Get to know Distrito Manga, the label specialized in comics of Japanese origin

Without fear of being wrong, we can say that As the gods will It is a contemporary classic, we say it despite being the debut of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Akeji Fujimura. The first two numbers of this shônen are already available in Colombia in which a group of students must participate in some sordid games where only one can survive.

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Next, we share some pieces from the catalog that can be easily obtained in our territory. Manga readers will no longer have to resort to importing to enjoy the best stories published in Japan. Since November Manga District is circulating nationwide.

Ranger Reject

A ship in the form of a floating castle suddenly appears more than ten thousand meters high. Everything indicates that it is a villainous alien troop with supernatural powers whose purpose is to invade Earth and dominate the entire galaxy. Luckily the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the Divine Dragon Patrol, a superhero squad that will take down evil! Or, at least, that’s what they want everyone to believe… The truth is that the aliens are subjugated by the Dragon Keepers and are nothing more than fairground monkeys forced to produce piecework monsters for the pure entertainment of the masses. However, everything changes when one of the aliens decides to take action on the matter and infiltrates the patrol entrance exam to eliminate them one by one from within…


Gô Okazaki is a mangaka specialized in shôjos who, with the invaluable help of his assistant Yûsuke, spends his days devising stories that resonate deeply with his readers. However, the same day that he discovers by chance that Yûsuke is gay, his editor offers him to draw a BL manga. Gô accepts the challenge, but immediately finds himself in a dead end: he can’t come up with any good idea for the plot. Eventually, he decides to pretend that he has platonic feelings for his assistant to hopefully stimulate his imagination and create a good story. But what if those feelings turned into something real?

Shikimori is more than a pretty face

Izumi is a high school student with a life full of misfortunes: since he can remember, his clumsiness, mixed with bad luck, has led him to suffer all kinds of mishaps. However, things change when he meets Shikimori and they become engaged. She is extremely adorable and is deeply and hopelessly in love with Izumi, but when she gets jealous or sees that her boy is in trouble, her angelic appearance fades and she transforms into a beast… In such a state, the young woman is capable of frightening anyone just by throwing a cold and undaunted look at them. With her, Izumi’s days of bad luck are over and there is only room for happiness in the present!

Love in focus

Mako Mochizuki is a teenage girl passionate about photography who, after the death of her grandfather, decides to follow Kei, a childhood friend, to Hokkaido to study at Asahi High School. There she will join the famous photography club and meet her motley classmates from the Hasumi boarding house, known to all as the Wide Angle boarding house, since the vast majority of residents are members of the photography club. However, there is a boy who gives off a mysterious aura named Mitsuru Amemura and who apparently hates everything that has to do with photos with all his might. After starting off on the wrong foot, little by little Mako will discover the kind side of Amemura and it will be revealed why he feels so much rejection for the art that Mako loves so much…

The Decagonal Mansion Murders

On the island of Tsunojima, a renowned and eccentric architect has a luxurious decagon-shaped mansion built in which, some time later, he appears brutally murdered along with his wife and two servants. Half a year later, a group of seven university students, members of the mystery club, attracted by the unsolved enigma and the particularity of the case, decide to spend a week on the island to investigate the murder. However, upon their arrival, they will soon begin to sense a threatening presence lurking around them and it will be clear that someone wants to kill them off in the most devious way possible.

complex age

Nagisa Kataura is twenty-six years old and hides a secret: from the outside she looks like another part-time worker, but under that mask hides a true cosplayer. Her greatest passion is making impossible costumes and transforming into her favorite anime or manga characters; in fact, the care and creativity that she puts into all of her costumes have earned her a great reputation among cosplayers in the guild. However, for the rest of the people, characterizing is a mere hobby for weirdos. When the demands of her two worlds, so different from each other, begin to press on her, she finds herself at a dead end: Which is more important? Pursue dreams or conform to a conventional lifestyle?

as the gods will

Shun Takahata is fed up with the monotony of life, but things suddenly change one day when, in the middle of class and without warning, he and his high school classmates witness the teacher’s head explode. At that moment, a mysterious daruma doll appears before them and forces them to participate in what at first glance seems like innocent children’s games. However, the reality will leave them stunned: those who do not follow the rules of the game or those who lose the game will die horribly on the spot. Bewildered and without understanding the reasons for this sadistic plan, the students will risk their lives to survive, even if it means putting aside their humanity and betraying their childhood friends.

Get to know Distrito Manga, the label specialized in comics of Japanese origin