Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 1988, 86 ‘
Matinee formula: snack + film
The little sisters Satsuki and Mei move with their father to the countryside, to be close to their mother who is hospitalized in a nearby hospital. They will make the acquaintance of some spirits of the woods, including the gigantic Totoro. A delicate hymn to the discovery of nature as a thaumaturgical element and a poem about the enchantment of childhood that manages to embellish even pain with its purity. Although silent, Totoro is one of the most expressive, rich and touching characters born from the mind of the brilliant Japanese filmmaker. The protagonist of the film also became the mascot of the Ghibli studio. A feast for the eyes to see the film on the big screen.

Sunday 08 January 2023 | 10:30 am

MARY AND THE WITCH FLOWER by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Japan, 2017, 99 ‘
Matinee formula: snack + film
Mary, an eleven-year-old girl with bright red hair, goes to spend the holidays in the country house of her great-aunt Charlotte. The days go by slow and boring, until Mary, following a black kitten, ventures into the woods where she finds a magical flower that blooms only once every seven years: this, as soon as it is picked, gives her the opportunity to fly astride a broom up to the ‘Endors College, a university for witches hidden in the clouds. The film, made by Miyazaki’s students, maintains the freshness of the stories of Studio Ghibli and a fast and colorful drawing.

Sunday 22 January 2023 | 10:30 am
ERNEST AND CELESTINE – THE ADVENTURE OF THE FORBIDDEN NOTES by Jean-Christophe Roger, Julien Chheng, France, 2022, 80 ‘
Matinee formula: snack + film
Ernest and Celestine return for an exciting new adventure: their unique friendship and their love for music will lead them to discover fantastic worlds, in a poetic and moving story that will fascinate young and old. To repair their broken violin, Ernest and Celestine embark on a journey to the distant birthplace of the bear, a magical land where the best musicians in the world have always performed and incredible melodies fill the air with joy. On their arrival, however, our heroes discover a completely different reality: all forms of music have been banned! Together with their friends and a mysterious masked outlaw, the two will do everything to restore happiness to the Land of the Bears.

For each ticket purchased, FICO Eataly World gives you a free entrance.

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Future Film Kids: the complete program